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laid back stereo power amp
CODA No 8 version 2 
Come Back Geoff Kait!
As a very occasional poster here I still managed to get that GK did thoroughly enjoy yanking people's chains. Especially if it had to do with Tekton Moabs for some reason. Not sure exactly why as they are perfectly adequate speakers. 
Streaming for beginner
The Bridge II is a Roon endpoint, but if you dont go with Roon there is Mconnect and Bubbleupn. Any of these apps interface with Qobuz or Tidal, but Roon is by far the best of them, only it requires a server core and is more expensive.AWOW once yo... 
Why are speakers rarely satisfactory?
One thing about this kenjit guy is he is persistent.Btw I like my all my speakers but even so I will add new ones to the collection - just wish I could add girls too. 
One of the Best Stereo System in the World!
Wow man that is one dedicated audiophile. Must be single or divorced by now lol. Probably better off for it too. 
Rel vs the world
Second what dave_b saidI have the cheapest REL sub (which replaced a KEF sub) in my 3K office system, and that REL is the major reason for why that system does not make me miss my 25K main system (which does not rely on subs) while I am at work. 
Old vs New, an experience with Dynaudio.
Wow, OP, too bad your sonic nostalgia keeps you from enjoying your Contour 60s. Glad to report my broken ears are very happy with what I am told are tonally incorrect B&W 804 D3s. Sometimes ignorance is indeed bliss! 
Any advantage to Bluesound Node 2i Versus Streaming from PC
As some others have mentioned there are measureable technical reasons for why dedicated servers/streamers are better than your PC.FWIW a digital source is not any different than analog, the more money you spend and the more you research and tweak,... 
So what ever happened to Kinki Studio???
Had the Kinki monoblocks, amazing for the $, sold them to fund a new CODA amp. I am pretty sure though the Kinki designer could do a CODA knockoff for 75% less just like he did to Goldmund. Seems there are fewer and fewer US/Euro hifi manufacturer... 
Norma Audio IPA-140 integrated
Super useful review, wish there were more like this one. But the Kinki integrated mentioned is less than 3K delivered, big $ difference, the Norma should show a huge improvement instead of in just one parameter. Hard to beat the Chinese now at the... 
Tekton Design Moab
2007 comments and counting on a thread about Tekton and its designs, a fascinating glimpse into an audiophile's many obsessions, and generally speaking an bracing expose of human nature at its best and worst. 
Bryston - Stereo or Monoblock
Bryston 7b3 is sufficient, no need for 28b3 mucho expensivo $$$There are the new Rotel Michi stero amp and monoblocks which are cheaper a bitThen there is my favorite amp manufacturer CODA, but I am biased as I own the No. 8There is a recent CODA ... 
Amp recommendations for Joseph Audio Perspectives2
SS amp with tube pre is the surest way to drive under 90db bookshelves with the proper balance for all musical genres.IMHO. 
700.00 speakers new or used
Triangle Borea 03 new, easy to drive and non fatiguing, good tone for the $. 
Does It Even Matter?
My streamer/dac is the only source in my main setup - as others have mentioned, there are HUGE qualitative differences between cheap and expensive digital gear, just like there is with amps, turntables, speakers etc.For an easy, high-quality solut...