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What are you streaming tonight?
Caribe............Latin Jazz Quintet w/ Eric DolphyFatha.........Earl HinesSwingin Away..............Earl HinesPlectrist.........Billy BauerAll on Qobuz. 
KT88 tube amp
I haven't heard the KT88 but the Gold Lion KT77 is to me by far the best current EL34 variant. By comparison a Psvane EL34 was unacceptably  bright. Obviously KT88s are different tubes and YMMV. 
Music lover or audiophile?
Music lover I have to have music on wherever I am home, car, if i am traveling earbuds. Also I have had the same preamp/amp combo for over ten years now so not sure I qualify as an audiophile. The newest item in my system my speakers are now two y... 
What are you streaming tonight?
Bill Evans w/ Paul Chambers and Pilly Jo Jones...........On Green Dolphin StreetJimmy Heath Sextet..............The ThumperQobuz 
Aric Audio 300B SET Monoblocks
Tom they sound like amazing amps and I am sure they sound fantastic. And congrats to Aric on a great build with premium parts! I am sure they sound amazing and you will enjoy them for many years to come. 
How Come NO SACD (Stock) Players With Tube Output Stage?
To the OP how many SACD’s do you own? I would think going with a tubed DAC and streaming DSD files may be the next best thing.  
Speaker advice for listening to Blues music
So here is a stone cold classic speaker I think could do the job. It's used and a bit over your budget but its a classic for a reason. affiliation with the selle... 
Can I stream Qobuz ?
If your Yamaha doesn't support Qobuz then no you can't unless perhaps there is a firmware upgrade for your receiver that would allow it. Check with Yamaha to see if they've released an update to support Qobuz. 
Bp17 cube preamp
Sorry but who were you communicating with? You say Vermont but Bryston is in Canada. Is your dealer in Vermont? Bryston is known for outstanding CS this doesn't sound like them. 
how do you know if you need a dac ?
Does your Ayre CX-7 have a digital input? In a lot of cases people get DACs to stream music online. If your happy with the CX-7 no need for a DAC  and if it has a digital input you're fairly future proof. 
Grant Audio
Did you try sending an email? The site looks fine to me in what ways did it seem out of date? 
How loud do you play music?
Using a crappy Iphone db meter, which I've since deleted, I was typically listening in the 65-75 db range with occasional peaks approaching 80. That's in a practically nearfield setup in a small apartment. 
DAC stopped playing
Just for fun maybe try a different input on your preamp or a different set of analog cables from Dac to preamp. Just to eliminate a few more variables after that I would certainly reach out to the manufacturer regarding repair. 
Tubes or stick with S/S
Tubes all the way to me there is no contest and the PL's look like very nice well made gear. 
Spendor D9 vs. PSB T3 speakers.
I can't say I've heard any PSB speakers but I have heard and love Spendor's many times. That is the direction I would head but it's your ears, are you able to audition either speaker?