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Interconnect recomendations, ~$500 new or used, RCA...
In that price range look for used Auditorium23 cables a fantastic sounding copper cable. I use a pair between my preamp and amp. 
I am a newcomer here and need help to sell speakers
Are you a consumer or a reseller?  
Replacing components, Please weigh in!
I would agree that receiver is very much the weak link in your system. But good news your speakers are very easy to drive which opens up a world of choices tube and SS. Are you able to get out and listen to anything? Don't get too caught up in spe... 
Is there any Streamer/DAC/Preamp good enough to replace a dedicated standalone preamp?
I think that even combining a Streamer and Dac is a compromise. Also adding preamp functionality would be a further compromise. Also you have a pretty great preamp to find a combined unit that's as good a preamp as your Act2 would be next to impos... 
Again the topic of weight of amps
@ebm You're long overdue to post your system on here that Audia amp sounds very [email protected] Unless I missed it you didn't say what speakers you'll be driving with your new amp? 
Roon - streaming only...where'd you get your NAS?
I also use a Synology NAS I bought on Amazon. My files are my ripped CDs, about 800, and then files I've bought or friends have given me. Most of those are bootleg live shows, I have about 3.5TB of my own files plus I stream Tidal and Qobuz. I don... 
I was 3 years old for most of 1973 I can't remember much of anything. 
People and Place: A review of SW1X DAC
seminarian nice review and congrats on your new Dac! I've read some reviews on the Sw1x Dacs their philosophy is very akin to Audio Note which is the Dac I have. There is a lengthy thread about Sw1x started by a member here named wig, check it out... 
Coincident Technology Dynamo 34SE MKIII
@markwatkiss Congrats on your new amp! I also have an EL34 stereo amp running Gold Lion KT77's and an RCA rectifier. Good tubes,  I hope your amp is everything you were hoping. Looking forward to your impressions and happy listening! 
Shout out your favorite Audio dealer!!
Deja Vu Audio in Vienna VA! 
Mac Pro to Accustic Arts DAC
Assuming your Dac doesn't have a USB input get an USB to spdif converter. You run a USB out from your Mac to the converter and a digital coax cable to your Dac. Just google USB converter there are tons of them out there and various price points. 
Help with up to $1500 streamer
It doesn't have a Dac but there are some Auralic Aries streamers on Audiogon at great prices this is one: have no connection to the seller just a happy owner of the Arie's litt... 
The term "High End" needs to die. Long live Hi-Fidelity!
Agreed Erik High Fidelity!  
Ended my Qobuz subscription
I kept both Qobuz and Tidal I agree Tidal has a better jazz selection.  I find things on Qobuz I don’t see on Tidal. And I prefer some features on Qobuz. Happy to have both! 
Power cords can make a tremendous difference in Digital
Agreed. I am not a DIY guy myself but I had Chris VH make me up a couple cables using the Furutech FP-S032N wire and F-11 connectors. With a nominal assembly fee I had a couple great cables that cost sub $400.