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What are some good things to do when going to an audition
If it's great once, it can be great again.  
What is the VERY BEST CD album you've ever heard?
Feist - The Reminder Sarah Jarosz - Build me up From Bones and Follow Me Down    
What speakers work with low wattage class A amps
Aren’t Zu speakers very efficient?    
Favorite genres for fun listening
Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Pipes and Drums = Big Fun.  
Let's share key moments in our musical lives
Beautiful girl! Is that a '55 Ford? My Dad had a light green station wagon.  
Hales Design Group Transcendence 5 Grill Cloth
Take new cloth and the frame to a Tailor.  
what are your top "audio bargins" in your system history?
Audio Research Classic 60 (2 years old), ARC 3 meter litz speakers cable. ARC 1 meter RCA IC and ARC 1/2 meter RCA IC. All for $1600 in 1992. ARC Classic 60 amps (30 years old) sell for this today. Empire 698 turntable (store demo) for $150. Br... 
Does Hearing Loss Disqualify Me from Audiophiledom?
Had my hearing tested for my recent 70th Birthday (70 is the new 50). Tell you what, the frequencies were presented (via headphones) SO LOW (25 db?) they were barely discernable. From my own experience, I’d say the test was invalid. I can hear tr... 
Considering moving to separates with a tube preamp-appreciate recommendations
Balanced Audio Technology VK-33SE Pre. With the VK-255SE Amp, a truly outstanding combo. Best system I've ever used (paired with B&W 804 D3).  
What are some good things to do when going to an audition
1. Request the system be played at least an hour before you arrive (to get warm). 2. If possible, take some "Mucinex" so your sinuses are clear.  
Classé CP-45 remote
Many remotes have an A/B switch in case you have another remote of the same brand. Look for the switch (could be under the battery door) and try the other setting.  
DId you get that paperwork from the IRS about purchasing? over $600.00
When determining "profit", is the sales amount in nominal dollars or inflation adjusted dollars? If you buy something for $1000 then sell it after inflation is declared at 10% for $1050, have you made a "profit"? The dollars you were paid are actu... 
Interconnects and speaker cables
My personal bias is tube amps like ribbon speaker cable and big-iron solid state amps work better with "garden hose" types. If the Air tight amps are high-power (over 100 wpc), shouldn’t make much difference. First choices: Nordost (ribbon) and W... 
Fatal error
I don't know what language is being used. Could be a initialization issue, boundry issue, etc.  
Fatal error
Sounds like the input line was padded with "blank space" characters (when first displayed) instead of "null" characters. There's a difference.