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Is this my imagination?
Was the table there previously when your gear was on the floor? If you just dropped that table between your speakers then that is what's affecting your soundstage. If it was always there then it's less clear. 
AN-E-SPE-HE Advice
Hi abill,Congrats on your incoming speakers!¬† I just dropped a pair of AN/Jlx's into my system a few weeks ago. That's a great stable of amps you have and any one of them would probably be a nice match with your new E's. Don't get to hung up on ha... 
Member's recommendations for tube amplification
@david_ten I would suggest going the straight amp route rather than getting an integrated. No slight to Line Magnetic or any other integrateds mentioned, I just think invariably you may think about upgrading some part of your system again. When yo... 
Full MQA music list.
Also if a track buffers it plays fine if you start it again at least that's been my experience the last few days. 
Full MQA music list.
@randyhat¬† glad to hear you heard from Tidal thanks! 
Full MQA music list.
As an update the buffering issues with Tidal seem to have largely subsided its been working fine for me for the last three days or so. Has anyone else experienced a similar bounceback? 
"Best" mini-monitor?
+ 1 glennewdick just got a pair of AN/J's love them and the AN/K's are great too you can't go wrong with either. Great with tubes too!  
Member's recommendations for tube amplification
I was picking up my new speakers at Deja Vu Audio the other day and saw a pair of pushpull 6L6 monoblocks that might just fit the bill for you. It was their own build and they build fantastic amps over there. No idea the price but worth checking i... 
midrange dac / dac with best performance to cost ratio
If you want a great sounding DAC for just redbook check this out: DACs just play music, no affiliation with the seller. 
Rob you should post something on the Auralic forums I don't have an MQA DAC so am not really sure. I will say however when I play a Tidal master the MQA logo does appear leading me to assume unfolding is being done and I only use the coax output. ... 
Disappointed w/ Klipsch Heresy III. Now what?
If you do decide to ditch the Klipsch consider Audio Note, their speakers are designed to be place in corners. They are attractive, quite sensitive and easy to drive and sound great. I just got a pair of AN/J's and couldn't be happier. And they ar... 
Disappointed w/ Klipsch Heresy III. Now what?
Luke are the speakers at least level with the front of the couch? Meaning not recessed at all. Also I would very much concur with others these speakers really want tubes is there any chance to borrow a tube amp to try out? Did you buy the Heresy's... 
Curious about older "world class" D/A converters
Mark congrats and enjoy your new DAC and please do let us know your impressions! And happy listening! 
Ugly vs Gogeous speakers
@mgattmch I've never seen those before very cool and mid-century modern! In a similar vein there is a Scandinavian speaker maker whose name escapes me that makes a speaker in that shape. It has a bit of an Eames chair look to it and is in wood. 
Curious about older "world class" D/A converters
Not sure if I would say world class but I bet this will sound great, no affiliation with the seller just an AN fan obviously.