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Integrated amp for Sonus Faber olympica nova 1
How about the Gato Audio integrated amp, Danish design that would blend well with modern European interior design aesthetics.  Steve Gutenberg the Audiophilliac has a video review of this amp.  
Green Mountain Audio
I had a pair of the first run Diamantés with solid black bases and the dark green swirled uppers.  I liked the appearance of them.  I toured the factory in Colorado Springs and spoke with Roy prior to purchasing them.  The speakers have a  live so... 
Has anyone had on of these CD players? How good are they?
I have a 608 ESD purchased new in 1989 that still works flawlessly.  I also have an X77 ES that I believe is circa 1992 which I purchased used some 20 years ago for $350 that is used primarily as a transport which also works flawlessly.  I also ha... 
Considering a new amp for my Vandersteen Quatro CT
IME you would be more impressed with a better preamp than changing your amp.  
Bell Canto C5i Integrated Amp with B&W Nautilus 803 Speakers. A Question
Your amp will be seriously underpowered for the intended application.  Nothing wrong with class D amplification, in fact I prefer it with my B&W along with a tube preamp.  IME 200 watts would be a minimum figure.   A loud listening level for m... 
Uneven room dimensions/reflections = uneven toe in as solution?
Another option, set toe-in to cross just in front of the listening position.  This will negate early sidewall reflections.  Also, sitting closer to the speakers results in less room sound. You might also consider speakers that have a narrower or ... 
Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark
If the price between the made in China speakers and the made in Denmark speakers remained the same, who benefited?  Clue, it wasn’t the consumer who benefited from the lower cost of manufacturing.  
Qobuz Skipping or Short Pauses
In the “settings” tab in BluOS, then check “audio”, see if the the “audio clock trim” is set to “disabled”.  This is often necessary when using an external dac.  
Nordost cable damage - opinions?
I would be inclined to put a small dab of clear silicone on that spot to seal it from further degradation.  
How Much Do Your Subwoofer(s) Cost Relative to Speakers
System #4, 1:27 ratio.    
Qobuz problems with the BluOS app?
Randymaqp thanks.  Strange it doesn’t show up in the BluOS screen as a download or update.  Anyways, back to normal until the next screw up.  
Qobuz problems with the BluOS app?
Randymaqp, could you be more specific.  I updated from iOS 15.4 to 15.5, still no go.    
Qobuz problems with the BluOS app?
So the issue is with any playlist with 30 or more entries.  What I’ve done in the meantime is divide my playlists.  Since jazz is my staple music, I now have Jazz, Jazz 2, and Jazz 3 each with less than 30 entries per list. It was a bit time cons... 
Any good audio stores in Scottsdale?
If you have interest in tube and analog gear, I recommend Az Hi Fi in Phoenix.  Not too far from Scottsdale.  They are just off the northwest corner of Central Avenue and Camelback road.  They are not high pressure and welcome walk-ins.    
Record Static Charge Affecting Vertical Tracking Force (VTF)?
I’m in the desert southwest and the current humidity in my house right now is 9%.  My floors are carpet.  One turntable has an acrylic platter, no mat, the other an aluminum platter with rubber mat.  I use a dry Discwasher brush before each play. ...