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What was your most disappointing album purchase?
UmmaGumma - Best 'Floyd album ever... 
It was 20 years ago today...
Cornfedboy has a start date of April 05, 2002. He's the oldest one I remember. 
What was your most disappointing album purchase?
So many...King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King Purchased at a booth at a T.H.E. show in 'Vegas. Sounded like a static generating machine. Really F--- Up.Jimi Hendrix - Are you experienced. One of the endless reissues. Has an impassible ... 
It was 20 years ago today...
I was coming here several years before I started using my current ID, but who’s counting? BTW, Anyone know when our little club house was launched? Anyone have interesting stories about finding Audiogon in the first place? I don't remember how... 
Kef Reference Tweeters-Ferrofluid Replacement
OP - Did you have to clean the old fluid off the voice coil first? If so, how?Thanks 
Kef Reference Tweeters-Ferrofluid Replacement
"No replacement speakers (tweeters) are available from Kef or anywhere on the internet".This is a warning to current owners.1. Do your tweeters use ferro-fluid?2. Are replacements currently available?3. Are you planning to keep your speakers a lon... 
Albert Von Schweikert Has Passed Away
Very sad. R.I.P. 
Full Range speakers for a living space
Legacy speakers in Springfield, IL U.S.A.https://legacyaudio.com/products/fronts-and-mains/Tyler Speakershttp://tyleracoustics.com/ 
Wilson Alexia 2
My personal fave is Silver. Also like Taupe. 
Best debut album
SpiritDan Fogelberg 
Can't Find A/C Converter Plug
Got the converter today and it snapped right on! Like it was made for it! 
amp for 87db sophia 3 ?
Yes, It will work. The only question is will it go as loud as you want. If you're a metal fan, try to find an old Krell 300 watter (and don't forget four powered subwoofers). 
No Sub-Mojo
Good luck! 
No Sub-Mojo
You can use a set of your tape-monitor "record" jacks to feed your subwoofer. However, these are usually fix volume output (also called "line level") so the subwoofer you attach them to must have some kind of volume control (Note: The Pre-out jack... 
No Sub-Mojo
what kind of sub do you have? Does it have remote control volume? If it does, you have more options.