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Responses from chorus

Where has been your most effective placement for an aftermarket fuse?
Uber,Please do not try to deny that the wording of your query was notdeliberately intended to incite mocking. 
Ethernet cable question
You do not want to use ethernet to stream. Use fiber.Available on Amazon 25 meters for $30. Much better than metal.Now you may have to break some drywall to install it. 
Give Bach a try
Is this the correct item? $75.45 on AmazonJ.S. Bach: Cantatas [2 Blu-ray Audio]Karl Richter/M�nchener Bach-Chor/M�nchener Bach-Orchest4.9 out of 5 stars15 customer ratings  
Now I get it...
Jerry,Did you mention which speakers you use?I too recently bought the same amp but at thesame time started a remodel of my listening roomso all the gear is packed into my office. Nearly donewith the work and can't wait to get it hooked up again.C... 
Speaker upgrade around 100k retail
SSt,Borreson. Sell you gear and buy their accompanying systemand be both sound and money ahead.Enjoy! 
You know you are an Audiophile when:
You have been known to have passed your spouse an envelopewith $5k inside so it can be spent on clothes or whatever. 
Who, do you think, designs the best looking tube-based devices?
Do not feel any tube products are not things of beauty.VAC is a true looker. 
Blind or Just Deaf?
Prof,Good to know that some people still recognize that theymay not be infallible. 
You know you are an Audiophile when:
You do not lose sleep debating the age old question:If one has to go, which would it be? Stereo systemor spouse? 
You know you are an Audiophile when:
You installed a "Reverse" timer switch on your refrigerator so thenoisy thing is shut off when you are  listening and your food does not spoil when you forget to plug it back it back in. BTW buy one with a 6 hour max. 
You know you are an Audiophile when:
You have tried your stereo in 6 different configurations in yourrectangular room. 
You know you are an Audiophile when:
You have a secret bank account that houses your mad money dedicatedto the cause. 
You know you are an Audiophile when:
Your male dog wears a diaper as he has been known to lift a leg inside the home. 
You know you are an Audiophile when:
You feel so blessed that the telephone pole in the corner of your backyard has a transformer on it! 
Is there a magic formula for spending on components in a system
I had such a clever response nearly completed when I left the page and lost it all. Now I must to condense the wisdom. Prepare yourself.If you had $10k to spend,( I'd suggest seeking financing for an $10k. haha-joke).I will preface my remarks with...