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New streamer needed
An Auralic Aries G1 or G1.1 would fit the bill nicely and should be in your price range used.  
Jazz Mount Rushmore
Yes to Clifford Brown and Max Roach or course Art Pepper and Bill Evans. Also Kenny Burrell, Freddy Hubbard, Gene Ammons, Chick Corea, Stan Getz, Horace Silver, Ron Carter, Herbie Hancock to name a few.  
Anybody here listened to Daniel Hertz Speakers? What did you think?
The M7 looks interesting but I think they are still a bit overpriced. Never heard them though are there even any dealers?  
Jazz Mount Rushmore
For me Sonny Rollins over Coltraine. And Thelonius Monk over Mingus. But yes on Miles and Duke. I'd love to have Dizzy Gillespie in there too and I have huge soft spots for both Oscar Peterson and Cannonball Adderly. And let's not forget Art B... 
Help . . . I’m dumber than my active speakers!
Well you have a pretty killer system it just may sound better than those Dutch & Dutch 8C's. That said definitely experiment with positioning.  
My First Stereo. What Was Yours?
My first system came later in life mid-90s approaching 30 I finally had some actual disposable income. I started with some cheap used Definitive Technology towers picked up at a local used record/gear shop. And then bought new a Bryston B-60 integ... 
Is it even possible to get a factory authorized dealer to give a discount?
If you establish a relationship with a good dealer and give them repeat business you will get some discounts. You will also likely get better sound overall.  
Line Magnetic 218a vs Leben CS600 -- am I insane? (aka when good beats great)
I would think a SET 211 amp might sound better than a PP EL34/6L6 amp regardless of manufacturer.  
Audio Artistry Beethoven Elite
@dweller We must have different interpretations of hard! Don't you need at least two stereo or 4 mono amps to run these? Killer speakers once you do get them running @francij8 !  
Is it a Bad Tube or a Bad fuse (Fuse Fatigue)?
Artemus are you able to get the tubes tested? Otherwise that's quite the quandary perhaps sending a note to Don Sachs might give you some clarity?  
How important is the efficiency of a speaker to you?
I like tube amps and generally don't like high powered tube amps so I look for sensitivity in speakers my current AN-J's are 93db and work well on 3.5 2a3 watts. 😉  
Why did this 1975 amp sound so good?
+1 @ogiboy Also Tandberg made some droolworthy cassette decks! BTW there are few used Tandberg receivers over on Audiomart you may want to check out.  
Stepping into streaming, finally
@lalitk +1 that is a very easy sonic upgrade.  
Stepping into streaming, finally
@knock1 That is very strange from the Earmen site I went to reviews and the Hifi News review listed the Staccato as 999 British pounds.  Nice performance for a bargain streamer but curious if it doesn't do wifi why does it have an antenna?  
Stepping into streaming, finally
Congrats on the new streamer knock1 and glad it sounds better it should looks like it's twice the price of the Node. I do have one question what does exclusive ethernet connectivity mean?