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Try This With Your SS Amp
I am doing same with my ss amps. Class A ss mono blocks generating plenty of heat, and then deliver the tube glow from the quad tubes in my pre amp.  
Dedicated NUC/Nucleaus vs shared PC (w Fiber Media Converter connected to Endpoint)
Just my two cents here. A streamer at the end of the day is just a stripped down pc. Yes I understand the concept that by taking out all the other duties that a normal pc does can remove all the issues. Think sometime people are getting into an ar... 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Pete Townshend Secret Policeman’s Ball  
Gustard R26
On another site they said the firmware was for roon end point. One owner said it disables some functions when he did the update. I will not be using roon thus I am holding off on update. Everything I need is working fine.  
Gustard - Warranty Repair in the US?
I picked up my R26 from Aoshida. They cover warranty repairs for Gustard. You need to cover shipping cost to but they pay it back. My simple rule is the same buying a tv at Best Buy. When they ask if I want extended warranty. I will reply that if ... 
Gustard R26
Gustard R26 delivered today. Order placed on 8/31/22 seven day delay from ccp lock downs in city of  warehouse . Have up and running in system playing Austin blues radio stream. First two hours I am already very happy. Fist big notice is bass.  No... 
You want a DAC that sounds *different.* What factor helps you find it?
If your end goal is to get a DAC with a signature sound you need to focus on the output stage. Weather it is class A or tube output stage you can influence the sound character. I my self want my DAC to be neutral with no sound signature, just want... 
Schiit Audio
I have had great experiences with them. Like their products great value. Yes they are mid fi but they are at the top of that market. Yes they are not known for their customer service almost to the point of being smart asses. I guess that does keep... 
What’s your latest high-end audio purchase?
Gustard R26 dac it is sitting in customers at Anchorage AK hope to have by end of week. Then I also bought new xlr cables and power cord for it.  
Best vibration isolation for speakers on carpet?
I had same issue and bought two pieces of granite that I placed on the carpet. The weight of the granite snd speakers self leveled. Then I use nob springs to put speakers on. You can use what ever you want as isolation between granite and speakers.  
In that price range look at Holo May. I would buy if I wanted to go that high. My Gustard R26 just shipped from china today. Can’t wait!  
Where did you buy your first audio gear?
TV Lenney’s American TV. Place was fantastic. You never paid full price sales people were commission and you could talk them down sll the time. Had a high end listening room that always stocked the best of the best in retail stereo gear. My first ... 
DAC suggestions
My Gustard R26 just shipped from china today. Hope to have in hand by end of next week. Will hook up right away with balanced xlr’s upgrade power cord and play a radio stream through it 24/7 for a week before I sit in the sweet spot and do a leave... 
Tuner - FM over the air - suggestions
I hope you like commercials!! Current over the air raiding ain’t what you remember it being 10 years ago. All the stations are owned by three corporate conglomerates. In the chicago are you can tune to four stations back and forth to hear the same... 
Disservice: XLR interconnects
Yes cables and interconnects matter BUT. IMO there is a point of diminishing returns. Meaning that yes going from lamp cord to quality oxygen free speaker wire will have an impact that will justify the cost difference. Then there is a point that ...