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How far have ss amps really come in the last twenty years?
Atmasphere vs. inna on amplifiers -- the new definition of a mismatch? 
Looking for Room Measurement / Speaker Setup Software
What exactly are you trying to achieve with room frequency response measurements? 
Geoffkait - right???
Be sure to switch the cable direction again after you have become fully acclimated to their sound.  Let them settle in and then switch again.  First sonic impressions can be misleading.  It can take several swaps of direction to fully understand a... 
Power amps into surge protector/Conditioner or DIRECT to wall? Final verdict?
I once plugged a power amp directly into the wall.  Did not sound good.  In fact, it made no sound at all.  The resulting hole(s) in the wall had a very low WAF. 
Laser measurement for speaker position
Fascinating story about the party.  So to be clear, you're having a social gathering at your house and the topic just naturally turns to your listening acuity and the precision of your loudspeaker/listening chair setup?  Okay.  And at this gatheri... 
What's Your Fantasy Supergroup?
Joni Mitchell and Bonnie Raitt as backup singers?Agree, Little Village was a great supergroup. 
Thiel 3.7's and Pass Labs xa60.5's- now looking for the next upgrade
All your sonic goals will be best addressed by improving the loudspeaker/listening room interface. 
Disco...yep, I'm going there
Good music is good music.  Most popular music is completely disposable, but the best endures.  For me, Donna Summer's "MacArthur Park Suite" is outstanding.  Chic had a number of fine albums as did Dan Hartman and Madonna.  Now the criticism of di... 
Supratek or Don Sachs - which way to go?
What happened to Supratek?  I remember that for years they were hailed as a great sounding, high value product, but then they disappeared.  What's the story? 
An Excellent New Read: "A Brief History Of Why Artists Are No Longer Making A Living..."
...if I could find a white boy who could sing like a black man I'd make a million dollars.That's what Sam Phillips said.  He was the man who created Sun Records and first recorded Elvis. So yeah, your statement that cultural appropriation is ridic... 
I want to be moved and have the music touch my soul!
Making your system sound better will not necessarily increase your emotional involvement with the music you listen to.  It will simply make your system sound better.  On paper you have a high quality system that should be fully capable of engaging... 
Shipping by UPS
The comment about Amazon above is true.  The shipping industry is overwhelmed and having difficulty hiring.  They rely heavily on part-timers and "independent contractors".  Wages are low, benefits are meager and work quotas are high.  Is it reali... 
Kids during audition - aaaaagh!!
People, and yes kids are people, singing and dancing to music is by definition being "swept away by the musical experience that comes from a high end system".  And you thought it was painful.  Sad. 
Trained ears.
Trained ears are overrated.  It can be mistaken for learning to speak/write like an audiophile.  Virtually anybody can hear differences in sound, but not everybody can verbalize what they hear.  If you know what a real instrument sounds like, then... 
Great receiver!  The Sansui does a credible synthetic quad surround sound, so I would go with four loudspeakers.  I think you should consider some vintage Klipsch loudspeakers, the KG4, Forte or even the Heresy.  Good luck!