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Which Tekton???
The Perfect SET 10 is a good choice for amps with more power per the website.I remember reading the SET w/15" woofer is recommended for SET amps. Congrats and enjoy!"The Perfect SET can be driven by low-power SET and high-power transistor amps wit... 
Sam here and l just made a new discovry.
What a diabolical scheme!Measuring vegetables with a multimeter! 
One of the Best Stereo System in the World!
I've seen this before,really amazing! 
LTA - Has Anyone Had First Hand Experiance?
My two cents:The systems LTA puts together seem to consistently win 'best sound' awards at electronic shows and they offer them for sale at discounted prices.If I was in the market for new equipment I would trust what they've paired up and go for ... 
has anybody else noticed this about singers?
It doesn't matter whether the vocalist has a pleasing voice or not,if they can manage to hit you in the "feels".It's all about the ability to convey emotion. 
It’s a pleasure.
Putting on an old album that you haven't listened to in years because the SQ was irritating - and being very pleasantly surprised that now it's wonderful.Then trying a few more that used to make you cringe and finally you can smile and enjoy. 
Tube Amplifier with Good Imaging and Soundstage for Tyler Acoustics
Atmasphere,QuickSilver,Aric Audio are all excellent brands to consider. 
What solid state power amp are you using with your Harbeth Super HL5+ speakers?
I run my Harbeths with a sixty watt tube amp after borrowing and trying a couple of ss amps.What I have found to clean up and tighten the bass is to use IsoAcoustic pucks between speakers and stands.The cabinets vibrate quite a bit which contribut... 
JBL 43xx va Harbeth 40.x
If you get the JBLs don't be in a rush to rehome your Harbeths.That dynamic front row center presentation is fun and exciting but ultimately can be fatiguing.I sold my exciting dynamic speakers and went with Harbeths.Occasionally I miss the other ... 
Does the first reflection point actually matter??
The software and measurement are merely tools allow you to see as well as hear your room acoustics.To better understand what you hear. 
Newproduction power tubes: Reliablity
I've used KT150s for the past couple of years without issue.KT88s have been GL and JJ,no issues. 
Syng research foundation cables
"who just happens to have developed and sold more incredible products than anyone in the entirety of audiophile history. "Umm...wouldn't this be BS too? 
What is ideal dimension size for a home listening room?
Anybody live in a geodesic dome?How would a dedicated room work in that circumstance I wonder. 
Dedicated line: 10 gauge solid core or 8 gauge stranded
10 gauge twisted wire is readily available at Home Depot and anywhere that sells electrical supplies.It's normally used for long runs underground.It will barely fit in an electrical outlet.It will be more than enough for your needs. 
Does the first reflection point actually matter??
In my room which is practically square,a 2' x4' GIK panel on the ceiling has a positive effect.It works the same if it's placed on the floor opposite of it's ceiling position.Shelving and furniture seem to have a better effect breaking up sidewall...