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Update on Audiogon Member Almarg
The "Man" among men in this forum. And a even greater person to all who know him.Gos's peace to you, Al and Margaret 
Any Rogue Pharaoh or Musical Fidelity 5 or 6 si sound differences.
Agree with using NOS tubes with the Pharaoh. I use Nos Mullards, and they take the sound to a whole new level, better than the Cronus Magnum series. I'm sure it will vary from system to system, but in mine, bass is not weak sounding. I guess it's ... 
Vandersteen 1C Tweaking distance to front wall
I was at 19 inches from front wall with my Treo Ct's. Bottom bass octave was good, but mid to upper bass range was a bit weak. I used a pair of Vandersteen 2cWq subs. What I found out was the subs were acting like band-aids for the sound as it fil... 
~$15K floorstanders: opinions sought
Vandersteen Quatro CT's. :-) 
NOS Tube Vendors: Vintage Tube Services and/or HiFi Town- Experiences with/reviews of etc?
Yes to VTS. 
Why are there no hand tuned speakers on the market?
Legacy hand tunes ALL of their speakers. One man does it. He's the owner/designer. I remember a time when he had a head cold, and could not hear properly. Not one speaker left that factory for a week till his ears were back to normal. 
Shipping. Hard Lesson.
Proper safe packaging is always a plus. But marking boxes with arrows, this side up, fragile, etc., is like putting a target on that package. A person who worked for UPS told me a long time ago to never do any of that to a package. 
MP150 or MP200
OP.I have a Soundsmith Bohemme cartridge. $1200 retail. I used It for several years. Recently got a Nag MP-200 for $385. In my system, the Nag blew away the Soundsmith. YMMV. 
Why are audiophile high end speakers expensive?
Wow. This guy throws out the tiniest bit of bait, and just look at all the fish he attracts!!! 
Honest question about cartridge vs. turntable performance.
mammothguy54,Agree. It's a shame when some of these people have to be so full of themselves that THEY think they are the first and last word in choosing equipment. With them, it's the same old boring argument. 
What have you been working on in 2020?
My sanity.........:-) 
Manufacturers with Excellent customer service
Legacy Audio. I had purchased a pair of their speakers and found one of the woofers was missing a bunch of screws that held the driver in place. I could not find that type of screw locally, and called Legacy. They sent me a package of the correct ... 
Unknown wood on B&W 802 series 80
A friend of mine has a pair of Vandersteen Treos in worm wood. Similar in appearance to your B&W's. Worm wood is also very beautiful. 
Unknown wood on B&W 802 series 80
They are striking in appearance! I like it. B&W did use some exotic woods on some of their later 800 series speakers. I remember seeing pairs of them in Tiger's Eye veneer. Very beautiful. Probably is aftermarket, but notice nice touches to de... 
Need advice on upgrade path
Did the cat survive???