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Price increases are insane
Bought a new V6 Mercury Capri in late 1972 for $3040. by 1978, a new VW Rabbit (4 cyl) had a sticker price of over $8000. The 70s were rough.  
Audiophile Speakers for Rock, HipHop and Techno
Another speaker that looks like it was built for rock: Bryston "A" and "T" series.  
Best progressive rock album side
Yes - Fragile  
Audiophile Speakers for Rock, HipHop and Techno
@tmac1700  - I use B&W 804D3 in my ultimate (i.e. retirement) system. Many deride these as "bright", but they suite me just fine. I’ve heard about ATC for years but only heard them (first time) at this year’s AXPONA. I love their forward, deta... 
Audiophile Speakers for Rock, HipHop and Techno
Music Direct is an ATC dealer. If you don’t like them, you can return them.    
Onkyo has filed for bankruptcy
I've owned two Onkyo products and both were great. TA-2090 Cassette deck and TSXR-876 HT receiver (in use for over 12 years, still making great sound). Can't wait to see what the future holds for Onkyo.  
Audiophile Speakers for Rock, HipHop and Techno
ATC Speakers  
KEF celebrates sixty years with the LS60 Wireless
The cabinets are more than 12 inches deep. KEF can't give two 8 inch opposed LF drivers instead of four 5 inch per speaker?  
Large speaker recommendation
ATC SCM50PSLT https://atc.audio/hi-fi/loudspeakers/tower-series/scm50aslt/    
Bascom H. King Passed
Do these look similar?
Overpriced audio components? I'm shocked!  
Vladimir Lamm RIP
Do they make OCC Romex?  
How to tell if your AC wiring needs an upgrade
A few years ago, I got a good deal on "as new" Klipsch La Scalla II speakers. I was so excited, I purchased a demo Primaluna prologue premium integrated amp. Couldn't wait to hear them! Wouldn't you know, there was a buzz I could hear 12 feet away... 
Axpona observations
I loved the location of the Renassaince Hotel but didn't care for its layout for a show of this size. Very fatiguing. I played the show "by ear" and missed seeing A LOT of rooms. If I go again, I'll do my homework first. Most haunting gear? Joseph...