It was 20 years ago today...

...that I joined the Audiogon community. Cheers to those that have just hit the big two oh, those that are about to, and the new members just starting the journey to connect in even better ways with the music that they love.

And my thoughts are with those that have left us and passed on. Patrick, I really miss you.

Imagine what world events will be going on, while we still argue digital vs analog and "what's the best"
I was coming here several years before I started using my current ID, but who’s counting? BTW, Anyone know when our little club house was launched? Anyone have interesting stories about finding Audiogon in the first place? I don't remember how...
You've seen this place go through many phases, with their ups and downs. Here's hoping there's at least another 20 years for you to go.

All the best,
When I feel introspective it’s kind of fun to look back at what I and others were talking about, or for that matter not talking about, back when I joined in 2001 to get away from the world events of the time. I started out using Audiogon to source equipment. After a year or so I started participating in the forums. It was fun. Now I’m back to (mostly) just reading the ads.  Should change my moniker to 'oldbee' perhaps. :-)
Cheers to you viridian.
We have seen a lot of changes over 20 years, which was last October for me.
Most amazing to remember back from when I could not comprehend a world beyond the CD to today when we don't even have to touch physical media.  
I mostly joined to buy/sell gear and upgrade and started posting later.
I wish you well, and all of those who used to join in the discussions back when we were making cables and putting our gear on inner tubes.  I hope those who don't post anymore are ok and have found something else interesting to do.
BTW, Anyone know when our little club house was launched?

Hard to tell anymore. Several years ago when Audiogon changed the format many of the members actual start dates were lost in the change over from the old to the new.

albertporter start date September 29, 1999.

audiogon start date says July 17, 2010.
Looking at audiogon discussion posts it shows his first post on January 31, 1999

member lookup

Congratulations to a fine contributor.

My start date is not correct, but I cannot imagine that it's been 20 years yet.  Maybe 15?
Cornfedboy has a start date of April 05, 2002. He's the oldest one I remember.
Happy Anniversary Viridian! This December 18th will mark 20 years for me here as well. It's been a lot of fun indeed and many member missed. And always nice to see a posting from you Viridian.

20 years and some.

onhwy61  4,333 posts


Consider the Totem 1. Alternatively consider the Sony SM7a. The Sony gets no respect, but it’s a borderline great speaker and a tremendous value.

January 30th 2001 was the date I joined.  I don’t get to listen that much anymore since suffering chronic migraines a little over three years ago.  I’m facing the unfortunate reality that I need to get rid of a lot of gear.  It’s a tough decision to make.

 I still like to read the forums to retain some audio life and help with information when I can.
Well done all those 20+ years contributing to the forum 🥳

I do see a trend though. Those relatively recent joiners have enormous numbers of posts compared to the 20+ group. The quiet achievers? 🇦🇺

I remember the early adopters and posters as well, but I don’t remember when I first found the site. My join date says Feb 1, 2001 but that’s just what got filled in when Audiogon adopted its new format. Looking through some of my transactions it looks like the earliest are from 1999 so maybe that’s when I joined. I do remember learning a lot from some of those early guys. 
Happy 20th Anniversary Viridian!

Hang in there...five more years until your silver anniversary...
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Happy Aniversary, I miss the occasional R.A.M. contribution. I would to thank all the posters and the knowledge they contribute. I have learned a lot here, don’t have bucks to keep up with the rest of you. Buying used helps a lot. Stay safe and happy.
Happy Anniversary Viridian. I know that it's been over 20 years for me, and they have my date wrong too. There are also members that I miss, like Albert Porter and Mike Lavigne. Some other members are still here. I do wonder where some members are or why they dropped out; but there are times when I've considered it myself, or taken a break for a bit. I still normally check in every day though. I used to look at gear every day and check the forums; but now it's less gear and more forums.
All in all it's been a fun ride thus far.
Wow Viridian, you have been around before the Dead Sea was even sick. lol.
My start date was around 20 years ago. Just looking back on my 1st sales on agon, early 2001 when the listing fee was $2. Bring back the good old days
Thanks to all for the overwhelmingly positive response!
Foxy mentions Albert Porter. I have been in the hobby for so long that Albert and I used to trade through Audio Mart, a print publication from before the invention of the internet. Back in those days we would think nothing of sending the gear before the check had arrived. Of course PayPal was many years in the future as well.
Hi all

I joined Audiogon in 1998 and enjoyed it’s evolution. I more enjoyed the changes in equipment but also recognized that more things change, the more they stay the same. High end audio should remain true to the source. Turntable, preamp/amp, and speakers. Simple. 
I bought my Roksan Caspian on here in 1998 and other than a little static on the volume pot it's still going strong. Got my totem hawks here in maybe 2007 along with my Zu speaker cables. I swapped out a few different ones before sticking with these. Thanks for years of me searching for the sound and helping me find it.
I don’t know how I found Audiogon But it was around 10 years ago for me.  I was active for a year or two then priorities shifted.  Interestingly, I was still into audio, just not audiogon.  I remember this place as having many knowledgable people and everyone was polite for the most part.  Many of those people aren’t contributing anymore; it’s kind of sad.

I learned everything I know from those people though.  I also remember not knowing what a dac was but I knew ghat I needed one in order to make my stereo sound better, lol.

I’ve been wondering if joining Audiogon insider would be good.  Are those private forums? Seems like there are many people who’ve been into the hobby for 6months to a year and they speak like they have been around for 20-30 years. That combined with quite a bit of negativity is really off putting.

Anyhow, not to rain on the parade! Congratulations to everyone here who’s been around for 20 years, or close to it 👍
Congrats Viridian, for 20 years on the Gon!

my 20 year anniversary registration date is in 8 months, Feb 2001. i did lurk for a couple years prior in 1999 and 2000..
Congrats Viridian!I've been here since 1999 when I bought my first computer:-)
Mike, I don’t know if you remember, but several years back you were so gracious to host the Portland contingent lead by Jim Howard, another great friend no longer with us, and the indefatigable Colby Lamb, who is very much, still with us.

Thank you for your hospitality, I would love to visit with you again some day. 
JD and Andy, you gents are amazing. Between the two of you 13 posts in 44 years, thanks for weighing in and still being around.

And it’s great to hear from all of those that joined the community ahead of me. You’re making me feel young....kind of.
Mike, I don’t know if you remember, but several years back you were so gracious to host the Portland contingent lead by Jim Howard, another great friend no longer with us, and the indefatigable Colby Lamb, who is very much, still with us.

Thank you for your hospitality, I would love to visit with you again some day
i do remember that visit. you (and friends, if that works) would be most welcome for a return visit anytime. sorry to hear about Jim Howard, RIP.

these days the traffic between Portland and Seattle is much less stressful.....but not sure how long that might last.

i now have a Win Tinnon built Saskia model two tt, which i think Colby had a hand in some of the early machining/design. not sure if he was involved in my later version. i sure love this tt.

i hope it happens and please PM me when it could work. i'm really 'over' the whole COVID issues and ready to host listeners again when they are game. we can mask or glove or distance to whatever degree (or lack thereof) you desire.

@viridian Many happy returns, old sport!
A’gon has me as a member since 1970 -- how’s that for early, eh!

And my thoughts are with those that have left us and passed on. Patrick, I really miss you.
Another uniquely gracious, knowledgeable, and deeply humane member is no longer with us: Detlof.
In my book Detlof was one of the great men to have graced our earthly shores; a psychiatrist, philosopher, a unique human being, and an audio and music-phile -- happily (for me) because audio is how we met.
Keep safe everyone!

It was 19 year ago today!
I, too, was on that fateful trip to *Mike's place with Jim Howard, RIP.
World class* stereo, indeed and gracious host.