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I have the standard VK55 not the SE, same power rating though.  I previously owned two other amps which offered switchable triode operation.  In both cases triode sounded lackluster, curtailed bass, soft treble, limited dynamics, basically no cont... 
MQA is for chumps
Hey fuzzy,  thankfully we don’t listen to each other’s systems.  I only need to please one person and it isn’t you.  There is no absolute sound.   
MQA is for chumps
Mr. Chump here.  Bad MQA recordings sound bad.  Bad cd recordings sound bad.  Really good MQA recordings sound better than really good cd recordings.If you prefer another format, it doesn’t change my assessment one bit. 
I have been on the hunt for the best turntable I can buy. Any suggestions?
You should have upgraded the stylus/cartridge for the SL10.  LP Gear has replacements.  SL10 owner here.It is always funny when someone asks for advice hoping to confirm a decision that’s already been made.   
A deep dive into MQA, and its problems
Such a simple solution, if you don’t like the format listen to something else.   
Carver M 1.5t
Absolutely not.  I had a pair of them back in the day.   
Good 2 channel integrated amplifier for 702 s2 under 3k?
Wyred for Sound STI 500.   
system/room equalized flat from 20 to 20k cps--is yours?
Why would you want to do that?   
Radio Paradise to Stream MQA to Blue OS
I updated my my Bluesound components last night and gave RP a listen on the MQA platform.  I liked the presentation.  The sense of space, instrumental separation, and more dimensional images are what stood out for me.  Big win for no additional $$... 
Adjustable Spring Bass Traps
A:  Wouldn’t it be easier to adapt a swarm subwoofer setup as others have done to even out the peaks and valleys?  Perhaps utilizing in-wall subs if floor space is tight.B:  IME, a crappy sounding room will never be a great sounding room no matter... 
2 Ohm Tekton Pendragons
My VAC PA100 tube amp has dedicated 2 ohm taps.  Can’t say how it would play on that tap as I’m not interested in that type of speaker.  But if someone is interested in trying the aforementioned speaker, the VAC could theoretically be a solid match. 
Zu Soul Supreme with Leben CS300xs (or Harbeth XX.X?)
I have not heard the CS300XS with the 0/93’s but have heard it with 0/96’s, a great combination.  I preferred the Leben over the Shindo amp, possibly was the Montille but can’t say for sure.  The Proac D20R was also an awesome match with the Leben... 
First HIFI system
You might consider a powered speaker.  Something like the Elac Navis series.  You still need some form of volume control.  Perhaps, ranging from a basic preamp to one with integrated streaming and dac capabilities.  A popular budget streamer like ... 
Straight out of the box doesn't work.
There was a saying in the early days of high end audio, “If it works out of the box, it isn’t high end”.  Nostalgia. 
Embarrassed....Audio furniture help
https://www.bdiusa.com/living/entertainment-storage/modern-tv-stands-entertainment-centersI have the Ola 8137.  It is well made, not inexpensive though.