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Responses from chorus

Amp for Special 40's
Another consideration. Watch Danny's You Tube video-GR Research. He just did a look see into that speaker. He has thoughts.  
R to r dacs
MSB under $5k is a buy. 
R to r dacs
Calvin,That was quite a review. Alvin may want to borrow a few lines.I had the Ares 2 for two weeks and had to sell it. My ears foundit a little too harsh. Great improvement over the DAC in Oppo 205.I wanted an R2R Dac with a tube in hopes it woul... 
Sellers: When do you drop your price?
If there are any glowing reviews of your item, include a link. USAudiomartis free. Not so here. Shark picks up pretty much everything so mostbuyers look there first.Maybe your question really is: "How do you price an item"? 
Ayre K-5xeMP vs. Electrocompaniet - EC 4.8 MK II, or others?
How do the KEFs sound with no Preamp?If you are still feeling as though something is missingI would be shopping for something else. 
Peter Lederman in Second Bout With COVID-19
A true Hail Fellow, Well Met, gentleman. Smart too. His charity helps stolen children is a great effort. He did Zoom interviews for several clubs over the pastyear. I am so glad to have watched it.God-leave Peter with us for a while longer please! 
Which amplifier should i buy
Those new Merrill Mono blocks with the Gan tech are getting great reviews. I think they have an INT available. Call Merrill. Smart guy.in NY or NJ. 
Klipsch Cornwall IV
This opinion is not about the Cornwalls but more on your source.Is the 105 your CD/DVD/Streamer? No TT or other I assume.If so before you buy another pair of speakers buy a separate DAC.For $750 -Denafrips Ares2-you will improve your sound much mo... 
Is this an right time to buy hifi?
I have a suit to be pressed. A beard to be trimmed. Gig Harbor HiFito visit. A wedding to attend Saturday. As the FOB most of my HiFi$went to service providers over the last 9 months.I did buy one build to order DAC. It was shipped as promiseda we... 
Any experiences with the Falcon Acoustics RAM Studio 10?
The Falcon 3/5A i have heard. Very good for small/near field listening.Why do anything else? 
Joseph Audio Pearl 3 to 20/20 Graphene Upgrade
I was told by a nationally recognized speaker designer that graphenecoatings are  being employed to strengthen the cone more than forany real sonic benefit. Now getting anyone to admit that will be a challenge.Maybe Spatial Audio's owner ? Clayton  
A strange business model for audio
It is hard to find any love for any piece if the company's CS is alsoa piece. Smaller company the better in my book. Then I look at mygear and have to admit that Tannoy is pretty slow to respond. PassLabs is as good as I could ask for. Innuos in P... 
Am I crazy? Definitely!
How any speaker works in your room with your gear is the journey.Picking stuff out of the blue is like walking into a pitch black room with three women in it and choosing a wife. You may get lucky and then you may get a divorce.The Heresy function... 
Gripped By Upgrade Fever
There is only one argument that should appeal to you.It comes from your own ears.  
AGD Audion GaN Class D In The House
Currently several SFAS members are auditioning  Merrill's bigger Mono blocks in their own homes.One member bought the smaller set prior to the Audition. The sample of the larger set has so impressed others that it seems a couple more will also be ...