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How to properly set up a turntable
I'll just say that's a very nice table and a very nice cartridge neither was cheap. Given the quality of both wouldn't it be worthwhile to invest in professional setup assuming geographical issues don't preclude it? 
How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present
The Amphion Krypton is a nice looking speaker in more of a modern style. 
Why don’t tube amps sound like tubes anymore?
I think it depends on the amp and also tube type. My first tube amp was a c-j Premier 11a I hated that amp it sounded like SS to me, and I swore of the 6550 tube then and there as well. Overall the trend has been to greater transparency and freque... 
Are you sure about Amazon? Their website lists a bunch of turntables. Also since they are still around they can at least tell you where they sourced the bearing? 
Pass 260.8 owners...Question
The OP said his speakers are Shahinian Hawks. Great speakers btw also I have to say I didn't even realize Straight Wire was still around talk about a long lived brand you never hear about anymore, 
How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present
So if you like the Burmesters should I assume you want something more modern and techy? Metal over wood veneer? Narrow it down a bit and we may have some better recommendations.Avantegarde horns perhaps? I do love their industrial design personall... 
How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present
Here is  a question Michelle, do you like the look of your current Burmester speakers? 
Aric Audio Super 2A3 SET
Congratulations on your new amp! The 2A3 tube is one of my favorites I love the detail and clarity you get while still retaining SET warmth. Enjoy! 
In the middle of a pandemic, Stereophile reviews ~ $30K equipment
The reviews are for the most part scheduled months in advance likely pre-pandemic and I believe Stereophile's policy is a review started must be completed. So perhaps calm down about it. 
A bit more punch than my Pathos?
Do you absolutely totally have to have balanced inputs? Lot of nice used integrateds under $2K out there but almost none with balanced inputs.  
Next step in improving digital chain?
I would think in terms of bang for the buck an LPS for the NUC would be the way to go.  Barring that perhaps replace it with a better streamer so option 1. However if you like the sound you're getting now the LPS should really improve it. 
What cable is best?
Well you'll have both cords in house to why not compare and tell us? Some folks think the connectors matter more others the wire. Unless you want to get multiple versions of the same cable with different connectors don't worry about it just pick w... 
What the heck do these terms mean?
ozzy the lack of reviewer consensus is why it's good to find a reviewer you like, and stick with that person. That way you get to know their biases and what they mean when they describe something.In terms of obscure recordings not sure if you stre... 
What the heck do these terms mean?
ozzy the problem is hearing is really not a relatable sense the way other senses are. Taste most people can taste sweet/bitter/sour/ etc different flavors of food are broadly recognizable. Touch same thing. Sight short of being color blind people ... 
Do we ask too much of our audio systems?
A live performance in my room would be too damned loud! I'll take warm rich natural sound that I can connect with and that's what I have. Works for me, no grails here holy or otherwise.