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Dedicated 20 amp circuit - Electrician laughed!
I believe your electrician friend missed the point.When I ran my system on a shared house circuit the power drain was excessive and things would start to brown out.  Especially around Xmas when the tree was up and all sorts of electric holiday dec... 
Dried up Ferrofluid?
Thank you George!  My tweeters are Kef pn SP1353.They do contain ferrofluid.I am going to attempt a R & R.  Seems straight forward.Great thread!  I never knew you could 'change the oil' in your tweeters!I also never knew that it could 'go bad'... 
Dried up Ferrofluid?
Thank you!I have a pair of Kef Reference 3-2 speakers...They have ferrofluid cooled speakers.  I will be replacing in the near future.  Is all ferrofluid the same or is there different types? 
Dried up Ferrofluid?
So, how does one know if their ferro fluid is no longer viable? 
LP made from a digital master recording...
Hard to say....I purchased a 4 record set some years ago of Pink Floyd, Echoes. All  are 180 gram virgin vinyl; a collection of their musical history. It was expensive.  All 4 records were washed properly then placed into new rice paper sleeves ... 
Polk Audio Legend L800 Speakers
Thanks for the feedback and link U.M.! 
Diminishing Returns
Wow!  I am impressed!After all these years of chasing, and never obtaining Audio Nirvana myself, here is a person who has become truly happy!May all of your components never ever fail or wear out!Enjoy the music! 
DIY speaker isolation base for a wood floor
Installed the Sorbethane pucks.   Listening to Billy Joel right now, and just got done listening to Exodus.... I'm sold.  Good post!  I bet it helps many members.  Good mod! 
Jerry Raskin's Needle Doctor Gone?
Sad..... I did support them and always put in a good word when audio component purchases were discussed 
How Science Got Sound Wrong
Interesting read.....thank you for posting and sharing! 
Saw Brian Ferry Last Night!
Excellent!  It's great to hear live music whenever possible, and even greater when the venue has a properly designed sound stage.  Isn't that what this hobby is all about?  I too missed out on this bands live concerts, but still enjoy the Avalon r... 
What was your first big eye opener with regard to audio?
Ha!  Interesting thread.....for me vacuum tubes.  I added an (Audiogon purchased) C-J PV10B (preamp) on top of my existing Marantz 2285 and Wowza!  Unbelievable!  Made my JBL L65 speakers (of the time) sound fantastik!   From that point forward I ... 
JBL 100 Classic or Klipsch Heresy III?
I also had a pair of JBL L65 speakers.I parted with them in 2009.....A great sounding speaker.  Hang on to them.Good luck in your quest!You may not like the horn speakers over time. 
Turntable that will be around heavy foot steps?
noromance1,839 posts04-03-2019 1:59pm"Look at framing out the specific area under the turntable and supporting the floor from underneath with lolly columns."I agree with noromance....If you can, beef up the floor under your system components.  I... 
Cartridge Impedance
I have no intention to hijack this thread.One more question please?Its has been my understanding, for many years, that adjusting or tuning the impedance (resistance) on a phono stage for a MC cartridge also helped with dampening of the bass speake...