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Turntable cover
Email me at viridian(the number 2) at comcast 
Girlfriends and wifes, how do YOU cope?
Xanax and Mumms. 
Turntable cover
I have two LP12s. The dust cover will slip right out of the hinges and you can then just pull the hinges out of the holders that are screwed to the back of the wood plinth. No tools needed.I took some brightly colored rubber tubing and cut four pi... 
KT88 tube amp
The EAT Diamond KT-88s are a very complete sounding tube. Highly recommended. 
Answer me this...
Noble, deleted that post already? More newbie mistakes little boy? 
What’s your vote for the most ridiculous, overpriced, and useless tweak?
Diana Krall CDs. 
Tone, Tone, Tone !
I don’t need to be reminded about my priorities. That’s what makes them priorities. 
Scam alert. Phony heading.
I can answer that last question. It’s the previous ones that give me pause. 
Answer me this...
It’s an uphill battle for the reissue companies. When the original pressings were made the master tapes were fresh. Many analog masters have degraded markedly in the last 40-60 years, and many have been lost completely. Not that having a really pe... 
I've never believed much in cables, that said... (USB)
Brick? I’ve been called a lot of uncomplimentary things here, even some that rhymed with “brick”, but that’s a new one on me. You should buy some new threads. You’re are currently threadbare. 
I've never believed much in cables, that said... (USB)
No my shirt looks a lot better than yours. You’re in the wrong threads, LOL. 
Best tube preamp ever
“World class” always had a different meaning on Audiogon, just like “mint”. 
I've never believed much in cables, that said... (USB)
You’re asking the wrong guy. I don’t listen for, or value, soundstage, or imaging.  
I've never believed much in cables, that said... (USB)
Audioquest used to demo their speaker cables on a boom box, so they may take umbrage with your statement above. So it is a belief system after all.  
Anyone else notice rating scales are getting inflated?
My favorite phrase is “near mint”. It means that, in my rack, next to the piece of junk that I’m selling, there is a really clean piece of gear that’s not for sale.I have been selling gear for a bit over 40 years and have never had the occasion to...