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PowerBall Lottery Winner
I hate subjects like that. Keep a million and give rest to the needy.AG  
Have a look at the www.cocktailaudio.com products. Transports, streamer and DAC (+ ripper if needed). I found them on the web by a fluke and bought the X45 Pro and it is very good.AG 🇦🇺 
Is it worth replacing an old amp?
I still have my original Yamaha HT amp from way back (and matching cassette player) and they still work and sound reasonable. I’ve acquired and passed on a fair number of HiFi and HT amplifiers, with a good number number of them Japanese flagship ... 
Is it worth replacing an old amp?
The latest Yamaha models are very musical with a European flavour rather than the historical Japanese sound. The HT models can do Stereo very well and for their cost and reliability (which you are aware about with your current amp) but the dedicat... 
Lay Off the Newbies!
AG does have a good search engine. It’s a good place to start for newbies, some of who can be a bit lazy with their enquires.AG 🇦🇺 
How to remove scotch tape brown residue from album covers
+1 Eucalyptus oil. Smells nice too.AG 🇦🇺 
What is the #1 equipment want currently on your HiFi horizon???
@oldhvymec I’m with you. I think. Oh, I can’t remember any more…AG 🇦🇺 
Complete Proprietary Systems
dCS if you can afford the lotAG🇦🇺 
Does using XLR cables (double voltage output) mean I can use lower powered amplifiers?
MC, you should change your avatar to a little knitted black and white bear with pins stuck in it… 
Arrangement of components on rack
MC You may at times provide knowledgeable information, but really, you are verbose.If you’re going to contribute, do so concisely. And lose the advertising and criticism too.This forum is not really Facebook, it’s a forum for people with HiFi equi... 
Ethernet Cables
If you buy an expensive Ethernet cable it’s obvious to all that the bits and the zeros are going to be bigger, shinier, faster and much better. Cheaper cables pass cheap bits and bum zeros.The same principle occurs with the transmission/receiving ... 
Older vs. newer REL subs
I should not have stated “current” in the models as they have obviously changed since I bought my pair. It goes to show, if you are going to comment, get it right or there will be an army ready to shoot you down, and not in a nice way either…. 
Older vs. newer REL subs
@hilde45 I wasn’t trying to put my spin on the S series and T series uses. When I bought mine from the REL distributor here in Aus, I asked the same question and got the answer I put to you. It would seem that I was misled. So apologies to you, al... 
Older vs. newer REL subs
The current Rel T Series are aimed for home theatre systems whereas the S series are aimed at quality stereo systems and are priced accordingly. The S series are more expensive as you will see but the S series are spanking good the higher you go.S... 
Favorite Guitar Solo
Santana, Tash Sultana, Bruce Springsteen, Joe Bonamassa, Adrian Gurvitz, Chris Rea, Snowy White… oh so many !!!!AG 🇦🇺