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Dedicated line, how many outlets two or four?
Two good quality hospital grade outlets is a good choice!  
Steely Dan On The Water
Hi Millercarbon!  Glad you are back!  Have not seen you post for awhile.  Hope everything is okay! Lou  
What is the forums opinion of SVS subs?
Soix is 100 percent correct.  I own two of the SVS subs he speaks of.  I've had them over a year now.  I am happy with them and do not regret the purchase!  Good luck on your decision!  
Kef Reference Tweeters-Ferrofluid Replacement
Skid, I'm not sure about the glue.  Ask the folk's your buying the new pieces from....and good luck!  Let us know how it works out.  
Kef Reference Tweeters-Ferrofluid Replacement
Don, good question!  I'm not an expert on ferrofluid, but I would believe yes, it can dry out just sealed in a plastic bag.  The ferrofluid comes hermetically sealed in a small pouch, similar to what you get catchup and mustard in.  The pouch need... 
Kef Reference Tweeters-Ferrofluid Replacement
What speakers do you have?  Have you pulled out the voice coil yet and cleaned up with alcohol?  Voice coil floats in a annulus, can you post a few photos?  Compair your tweeters to mine.  I attached a link at the beginning of this thread...  
different people may hear the same sound differently...
Great post!  Thanks for sharing!  
SCAM ALERT For AudiogoN Sellers - Too Many Questions
Agree!  Good post!!!  
Try This With Your SS Amp
Many moons ago I had a CJ premier 11 amp.  It had Svetlana 6550's.  The violet color plasma within the tubes would swirl around.  It was memorizing.  Alas, no Svetlana tubes being built any more....  
Why don't we tire of music?
Ah, that is called an 'ear worm'.  As far as I can tell everyone suffers from the phenomenon.  For me recently, 'Fly Robin Fly'.  A old disco dance song!  
Why don't we tire of music?
larsman.  Wasn't really sure where to post this question.  My logic told me that analog would work because we are analog beings.  We don't hear music, or anything else for that matter in digital, we hear in analog, actual sound waves.  Hence the p... 
Magico M9 a ton of weight and a million dollar price tag $750,000
Why would you need 6 amplifiers as stated in the write up? How would one pre-amp hook up to 6 amps? And, at 1,000 pounds each a fork lift truck will be necessary to move them. It would be interesting to see a private owners set up for these mon... 
MM, MC, or MI cartridge
Great question! Excellent replies! Thank you!  
Cartridge Loading.....Part II
Thank you Dave for the excellent explanation... I really appreciate your succinct and elegant description!! Lou  
Cartridge Loading.....Part II
Atmasphere......The Ah-Ha moment! http://www.atma-sphere.com/en/mp-1.html Is this the company you represent?  I apologize that I did not recognize you as a tier one supplier of high quality phono stages.  I will study your web page further.   ...