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Jazz for aficionados
Everything I have is a "must have". Why else would I have it? 
Ever Hear a Tube CD player?
I also have a ARC Ref CD-9. I'm very happy with it although it's redbook only. Still, the SQ is very satisfying when I'm reading in my listening room. It also runs pretty hot and has to be on a top shelf as it top loads. 
Is it my amp or my speakers?
The amp is 25 years old and the speakers are 8 1/2 years old. The amp/speaker match should be ok. Has this combo always sounded this way or is this something recent? Before you start spending money, try to pinpoint the problem. Try someone else’s ... 
What sends shivers down your spine when you play it on your system?
@wsrrsw   Who is "John Coletrain"? 
Audible Illusions modulus 3A, what would be the next level of up grade?
This thread brings back so many memories. I had a Modulus 3 w/phono that I was very pleased with but it started getting noisy in one channel. I re-tubed it but that didn't solve the problem so I called Art and he said to send it in, which I did. A... 
New speakers. New room.
I agree with everything the OP had to say. Life, like that room, is full of compromises. Like comedian Jackie (Moms) Mabley used to say, "I see you all looking at my shoes. They may not match my outfit, but they match my feet." 
This is not a discussion of whether Digital is better than Analog or vice-versa
Basically there are only two kind of men ~ those who like Ginger, and those who like Mary Ann. 
Most hyped turntable, tonearm, and cartridge?
HYPED ---   To advertise or promote by misleading or exaggerated claims. 
Most hyped turntable, tonearm, and cartridge?
The Linn LP-12 was, and maybe still is, the most hyped turntable, but over-hyped? Maybe, but let's not forget that it was the pioneer (not that Pioneer) of high-end turntables and changed audiophiles' views concerning the importance of a good fron... 
$10K Budget for Speakers: Martin Logan Masterpiece vs Tannoy
@emrofsemanon I bought that pair after listening to Stanley Clark's School Days on them. I later had to sell them after moving into a small apartment and regret that I've never had a listening room since that was large enough for Maggies. I still ... 
Whats your favourite track to play to the non hi-fi visitor?
Everything I own sounds good. Why else would I have it? 
The Great Cartridge Shootout
Your post was very long and I admit I didn't read every word, but when the problem first occurred, why didn't you just switch the cartridges on the tonearms? 
$10K Budget for Speakers: Martin Logan Masterpiece vs Tannoy
ML speakers are not everyone's cup of tea. They can be initially impressive but wear on the listener after a while. They remind me of the rustling of dry autumn leaves, but that's just me. I would spend some serious time auditioning them before I'... 
This is not a discussion of whether Digital is better than Analog or vice-versa
"Is this attachment to insisting that vinyl or tape or analog in general is the most "accurate", or "natural", or "true to the performance" holding audiophiles back mentally from enjoying a broader spectrum of recorded music?"Not necessarily. It c... 
Tube or SS
I'll take your 275 when you're done with it.