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How to test speaker cables by ChatGPT
I just listen to my speaker cables it seems to work just fine.  
Preamp Advice/experiences needed
@jimbones you can find virtual systems here: Just click create a system and don't forget to add pics!  
How do you find time to enjoy your $$$ speakers and system?
I listen a lot my partner and I live in different cities and I don't really watch TV on my own other than some sports. Plus I work partially from home and no kids I probably listen at least 4-6 hours a day more like 8-12 on weekends.  
An interesting experience with power cable.
One thing to keep in mind digital gear is quite a bit noisier than analog gear. So there's more room for improvement when you connect your pc to your Dac vs your amp. I suspect that's more the reason for the difference than insufficient gauge.  
Synthesis Amplifiers: One of High End's Best Kept Secrets?
Agreed I've also heard this amp a number of times and the A40 as well really great sounding amps and under the radar. As I type this I'm listening to an older Synthesis Encore amp a little stereo 25 watter using 4 5881 tubes. It's on loan from my ... 
Need advice on building a system from a mishmash of components!
I'd run the Rega Saturn into the Golden Tube preamp and that into the Mac amp. Any of the speakers listed would be just fine try listening and seeing which you prefer. And you have enough gear to build a 2nd system around the Adcom gear and whatev... 
Can I add an outboard Equalizer to my music streamer ?
Maybe ditch Spotify for a better sounding service like Tidal or Qobuz rather than getting on EQ?  
Why Are We Breaking Our Brains?
@mceljo What conspiracy theories have you found in the wine world? Other than natural wine that is. 🤣  
Why does it take so long to get stuff?
@kiwiscott I like your attitude and welcome to the forums!  
Why does it take so long to get stuff?
Well even to get the speakers to NJ still costs a lot I wanted to buy a bottle of cognac from France the shipping was going to be $60. Imagine how much a pair of speakers must cost. And good on you working with a retailer if we don't continue to s... 
Why does it take so long to get stuff?
@kenjit I meant built to order and it very much depends on the size of the manufacturer and particularly whatever veneer the customer has chosen. And please don't derail Scott's thread.  
Why does it take so long to get stuff?
Scott a few thoughts here: Speakers are generally large expensive items so most dealers don’t carry much inventory on the floor beyond demos so speakers must be ordered from the manufacturer. In many cases your speakers are custom built for you a... 
Seemlessly switching different streaming sources
Here's the thing if you don't mind differing levels of fidelity this is easy. For example my streamer, an old Auralic Aries Mini, can do Spotify/Tidal/Qobuz/Amazon a few other streaming services, internet radio, plays local files. But it's also a ... 
Why do we stop listening to new music as we get older?
Here's the great thing about streaming not only do I discover new music I also discover old music cause if I haven't heard it then it's new to me!  
My opinion;
+1 @tylermunns