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ProAc DT8 vs D20R
First of all, why are your existing speakers 14" from the wall? Is that where they perform optimally or is this position for aesthetic reasons such as room furnishings, WAF, etc.? If you cannot place the speakers where they sound best, it will do ... 
Sorry, it’s not me, it’s you?
I hope the Kefs work out for you. System and room synergy are very important in the purchase decision and should not be overlooked. The speakers have to work in YOUR room and with YOUR electronics. There is no perfect speaker, not even Tekton :), ... 
Okay, How Important Is Speaker Break In? (Dynaudio Contour 60i)
In essence, it's a lot like getting a new room mate~you have to get used to each other. 
Sorry, it’s not me, it’s you?
I'm guessing the speakers in question were not a good match for your system and/or your room. Your dealer should have done a better job of recommending a suitable speaker for your situation, otherwise you may as well buy on-line. But if you buy fr... 
Jazz for aficionados
@keegiamThanks for the advice, but I am aware of everything. And I don't like Chubby Checker. 
Why do some think "music" (not gear, trading, etc.) is the ultimate end?
Some people like hardware, others prefer software. Some men liked Ginger, some liked Mary Ann. In the case of music vs equipment, one is necessary to and enhances, the other. 
Jazz for aficionados
This thread is all over the place. Some of the posts remind me of one of the episodes on the old Dating Game TV show. The bachelorette asked one of the bachelors who his favorite jazz musician was. After a few second pause he answered, "Chubby Che... 
Is Modern Jazz an Oxymoron?
"Is modern jazz an oxymoron?"No, but smooth jazz is a misnomer. It's neither smooth, nor jazz. 
How I'd spend money given no limits
I'd build my house on springs or those rubber pads they have at Benaroya Hall. 
What kind of music do you like to hear the most?
"There are only two kinds of music, Jazz and s**t." ~Branford Marsalis 
Audiophile demographics?
@oldhvymec  Thanks for proving my point. 
I thought the advent of CD players ushered in perfect sound forever. 
Audiophile demographics?
Women are smarter than men. 
Jazz for aficionados
Everything I have is a "must have". Why else would I have it? 
Ever Hear a Tube CD player?
I also have a ARC Ref CD-9. I'm very happy with it although it's redbook only. Still, the SQ is very satisfying when I'm reading in my listening room. It also runs pretty hot and has to be on a top shelf as it top loads.