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What sounds best: Vinyl or CDs
You say that you are a music lover so it really doesn't matter. There are so many performances that were only released on LP and have never been reissued in digital media, and so many CDs that were never available on LP that one needs both formats... 
Looking for cartridge recommendations (after a 20 year hiatus)
Crap, spell check is ahead of me; I can't spell "Nagaoka".  
Who is the WORST Audio Shop?
Let's point out that his shop was in New York since that seems to hold some currency for this thread. And no, I told my wife that I was never near the place and I'm telling you the same thing. Swear. 
Looking for cartridge recommendations (after a 20 year hiatus)
Nadaoka MP200 would be a nice match for the arm. 
Is high end audio to snooty for its own good?
How snooty can it be if it can't tell "to" from "too"? 
Who is the WORST Audio Shop?
BTW, I think that the demise of the audio store is due to the fact that some proprietors open their doors because they know something about the hobby but do not have an adequate business education or managerial business experience as much as anyth... 
Who is the WORST Audio Shop?
Did all of you guys just get started in the hobby?There can be no contest, Johnny Boey, The Audio Pimp, aka MSS Hi-Fi ripped folks off, sold re packs as new, entertained customers with hookers in his store, defaulted on payments to his suppliers a... 
Do female audiophiles exist
We have an audio store here in Portland OR called Stereotypes that is owned by a woman, Terri Inman. It is very highly regarded in the Pacific Northwest.Karen Sumner at Transparent, Rondi D'agostino formerly of Krell, Judy Spotheim of La Luce, Ine... 
Jazz for aficionados
You mean Alice, of course. 
I believe that virtually all of the diaphragms out there for sale are the Asian sourced parts. I have installed quite a few in T-35s and I am very happy with the one way, reliability, they are far superior to the originals. The original... 
Mechans, as per my last post, the Electro Voice T35 is exactly the same tweeter. EV are the ones that supplied Klipsh these tweeters through the whole production run. No difference at all, and not particularly expensive either. 
The original tweeter in all of these are the Klipsh K77, a Klipsch branded EV T-35. They are excellent tweeters. Originally, the diaphragms came with very fine wires attached, kind of like a human hair. They frequency burned out. But replacement d... 
Rega/Totem combo wow!
The Nait 5si mates a passive preamp to a high-gain power amp. iMHO it is not particularly distinguished at very low volume, YMMV. 
Retract offer
I had a gent try to retract an offer after making it. I did accept the offer and he, predictably, refused to pay. I left him negative feedback and he kept saying that I just wanted to keep his money. Audiogon fines you for backing out of an offer,... 
what country has the worst graders of "collector" rock records
That's like asking which cannibals have the best table manners.