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Is an unbalanced preamp a bad thing?
Some people actually prefer RCA over XLR. Keep in mind, just because there is an  XLR connection, it doesn’t mean it is truly balanced.   
Turntable noobie...what advice do you have?
Regarding cleaning, I agree that new vinyl should be cleaned, used as well. I’ve got both ends of the spectrum in terms of cleaning, a Spin-Clean and The Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner… I actually use the Spin Clean more. If I’m cleaning a few new recor... 
SME 30/2 Drive Belt
Mine doesn’t slip at all, it’s just getting on a bit in age and can’t hurt to fresh it up.      
Whats on your turntable tonight?
@bslon those that know, know! 😂🎉🍾  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Queensryche: Mindcrime at the Moore Not the best recording, but not as bad as Yessongs! Good performance overall. Cool colored vinyl though! A good one for QR fans, but not highly recommended.   
Best Phono Stage
@lance23 I think you are going about this backwards to a degree. What is your total budget? Cart, table, tonearm, associated cables, etc? If you buy a 5k pre and a Rega P1 it’s kinda silly. That’s an extreme example. You really should investigate ... 
Single REL T/9x vs S/510 in Small Room
There is a pretty significant difference between the two. The 510 is just “bigger” I’ve had both, kept the S510. The T9 does a pretty good job. I’m stuck with the reality of only having one sub floor space wise. My next move is either an S212 or a... 
Cartridge Loading.....Part II
@larryi to add what he said, it is one of the best things about vinyl. On one hand you want some setup to be dead on, cart alignment etc. But, when it comes to final sound there are lots of possibilities between loading, VTA, and VTF (to a degree)... 
What's with all the new colored vinyl?
I think the colored vinyl is kinda cool and fun. I don’t buy records simply due to color, but some of the etchings and what not are cool additions. Black is boring, but of course gets the job done. My latest Bob Marley “greatest hits” is done in t... 
Volume matched inputs on a preamp?
Sure, Simaudio’s upper end pre’s allow that, there are many that level match. You’ll have to do a search to find the ones that have that feature set.  
Fear Inoculum in Vinyl
One of my favorite bands! Didn’t buy FI on vinyl yet. I will for sure, but it’s not my favorite. It seems like a continuation of ideas from Aenima that got a little bloated. Being a drummer, Danny gets the job done, but in some ways the whole thin... 
@fuzztone very…  
Streaming with the Hegel H390
Good choice with the Sabrina! My only problem with the onboard streaming/airplay is the airplay implementation is AP 1. Minor thing, but does make a difference. Otherwise the on board DAC is hard to beat.  
Turn off or leave on?
It seems there is some confusion perhaps to “on/off” on SS amps etc. Stand by, is not powered off. There is still current flowing to the system in standby. At least with everything I’ve ever owned. “Off” is when the master switch is indeed “off”. ... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
David & David: Boomtown