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Crossover Capacitors for Accuton Tweeters - Solen -> ClarityCap -> Jupiter -> Duelund
Posting in this thread since so many experienced with different capacitor brands have contributed. What are the better brands and products for 25-30uF caps to use in series with AMT tweeters? Duelund CAST and Jupiter's seem to come in smaller val... 
Duelund conversion to DIY Helix Geometry Cabling
I'm very happy with a pair of Helix Image Air RCA interconnects (per the recipe, except XLRs on one end) and power cable. Both connected into my 45-type single-ended triode amp. The PC is connected to the wall (with Oyaide recptacle), while the pr... 
Uptone Audio LPS-1.2 Failures
Another positive experience with LPS1.2. Had mine for three years without issue. Also have two etherRegens and no problem. Alex is very responsive. Would buy from him again.   
Shielded cable between pre and SET amp
What's a SUT? I run a 45 SET with ICs that happened to be shielded, and I'm the process of building unshielded IC...hopefully I'm not heading into trouble.  
GaN amps: Peachtree or LSA Voyager?
Mark, I was hoping someone did what you just did. I'll be tuned!!  
Ideas for an amplifier?
Ralph is owner/designer at Atmasphere. He usually is around here. Top tube amps but out of your price range. He does have a class-D in the $5k new, and wod be surprised if anyone is selling theirs so fast. One company to look into is Audio by Van... 
GaN amps: Peachtree or LSA Voyager?
Mark, good luck with the Benchmark. I've been also eyeing the LSA and Peachtree GaN, and while the Benchmark isn't on my list (per what I've seen in posts) I would be interested in your first-hand experience. Keep us posted please.  
Affordable GaN FET amp from Peachtree Audio
Reading their website, the GaN 1 is trickle down from their GaN400. From earlier threads, in my mind Peachtree's GaN400 is very similar to the LSA Voyager, of which there have been plenty of positive comments. Has anybody had the opportunity to li... 
Affordable GaN FET amp from Peachtree Audio
This is interesting. Thanks for bringing it up! Does anybody know how these GaN amps behave in terms of distortion vs power? I recall Hypex UcD and Ncores kept distortion very low up to about 50% of nominal power and then increased rapidly until ... 
I wonder what you would think if we scheduled a monthly Zoom Meeting?
I would be in. Hoping for civil exchange and if it didn't work we can always not join anymore. But I would give it an opportunity.   
Class A or Class D solid-state amplifiers (modern designs)
Has anybody had the chance to listen to LSA Voyager and Starkrimson and Hypex NC400?  
Duelund conversion to DIY Helix Geometry Cabling
Thank you Steve! Indeed I meant single ended triodes. Great input, and food for thought. I do have a balanced power conditioner, so will build one PC and try connecting the SET straight into the wall. Now I know I should look for alternative arch... 
Duelund conversion to DIY Helix Geometry Cabling
Hello. I did a rough implementation of the Helix speaker wires to test out the geometry and liked the results. I am now looking to build a Helix power cord and single ended interconnects with the materials in the recipe, and before buying the mat... 
Vandersteen Sub woofers v Rythmik Subs
I haven't used the Rythmiks in this fashion for several years, and I'm away from home for a couple weeks to check, but my recollection is they have the option to connect to the amp taps and have a knob to adjust the xo frequency so your loudspeake... 
Vandersteen Sub woofers v Rythmik Subs
@bondmanp  Not really. Rythmiks also have the connection to feed off the amp taps, have phase and Q adjustments. But having more variables, hence options, also introduces more uncertainties, which is why sub integration is such a difficult task e...