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What Are Your Reference Discs? or Specific Reference Tracks
Greig, Peer Gynt, Morning MoodSteely Dan, Aja, CD or SACDSteely Dan, Gaucho, CD or SACDChesky Classics, The Ultimate Demonstration Disc, it explains what you are          listening to/forXLO/Reference Recordings, Test and Burn-in CDBela Fleck and ... 
Hearing aids for audiophiles.
Widex works for me. 
Does Steely Dan sound bright to you?
I listen to both on either CD or SACD.  Speakers are Marin Logan.  They do not sound bright, they do sound well recorded.  My musician friends favor the SACD versions. 
Fraud and scam, how many of you are victims?
I purchase on ebay, quite often.  I have had only one bad purchase.  He claimed to be a record executive.  Arrived in a cardboard bag, leaking little white nerds.  It was pretty smashed up, missing the volume knob.  It worked, asked for a 200 pric... 
Flipping record causing series of loud pops
The Zerostat is very good at neutralizing static.  Purchased mine in 1975, white with blue logo.  Still works as good as day one.  It warps a piezo electric cell, one way is positive, the other negative.  Try one, put it on your arm round tip agai... 
Stratospheric audio gear prices
Pricing? Lets try a diamond from DeBeers. It retails for 200, your local jewelry store paid 25. They offer you a 75% discount, and you pay 50 for it. In the jewelry trade the markup is called Keystone. Even after the 75% discount they make a nice ... 
Magnepan LRS- what amp should i consider? (sub $2,000)
I have 2 crown XLS amps, the fans are obnoxious at low levels. I would recommend either a Digital Amplifier Co. King version of any, I have 3 different ones and they are quiet and very capable of running Maggies, also use a Peachtree Audio amp. I ... 
Do you care about car audio?
Put 20 years into making a living from car audio installations, 1970 to 1990.  When folks would ask to hear my car stereo system, had to explain to them it sat in my living room and not in a car.  High points, 1975 put a Kraco 8 track in a VW bug,... 
The Specials    Gangsters. 
All things being equal (hypothetical) which do you prefer, XLR or RCA?
XLR.  My Digital Amplifier Co amps only have an XLR input.  They are supplied with a proprietary RCA to XLR adaptor.  My shortest run is 15 feet. 
My NAD 3020 D proves your Class D tropes are wrong
Snapsc, hear...hear, I agree with you Tommy produces the best amps for my Magnepans and Martin Logans.  My first purchase was a used 4800A.  It was incredible good imho.  Next was a King Maraschino, used.  Then another King Maraschino direct from ... 
My System's Weakest Link - What Say You...
Signs. Signs. Breaking up my mind.  
Is louder better?
Cerwin Vega said it best in their 1973 and later ads, 'Loud is beautiful, if it is clean.' 
What do you have on order RIGHT NOW.
Digital Amplifier Co King DTM, delivered today.  Magnepan 1.7i expected sometime in June. 
Is the appeal to euphonic distortion learned?
I grew up with tube radios and a Voice of Music tube large portable record player.  1953 until 1968.  Have owned at at least 20 different solid state amps since. Class A/B never seems to satisfy my listening.  I have one special tube amp and class...