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TANNOY will stop Hi-FI ?
I used to own the DC10T & in my opinion they are crap. Great low end...that's it.  
Berlioz Requiem
@petg60  thanks. I think I have an Elgar recording on the same label & year which if I remember correctly sounded a little thin... 
Berlioz Requiem
@bdp24 great thanks. The mint condition ones I’ve seen, including the Davis/LSO, are quite cheap so I may  purchase a few different releases to compare. 
Berlioz Requiem
@artemus_5  thank you but unfortunately the seller doesn't ship to the UK.  
Berlioz Requiem
@melm  ok thanks @edgewear  thanks, yes I did see the Davis/LSO release & it is a contender.  
Berlioz Requiem
@melm  thanks. Just had a look...1985 pressing, do you own this? 
Class D amps that are superior to all or most?
Check out Aavik Acoustics... 
I'm here for the sharing, not the snobery
@wolf_garcia   LOL! 
Favorite obsolete formats.....
Worst of the current bunch? Darko and What Hi-Fi are the two that immediately spring to mind.Yep, Darko seems to be more concerned about appearing cool & hip. Reviewing equipment playing mainly electronic music...yeah, whatever. There are plen... 
System Enhancement CD
System enhancement CD?Well, there are CDs that can clean a CD player lens. But there is no CD in the world that will enhance the existing sound quality of your system. If you think it does, then you enjoy particular genres of music.It's just a ter... 
Tinnitus sufferer: is it the speakers or the 24bits/192kHz
Covid ToesI've got their first two albums.  
New-ish to Audiogon Forums... Is it always like this?
This is all interesting but what should I buy...? 
members and their systems
Of course you didn't. Instead, he told you a lot of stuff about his personal economic situation (which may or may not be true, and which neither you nor I nor anyone else cares about), then blamed you for asking.  LOL!! 
Phono stage question
step up trannyDo they charge by the hour...?  
Power regenerator vs conditioner
I've tried many & nothing compares to the Puritan PSM156. Try one.