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Getting The Most Out Of A Koetsu Urushi
This manufacture utilizes a very low output (mV) design strategy.  What is your current loading and gain setting on your phono stage? 
What is it that you don't like about your speakers ?
I could use a little more bass slam. 
For tube sound, which is more important: preamp or power amp?
I have had the pleasure to own a fine intergrated SS unit which ran well by itself for many years.  I then paired it with a tube pre-amp and a new dimension of appreciation began.  Then I ran a tube pre-amp along with tube amp.  Then tube pre-amp ... 
Turntable getting back to vinyl
Perhaps run a 'wanted ad' on Craig's list or other local media site.  Perhaps calling some of the local Pawn shops in the area for leads on used vintage tables dropped off by the grand kids. 
Does a new cd transport require break-in time?
Anything with moving parts made by man requires some time for it to 'break in'.   
Do you listen mainly to Audiophile CDs and records?
If we are entertaining guests  we use the CD player or the music channel on cable.If I am in a listening mood the turn table / records. (They require more attention) 
Physics of downward firing woofers
Kef Reference 3~2.  I have a pair.  Two bass speakers in each cabinet.  One firing down, the other upward.  Both held together with 'force canceling rods.  An OK speaker, they have provided me many years of happy listening.  If the idea was so goo... 
Turntable upgrade advice
Michell Gyro SE with SME V arm and tipped with a Lyra Delos cartridge.  A very nice combination you will love to live with for the next several decades.  You should be able to find all three here on the Gon....previously owned. 
Finding Pure Water for Record Cleaning - very long
Thanks for the interesting post Justin!  I found it very useful and informative.  I personally use store bought steam distilled & reverse osmosis H2O for my record cleaning regime. 
MM or MC......Voyager Expedition
ncarv,Could be....perhaps he said stylus....now I can't be 100% certain.  One might assume that the engineers would try to keep the retrieval set up as simple as possible??  Perhaps more like Edison's Gamaphone set up??  I'm glad others saw the sa... 
Female Vocal Collection on Vinyl??
OK thanks!  It was HDTracks...It does say 'ALBUM'  In my English language that means a 331/3 vinyl record, not a 'digital recording'.Thanks folkfreak, your correct about sources....looks like I'm SOL on this. 
Lesson Learned
Excellent post!  Great story!  Well said!  I know that I have experienced  the same conundrum on several occasions. 
Conrad Johnson--does anyone use this brand anymore?
I love my C-J equipment!  Phono-stage, Pre-amp, and Amp! 
High Output MC Cartridge recommendations?
Benz Glider has a Low, Medium, and High Output MM cart avail.  Reasonable price range for a good quality cart.Lyra Delos is a mid output cart and currently in my own system.....what range of cart output are you looking at?  What are the gain setti... 
Lyra Delos Cartridge - Underrated?
I've owned my Delos for 4 years now.  It replaced a Benz Glider, which was another great cart.   I've been very pleased with its performance and quality.  My C-J EF1 phono stage has a limited amount of gain and loading, and the Delos works well wi...