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The Emperor Has No Clothes!!
+1 Carlsbad.  Everybody wants to sound like a professional audio reviewer.  The language is overwrought.  
Anyone have experience with using de-esser for sibilance in home audio system?
A de-esser is a frequency tuned compressor.  I would start would the EQ first. Try a parametric and gently scoop out the frequencies that offend.  That could be all you need.  Adding the compressor part can be tricky in that many popular compresso... 
Best Covers
chowkwan, thank you  
Dedicated line help
You do realize this is a very old thread.  I think this was back when the OP had a Lafayette receiver and a BSR turntable.  
The Winter Brothers
The Edgar Winter Group with Derringer, Randy Z and Dan Hartman were one of the most talented groups of the 70s. One of the saddest shows I saw was Johnny Winter on his last tour before his death.  He was basically unable to do a complete show due... 
Rogue Audio hard to resell, has it fallen out of favor ?
Congrats!  Your ad worked.  
Rogue Audio hard to resell, has it fallen out of favor ?
This post is effectively a for sale ad and should be removed.  
Cream — Stormy Monday
T-Bone Walker owns the song, but this is my go to version by Roomful Of Blues, Duke Robillard on the guitar.    
UPS or surge protector/power conditioner? And if UPS, recommendations please under 1K
Stay with the Furman.  Most UPS type units are not designed for audio applications.  
Led Zep Fool in the Rain
Let this man 'splain it to 'ya.  
Upgraded my cables and they transformed my system!!!
This is what the OP stated: With the new cables in place, the sound quality of my system, which sounded simply outstanding before the upgrades, has been improved dramatically by leaps and bounds, and my new interconnects are not even close to be... 
Ken Fritz article
There's a quote from Tolstoy about the uniqueness of unhappy families that probably applies to this man's life.  I don't think his audiophile obsession was the source of his husband/1st wife or father/son problems.  The root cause was his personal... 
What to do with a large collection
Goodwill type places will accept them.  Also try Craigslist and offer them for free.  
What would you do?
I really love my current system and there is nothing lacking as E-650 offers a very sublime listening experience. If this is true, then do nothing.  
Is it important to long demo or own HIGH END gear to have a fair accurate view about it?
High end, perfectionist, mid fi and others are marketing terms.  Don't take them too seriously.  If you have a passion for well reproduced music then you are by definition a music lover and an audiophile.  Additionally, you don't have to be an aud...