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D’Agostino amp with Spectral preamp
There shouldn't be an impedance mismatch.  If I recall correctly Spectral preamps can work well with non-Spectral amps, but Spectral amps should always be used with Spectral preamps (and interconnects).  Spectral believes in wide bandwidth perform... 
Recommendations for Vintage Speakers
Why would anyone want a pair of Altec VOTTs playing in a domestic environment?  Is it for those people with concert grands in their living rooms? 
D’Agostino amp with Spectral preamp
What's the output impedance for the preamp and the input impedance for the power amp?  I could look it up, but so could you. 
Klipsch K Horns (the new AK6)
The loudspeaker requires corner loading for proper use, yet the Stereophile measurement were made outdoors.  I don't imagine the frequency response graphs represent what the loudspeakers would sound like in actual use. 
Update or Toss Technics SB-G300 Speakers from 1981? (link to photos)
Technics made some very interesting loudspeakers back in the 1980s.  If they are functioning well, I don't see any reason to replace them.  Actually, Technics still makes interesting loudspeakers. 
The truth about high end speakers MUST READ
Note to self -- MUST NOT READ posts by Kenjit. 
Air Tight PC-1 Coda and more options to upgrade my analog setup
You clearly do not understand the feedback you are getting.  The path you are pursuing will not be amazing. 
Air Tight PC-1 Coda and more options to upgrade my analog setup
Just to make sure you understand what people are telling you -- the cartridges you are considering are not a proper match to your tonearm and they are overkill for your phono stage.I suggest you simply move up the Rega scale.  Start with an Apheta... 
Swapped long wall to short wall and now I am having some big issues
I'm guessing, but I think the closet you removed effectively functioned as a bass trap which mirrored the kitchen entrance on the other side of the room.  Whether by design or not the combination worked.  I don't know how you would now fix it.Alte... 
It was 50 years ago today...
They were Paul's group before Wings.  Right? 
phono pre-amp being replaced
 I agree with Lewn.  You don't have a problem.  You said the setup sounds great. 
I wonder why......
Most electronic manufacturers just don't buy into the extreme hype about power cords.  At the same time many if not most audiophiles do.  The compromise is the IEC spec inlet.  There was a time when high end equipment came with non-removable power... 
Favorite Collaborations
Frogman, I notice you mentioned Stan Getz multiple times.  You should check out his work with Albert Dailey.Getz is one of my all-time favs.  You ever hear him do "Blood Count"?Also, thanks for mentioning Elis Regina. 
Does it come down to the mastering quality only??
In my experience poorly recorded great music makes for a far better listening experience than audiophile quality recordings of mediocre music. 
Does it come down to the mastering quality only??
If I may make a strained analogy -- the original recording mix is the meal a chef in a quality restaurant prepares and mastering is the overall restaurant experience for the diner.  Mastering cannot take a poorly prepared meal and make it taste wo...