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I am indecisive about choice due to room size
Re: Speaker upgrade- What sound are you looking for? Why the want to upgrade?If you have the cash to upgrade the Naim as well, your choices are sound. Speakers? Have you considered a subwoofer with your existing Sonos Fabers?I wouldn’t over sound ... 
What's your favorite boutique speaker maker
Boutique: small business producing fashionable high level articles.Kyron Audio🇦🇺 
Member Almarg passed away last night
So sorry, I missed the post (chemo and a hospital stay)We have lost a gentleman, but the family endures. We must trust he is in a better place.Adrian 🇦🇺 
Moving to France
France is great! Toured it quite extensively.The major cities are like any other, apart from the usual tourist traps. The countryside is fabulous. 
Charging A Fee To Demo An Amplifier In A Brick & Mortar Store
Perhaps the seller is trying to recoup the electricity cost of turning the amps on 😂 
Main Audiogon site barely works?
@jsqtDeep IT dataBases need time to convert to a different format and then to verify the the converted data.If this is not conducted, all your private data won’t be. 🇦🇺 
Msb dacs why not alot of postings
I commonly ignore all the threads where doing so would seem to be one up man ship. Yes my system is worth more than an MSB, and I will not be drawn to comparisons, but communing with high end players doesn’t happen well on this forum. 🇦🇺 
Apparently new artist don't even know what a melody is and drum machines suck
Sam was obviously at the arcade when the English class started. 🇦🇺 
Why are speakers rarely satisfactory?
Why are you fixated on speakers being the problem?There are many more parts an audiophile needs to address, to extract music that is agreeable. Also note that each person hears differently so one person’s “perfect sound” may not be appreciated as ... 
Update on Audiogon Member Almarg
Al is a true gentleman. My heartfelt sympathies to you and Margaret. I wish God’s strength to both of you to get through thIs crisis. As you read these posts, know there are people out here who respect and love you. Go in peace and comfort.Adrian ... 
One of the Best Stereo System in the World!
A man with one serious passion and the skill to convert it to real. A fabulous system.Thanks Lalitk.My wife and I were privileged to see and hear John Dunlavy’s personal experimental speaker system in 1982, Canberra, Australia. It was a product I ... 
How do you prove that one speaker is better than another?
Goodness! Everybody who tweaks their speakers are “Super Audiophiles”!Perhaps the mods would like to place a gold star next to their moniker so we know who they are? 😂🇦🇺 
Why are there no hand tuned speakers on the market?
There are many tuned speakers, and by various means. Hand tuned are not necessarily better but if done by the manufacturer can represent his outcome for his speakers. Yes, mine have been tuned at home by the manufacturer. 
Why are audiophile high end speakers expensive?
Kenjit, Hi Dopey, you don’t read these posts well do you. CarbonMiller does tune his own speakers, as do quite a number of contributors. You are an idiot.As far as cost goes. look at the automobile industry which invests a billion dollars a model ... 
Digital streamer signal issue with ethernet vs wifi
JMphotography I would use hardwire (primarily for security) and a Cat6 shielded or Cat6a cable which is shielded. Have a look at www.digitaltrends.com.cheers 🇦🇺