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How important is spending time with your gear?
I am a part of my system as my system is a part of me.   What's a wife?  
What's with all the new colored vinyl?
@has2be I have some of the Clarity releases and, yes, they are milky white. But I also have some LPs that are colorless (clear), you can see your hand through them. Chet Baker "Cool Cat" on Tidal Waves Music is one that comes to mind. 180 grams a... 
What's with all the new colored vinyl?
@noromance   Thanks, but I wasn't referring to vinyl from the '50's. I asked about all the NEW colored vinyl, and why we are seeing so much of it lately.  
What's with all the new colored vinyl?
I was not talking about young people's music or picture disks. I mainly listen to and collect adult music (Jazz and some Classical and Blues) and I stopped buying used records years ago. It's too much of a crapshoot. They're mostly visually graded... 
How much $$ do bells and whistles add to preamp?
Not only do the add-ons cost more money but the extras CAN cause sonic distractions as well. This is the premise behind stand-alone units. Many expensive preamps don't include tone controls, headphone amps, phono inputs, etc.  
How do you make a final decision on a DAC
Why don’t you wait until your new equipment arrives, you set it all up, and you both settle in before you start upgrading? As others have said, the Benchmark DAC is pretty good. It may well be good enough.  
You know you have audiophile system when...
Your wife leaves you and that's not necessarily a bad thing.  
What defines mid-fi versus high-end?
If you need to add subwoofers, it's mid-fi.  
everything sounded great until the upgrade
Your new amplifier has revealed the flaws of your digital components. You need a parallel upgrade. Consider a better outboard DAC if you can use your current player as a stand-alone transport.  
Favorite religious song
Yah-Mo Be There- James Ingraham & Michael McDonald  
most beautiful (looking) speakers
Tektons are beautiful speakers at night in a room painted black with the lights off and wearing dark glasses.  
Dust cover up or down?
There are no absolutes. It totally depends on the turntable in use. Use your ears.  
Audiophiles on Audiogon.
@ lanx0003   Show me a device that measures sound quality and I will certainly get one. Until that time I will use my ears.  
Best cable for record cleaner, ever
If you really want to hear an improvement, put your record cleaner on springs.  
Dust covers
Instead of asking, why not play a record with and without the dust cover and listen for yourself? The only thing that's important is what YOU hear or don't in YOUR system with YOUR ears.