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A pleading request to manufacturers of amplifiers and preamplifiers.
He, he, he.....good post!  Made me smile!  ;) 
Schumann Resonator
Well, Okay, I ordered two today. Spent a few bucks more for a better quality built unit.  I'll give subjective feed back in a few weeks when the honeymoon is over....See below......https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08P8N184B/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_... 
Simple, small footprint tube preamp ?
Check out a Conrad-Johnson PV10 B pre amp.  It fits your criteria. 
what are some of best tonearms you own or experience with.
SME V.  Buy it new or used, keep it for life! 
How eclectic is your taste in music?
He, he, he....good post.I like all music, with the exception of Rap.Just can't seem to wrap my ears around any Rap singers music...I've tried...... 
How can music be sad?
I'm not sure humans understand why some music or songs bring a tear to your eye.  A nice cut of Amazing Grace, or The Mystic by Morrison, or Islands in the Stream, by Dolly P. & Kenny.  The list goes on, it's amazing and wonderful!! 
SME tonearm rewire - holy cow
Thanks for the excellent tips and contact.  Good post others will remember.Did he use a six nines silver cable as a new lead? 
JBL L65 vs Forte III vs Cornwall IV
I had the privilege of owning a pair of L65's from 1978 until 2009.Had to sell them due to a job loss along with my Marantz 2285.....I'm sorry I did.My advice....Keep them!  Most likely they need surrounds, unless you have already replaced them.Th... 
Will 12 inch subwoofer be enough for an 18x20 room (with 10 ft cielings)
You should really use 2.Not ported.  If your on hardwood isolate them with upgraded feet.Have them come in about 20 Hz above where your speaker's give out. 
Kef Reference Tweeters-Ferrofluid Replacement
Please post the contact information for others in regards to the company authorized to work on Kef equipment.  Phone, e-mail address, etc.Good luck reassembling everything!Thanks,Lou 
Does your pet listen to your system?
This is quite interesting!  Pets listening to music appears to be very common, which is a good thing!I have a vacuum tube system,  all Conrad Johnson.  I also run a moving coil cartridge, Lyra Delos.I wonder if pets can discern between solid state... 
Does your pet listen to your system?
So ozzy s dog likes good stereo separation like Mina does! 
Does your pet listen to your system?
Well I'll be!I had a hunch I wasn't the only one that had a pet that listened to the stereo!Ha!  Now we need some expert in pet psychology to explain why they must like certain music types over others...... 
Kef Reference Tweeters-Ferrofluid Replacement
Thanks for the additional info and support guys!Lou 
Kef Reference Tweeters-Ferrofluid Replacement
Yes, same place I purchased mine!I had no idea how many or how much when I did mine.I bought six, used two.So, to answer your question, one packet per tweeter.Its amazing stuff.  The tweeter magnet just grabs the ferrofluid and it distributes itse...