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Tidal app install on a Samsung tv
I know that!  I was using both my iPad and iPhone.  I am persistent and got it figured out.  The link.tidal.com is a bad link.(At least when accessed outside of the Tidal app itself)After logging into my Tidal account, I went to the help menu.  Fr... 
Tidal app install on a Samsung tv
Yes, that is the instructions I followed.  But, as noted above there is no place to enter a code. 
Looking for great jazz guitar recordings - any recommendations?
Julian Lage’s album Love Hurts.  The title song and Crying are my favorites on it.Great music and a killer recording.  Available via Tidal. 
Pop-up spam is making this site unusable.
“Congratulations”  You have been chosen to receive or won blah, blah, blah.Never a good thing to find on your screen. 
Should manufacturers provide circuit schematics & parts list?
Automobile tech information is not free in the majority of cases.  BMW TIS subscriptions are 2500.00 per year plus the cost of the hardware to utilise it.  Figure at least 10000.00 for that plus training.Twenty years ago, the information available... 
Is there a difference in sound quality when streaming TIDAL Vs CD player
Yes, especially when performing a direct comparison between Tidal and a cd.  Any manipulation of the signal affects sound quality.  Although they claim the feature is sonically transparent, it isn’t.  Just as MP3 was claimed to sound as good as a ... 
Is there a difference in sound quality when streaming TIDAL Vs CD player
Via the Tidal app, click heart icon at bottom right, then click gear wheel icon at upper right.  New page lists loudness normalization under heading for playback.  Disable the function. 
Is there a difference in sound quality when streaming TIDAL Vs CD player
A simple reminder to turn off the “loudness normalization” button in the Tidal app when performing a direct comparison of Tidal to your cd playback.  Otherwise your results are automatically skewed. 
What do you drive and why?
1970 BMW 2002 with lots of modifications.  It has lowered suspension, fat sway bars, flared fenders, 15X7 BBS wheels with Toyo Proxes R1R tires.  Like Ms Elizabeth, I like to go around corners real fast.  I also have larger brakes,  a Scheel Rally... 
List of european tube amplifier manufacturers
Copland hasn’t been listed. 
A Better Bluesound AC Cable?
Stock cord on my Node 2i plugged in to a Shunyata Hydra Triton conditioner.  Absolutely amazing performance from the internal dac.  Node plugged into a wall outlet keeps the magic out.Granted, the Hydra Triton is expensive, but I already owned it.... 
B&W 802D
Can we get a precise description of what happened?  Blown woofer isn’t enough information.  First, what happened sonically, and under what listening conditions?Was the failure a melted voice coil, torn surround, damaged cone, etc? I wouldn’t think... 
Bluesound Node 2i Question
Node on/off feature is accessed by depressing the center play/pause button for approximately 5 seconds.  It will reboot once when turned back on. 
Bi wire off 4 and 8 ohm taps.
It won’t harm the amp or the speakers.  Go ahead and see if it sounds better or not. 
Why price of Tannoy speakers from online retailers in UK is cheaper than in US
Freight can’t be cheap either.  Figure that in if buying overseas.