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What to buy?
Do you play a musical instrument?  For piano and violin either Magnepans or Martin Logan electrostats seem to have the midrange on up better than cones.   
Package Lost in US Customs
yoby, I’ve had items sit in customs for over a month, before releasing it to USPS. I have ordered medical itiems. First one went regular mail and sat in customs for 2 weeks. The second item from the same company, paid 50 dollars for better speedie... 
WAF --
Thank you for the cheer up. 
Class-D recommendation
Crown is a good choice for the price.  I use 2 XLi800 for side and rear SACD channels.  Found a great price at 210 each open box.  IMO a better and more expensive amp, any DAC Cherry or variant with the 60volt power supply.  The bass is just perfe... 
How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present
Have you considered Martin Logan ESL models? 
What Do You Think . . . and How Does It Work?
I've made copies of the Bose Cannon for movie theaters.  Used Sono tubes in 8, 10 and 12 inch diameter.  At about 14 foot long, rather hard to hide.  Thought about using the attic space above the living room ceiling, just never did that.  still ha... 
old high end preamps..
The Proceed AVP.  The reviewers all claimed it was a M Levinson #38 with a processor attached.  I have one, it is a keeper. 
35 year old drivers need replaced?
Advice from a speaker recone business, one man shop, 30 years experience, in 1974.  Speakers with a rolled edge surround should be repositioned every ten years or so.  Pull the speaker and rotate it 180 degrees, good for another 10 years or so.  G... 
Are the Stereophile setup CD’s any good?
Reference Recordings XLO.  Walks you through soundstage and many other terms, then plays an example.  RR has a nice catalogue also online. 
How many people here generally buy used?
Used, better bang for the buck.  I buy new interconnects, but if too pricey will go to used.  Just bought a unit via AC.  99% per cent from ebay including SACD's.  Ebay is great if......look for 100% for feedback. If less than 100%, I read the com... 
What kind of listener are you?
Less analytical these days and more into does the music move me, tonality, check. Dynamics check. Emotion depends on the music, still get in the moment whether Greig or Lou Reed’s Rock and Roll Animal. In the end, I am very happy with my current s... 
Does anyone collect something else other than music.
Garden scale steam engines and rolling stock.  Battery and digital remote for power and control.  Accucraft, Bachmann, HLW and a few others.  Circa 1880 to 1910. 
The most ear appealing, for me SACD, is Gaucho by Steely Dan.  The music erupts from a very black silence and surrounds you with crisp clear sound.  Steely Dan has always been known for some of the best studio to record/disc sound quality.  Fleetw... 
Silver is the appropriate color for everything but speakers.
I believe it was Henry Ford, who said you can have any color you want as long as it is black.  Black lacquer dried the fastest.  He did make Model T's in other colors.  Digital Amplifier Company gives you a choice on some models, a red or black fa... 
Discussion of Class D Amps Application & Experiences
About this time last year, I purchased a Digital Amplifier Company class D amp.  It was used, about ten years old and the most expensive amp I have ever purchased.  I have many different class A/Bs from a multitude of US manufacture's and a couple...