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Records and CDs
I enjoy the heck out of vinyl. However, I detest having to jump up every twenty minutes to change the record. My young audiophile dream was to, ASAP, transfer all new acquisitions to R-2-R tape for playback. This is the only way to enjoy the new ... 
Beethoven Pathetique Audio Artistry
I Got Ants in my Pants and Need to Dance
Aerosmith - Walk This Way Police - Message in a Bottle Pretenders - Precious  
20 Years?
Anybody heard from Cornfedboy?  
20 Years?
Since MAY, 2021. I was dwelling here two-or three years prior to creating a user ID.  
Best Covers
Johnny Winter covering Dylan's "Highway 61" (Album "Second Winter")  
B&W 800 Diamond
Just wondering if these use ferro fluid?  
Anthony (Tony) Cordesman has passed away
Best Covers
@upshift - This was a burner in the Sixties on top 40 radio.   Another fave is "Lady Jane" by Rotary Connection  
Buying from Japan...Accuphase or Luxman what are the costs ? import duties etc
Make sure you specify a U.S. model (110 volts) and not Japanese (100 volts) otherwise you'll need an external step-down transformer.  
Luxman leaves me wanting
Doesn’t Schiit make an in-line EQ? I’ve heard it’s inexpensive and works well. https://www.amazon.com/stores/Schiit/EQsOtherSchiit_Products/page/3E41BE95-D2BF-4939-B962-9ED30CD3ACC2    
Your last concert was to see who and when?
@reubent - What? No Saving Escape? Young Cincinnati band who put on a great show. Kala's pipes (lead singer) and known far and wide.  
Favorite Obscure Rock Song
Free For All - Ted Nugent Around the Pynth - Rod Stewart and Faces When It Blows Its Stacks - Captain Beefheart Whirly Bird - Silver Apples Big Mama Boogie - Cactus 1880 or So (Rose of my Heart) - Television  
Recommendations on integrated amps
Pretty sure all HT receivers have DACs.  
Why do we demand so much from our systems?
You'll be dissatisfied until you achieve wisdom or until you run out of money.