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Hello, my name is WisepreadPanic and I’m an addict
But why? 
Paul Hynes Excuses to deliver the power supply SR7 , I Lost my money
I’m glad that you posted here. The community should be informed when vendors have exceedingly long lead times after requiring immediate payment for the product. Its simply a statement of fact, each person can now make an informed decision when con... 
Focal No.2 Speaker System: A New Age Dawns
Of course they sound great, they were designed on Naim gear. 
Best Budget Phono Cartridge?
Mazel tov, cheeg, enjoy! 
System Dissatisfaction - My Own Fault
I think that your system is just fine. And so did you for a protracted period of time.When you introduced the Cambridge your ears began to acclimate to the warmer sound. Then when you returned to your original kit it sounded somehow wrong. If you ... 
GAS syndrome...
And I thought that you meant Great American Sound. Jim Bongiorno is smiling somewhere. 
Why do many discussions about sonic performance disintegrate into technical discusions?
The American hifi mags have perpetuated the myth that it’s all about components. This CD player is class A and that amp is class B. Any component can slot into any system.We don’t listen to components, we listen to systems. In some systems the com... 
Best Budget Phono Cartridge?
Best Budget Phono Cartridge?
No, I was not recommending anything just trying to say that a low mass arm should have a high compliance cartridge, medium mass arm, medium compliance cartridge and high mass arm, low compliance cartridge. I already made my suggestion for the a ca... 
Best Budget Phono Cartridge?
Cheeg, mazel tov, congrats you found a beautiful cartridge. You should enjoy it very much. It may be that, more than anything the cartridge may need a couple of hundred hours to completely break in. Be patient. Also, double check this, but I think... 
Brands that have the least depreciation
Why worry about marques that have the least depreciation when you can have marques that have actually appreciated, Western Electric, Acrosound, Brook, etc.? 
Where to go next, DAC or Preamp
Source first. Brooklyn DAC, but only if you already have proper power ring in your home, proper AC management and proper support for the existing gear, IMHO. 
Best Budget Phono Cartridge?
Cheeg, how did you do? Did you end up with a conical, elliptical or line contact stylus and did you need to set it up with negative or positive VTA? Best. 
Best Budget Phono Cartridge?
Wow indeed! I believe that you are disagreeing With Galen on this one. I don’t think that any of these folks are infallable. Mr. Gandy suggests that record cleaning is unnecessary as the stylus will simply push the dirt out of the way. I am not co... 
Best Budget Phono Cartridge?
I agree with you, my post was uncalled for, as was yours referring to me as “ignorant” in another thread, which predates my post.We simply will agree to disagree on the VTA issue as well as the need to alert the mods to offensive posts. I’m sure t...