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I'm thinking about purchasing a Luxman D-08 SACD/CD Player
Besides the 05u, 06u and 08u, there are also the D-380 and the D-N150, which are newer and in a different series.  They are listed as "new" on the Luxman website.  I doubt that these are being discontinued. 
My Triad of Integrateds
The Aria exists in three incarnations.Integrated.Preamp + stereo amp.Preamp + monoblocks.Each level offers excellent value. 
Classical Music for Aficionados
The next high point: Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli's sonatas, performed by Andrew Manze and Richard Egarr.  Extraordinary music, vigorously rendered.  It is understandable how influential it was in the later 17C. 
Bookshelf Bake Off
if you want to stay closer to budget, I think the Fritz Carbon 7's may be the ones to try. 
Paradigm Persona series
@prof  Excellent description!  Aligns exactly with what I heard/how I felt when auditioning the 5's.Also, though to a lesser extent, applicable to my impression of the Dynaudio Contour 60. 
Classical Music for Aficionados
Here's another CD I really have to recommend.  I don't know if it's available over streaming, as it appears to be one those more cottage-industry, limited edition, independent types of production.It's titled Phantasia Musica. Violin Music of the 1... 
Affordable SET's with 211 or 300B tubes, (2000 dolllars maximum)
Dennis Had Inspire Fire-Bottle. 
Spendor D7
We learned long ago that there are no absolutes in audio. Speaker X may be "brilliant" to one set of ears and much less so to another.If several people concur that a given speaker is good, then it may be worth seeking out to give it an audition, t... 
Great musicians who should have been famous except....
Bring back Gene Krupa! 
Bookshelf Bake Off
Check out Fritz speakers. You’ll be glad you did. Search commentary on them on this site.You could also look at Silverline, another fine brand. 
Contemplating DEVORE SPEAKERS (and others)....LONG audition report of many speakers
Graham are very much in the "thin wall" vein of Harbeth and the "classic" Spendor line.  They make a 5/8 and a 5/9.  They are also about to introduce a re-engineered 5/5, with the famous BBC slot, that will use a 3-driver complement similar to the... 
Your favorite Small Apartment Speakers
Silverline Prelude Plus. 
Pin point imaging isn't for everyone
GK brings up an interesting point, but it's more complicated than that.  On many good piano recordings you can tell from what vantage point the piano has been recorded, the two most frequent perspectives being from the side (lid open to mikes), an... 
Isotek Synchro EVO3 out of the wall; Cullen Cable Gold to the preamp/amps; JPS Labs Digital AC-X to the CD player; Project wall wart to the turntable. 
Contemplating DEVORE SPEAKERS (and others)....LONG audition report of many speakers
Has anybody other than me actually ever heard the Spendor Classic 100? (Spendor’s name for what would otherwise be the SP100 Mk III). In the US I know David Lewis has them, but I don’t know who else.In a head-to-head audition against the D7, I pre...