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Speaker cleaning and maintenance
To clean the cones I use “TAC cloths” from a company called Rust-Oleum. Www.rustoleum.com.au/motorsprayAG🇦🇺 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Best speaker I’ve heard and now own are the Kyron Audio Gaia. Not cheap but the sound is sublime.AG 🇦🇺 
What audio aspect are you knowledgeable in?
Actually I am a civil engineer and electronics engineer, or was. I retired 3 tears ago but still keep interested. My firstaudio was back in 1966 (Kreisler valve radio, multilayer drop records) before creeping to higher spec as money allowed.Now I ... 
What audio aspect are you knowledgeable in?
Spelling and on/off swichs 
Open Baffle Opinions - I Won't go back to Boxed Speakers Evr Again (maybe....)
@rajugsa. Very interesting design and their specifications make for wanting to hear them.I also have a pair of open speakers (if you expand my avatar you can see one in my room. They are Kyron Audio Gaia’s. for a better look check out www.kyronaud... 
The indisputable benefit of fiber for music
Eric, great subject, thanks. I’ve been thinking along the optic fibre solution, but without the clumsy add on converters. I’ll keep investigating and feed back. 🇦🇺 
Why wont speaker companies publish their measurements?
Kenjit, you are so narrow minded. You seem to look at a few commercially available speakers, most likely via magazines or internet. You cannot get the whole speaker specification from that.My speakers have a page and a half of specifications, and ... 
Advise before I regret
Why would you purchase a pair of speakers without testing or making sure they are suitable? How long have you had them?I know a few posters in this forum who have done exactly that, but that another matter. 🇦🇺 
Article: "Spin Me Round: Why Vinyl is Better Than Digital"
Maghister, I’m 7 years behind in understanding, perhaps a few more years in age, wasted not understanding audio to an audiophile stage. Have a good one. 😀 
Article: "Spin Me Round: Why Vinyl is Better Than Digital"
By the way, everyone have a Happy Christmas and pray for a much much better New Year 2021. 🇦🇺 
Article: "Spin Me Round: Why Vinyl is Better Than Digital"
I am certainly not an expert in either analog or digital recording or playback. I look at the more simplistic analysis, in that we humans are analog creatures, naturally not a bit of digital in the body (yes we can add digital items such as cochle... 
I love sad music
Autumn Leaves [Les Feuilles Mortes]Performed by Cecile Bredie🇦🇺 
How old are you?
I am a 65 with a few problems (and that excludes my HiFi set).  After a great hang gliding decade, my last manoeuvre  ended in a 120’ vertical dive into terra forms My sporting life will feel 75 (I can do anything),, but mentally at 55.New left kn... 
The problem with Magicos
My speakers don’t have a box. Therefore, using Kenjit’s logic, they have no noise, or noise is distributed evenly such that the “noise” isn’t perceptible to the listener.Notice that Kenjit did not offer a dimension for the hole in the box. That ta... 
The survival of the fittest.
Sitting here, yes 😂