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Your most indispensable "tweak"?
Sandbox platforms and IsoAcoustic aurios footers 
Quicksilver Mid Mono - power matching
I've used mid monos with Harbeths (85db) with KT88s and KT150s.They won't do rock concert levels but played pretty loudly without distorting in my med sized room.I'll echo what others have said,audition speakers you love.If you have shops to visit... 
Cables for Audio Mirror Tubadour III
Audio Envy are very nice pcs.I do have a Tubadour SE also and a tube amp and used AEĀ  exclusively up until recently.I'm currently auditioning other brands of pcs,but recommend AE highly.You might like Audio Art RCAs,silver over copper for a little... 
How the hell do you select a tube?
Go to Brent Jesse's site and read about the various brands and their 'flavors'.You can call and discuss your preferences with him also. 
Is easy to know when a non english speaker is writting?
The sentence structure gives it away many times.I too admire anyone that can navigate English as a second language. 
Anyone that lives in Illinois will be charged the Chicago rate.Those that live in another state will pay what their state mandates. 
Best Location for Best Cable
They both matter of course,but differences seem to be easier to hear between dac and pre for better or worse. 
Member Almarg passed away last night
Rest in peace Al.My sincere condolences to his family. 
Solitary listener
+1 @uberwaltz 
Adding a SS amp as a 2nd amp for my tube rig has been a plus
@hilde45 a while back I tried three different inexpensive ss amps (CJ,STA 200,Audiolab)along with my tubed dac and pre but never cared for the sound.I did like the convenience though.I'm sure there are other amps that would make a better combinati... 
Are systems genre dependent?
"If the TONALITY of a system is bad with solo violin it will be bad with a '52 Telecaster, and it's just bad"Truth^^^^But I really think a flea watt amp was never meant to do justice to heavy metal for example.But can be fabulous with BB King on t... 
Help me understand "the swarm" in the broader audiophile world
That sums it up nicely northman:-) 
A couple of recordings with good low bassJump into the Fire - Harry NillsonPickles and Schizoozy (two songs) fromAppalachia Waltz featuring Edgar Meyer's acoustic bassA shout out to Tim for posting and reposting to spread awareness of this approac... 
Update on Audiogon Member Almarg
Godspeed Al and Margaret.I echo what has already been posted.Always such a gentleman and kind human being. 
JBL 43xx va Harbeth 40.x
What would be perfect is to be able to own several speakers and rotate them in and out.Maggies,Spacials,Klipsch,JBLs,Harbeths,etc.Each brand has something special that the other ones don't offer.No fair that we have to decide on one:-)