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REVEL performa3 f208 or TEKTON Moab
Revel/Harmon is a totally different sound to the raw banger of the Tek...What music are you listening to? Either way you will get a more refined speaker with years of engineering and experience (via Hardon Research (Samsung)) to produce a quality ... 
Does Power Cord Require Burn-In To Sound Good?
Strip the ends off each end if you have any. Put the cable in a bbq , moderate heat, lid down and bake for 3/4 hours.LET IT COOLScribe an arrow at on end or the other. Reassemble the plugs if they came with it.Use the arrow to align the cable........ 
B&W vs. Sonus Faber
Having experienced both with Yamaha M/C 5000 pre/amp which are simply fabulous, the Sonos Faber ( and subwoofer ) are sublime, creamy.In defence of the B&W, these are spritely and quick. They have a good sound, however the balance of the drive... 
The survival of the fittest.
Survival of the fittest? What are you talking about? This is going to stir!There are three markets. The lower priced “Tekt••” brand type of cheaper, not so famously engineered type, but appeals to the big bangers, not so much to the elegant truer ... 
Speaker design, KenjiT and others.
Everyone hears perfectly at sometime in their lives. Perhaps we don’t know it at the time, but Kenjit’s statement is badly assumed and presumptuous. Typical of an ignorant person talking about something he obviously knows nothing about. 
Opening Record Store
My advice is to carry out DUE DILIGENCE!How many stock items are in the store? Will it attract enough turnover?Could you put stock online or on Discogs?🇦🇺 
Any Bluesound Node2 owners
I've used a Node2 for 3 years along with Tidal, no DAC, hard wired WiFi. I stream to 2 systems, first +200k, second 100k. I use Roon via a Surface laptop, or an iPad.I see no reason to change the Node2 or add a DAC at this time. I do have an Oppo2... 
What sends shivers down your spine when you play it on your system?
Elton John - love lies bleedingSaint Preux - concerto for one voicemore to come 😄🇦🇺 
Tone arm holes do not line up - best way to attach TT?
“All the alignment we’re doing is to get the record to drag the stylus across smoothly without too much error. That’s why someone came up with the idea of your long arm in the first place. A longer arm means a longer radius means less angle change... 
Speaker Positioning
I would place a definite marker or marker to initialise  the base of of your speakers.them move them incrementally to a preferred toe in (a narrower soundstage) or toe our out for a wider but weaker soundstage. (Depending on your productive system... 
I am indecisive about choice due to room size
Re: Speaker upgrade- What sound are you looking for? Why the want to upgrade?If you have the cash to upgrade the Naim as well, your choices are sound. Speakers? Have you considered a subwoofer with your existing Sonos Fabers?I wouldn’t over sound ... 
What's your favorite boutique speaker maker
Boutique: small business producing fashionable high level articles.Kyron Audio🇦🇺 
Are my standards too high?
Why are any of you even answering this guy. Ignore him, please! 
The most criminal practice in the speaker industry revealed!! Keep reading
Thus stated by by someone who contradicts their own statements:“Today we are going to expose the most criminal practice within the speaker industry bar none.“Ok. Let’s go smart**se. Bar none?”Now even though nobody on the planet has been able to f... 
Member Almarg passed away last night
So sorry, I missed the post (chemo and a hospital stay)We have lost a gentleman, but the family endures. We must trust he is in a better place.Adrian 🇦🇺