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Best turntable for the buck
A refurbished Sota Sapphire is definitely the way to go. I have one with a modified Sumiko FT-3 tonearm. Bought it from a friend who is one of the more distinguished members of the A'gon community! This is the best tt I ever owned. Easily surpass... 
Anyone get or buy themselves a Father's Day present yet?
Bought myself a pair of Meze 99 Classics headphones. Yay me!!!  
Michael Fremer leaves Analog Planet
@mijostyn ,   You shouldn't be offended by Michael Fremer calling you a a-hole. He told snother audiophile in another form to go "f___himself. From what I heard, those are just ways of New Yorkers saying "hello"  
I finally got a record cleaning machine. First thoughts.
I too am using the Hudson hifi record brush and it works as advertised. Plus it's cheap and effective.   
New mat for Rega P6?
I had a Rega RP-6. Very nice tt. I have tried lots of mats, everything from soft felt mats to carbon fiber ones. I recently got hold of a tt mat called MyMat, which was made by one of A'gon's members. This is the most neutral (read best sounding) ... 
What do you use to keep high gloss speakers clean?
Tried most of the choices above. The Meguires quick detailer and Plexus seem to work the best. IMO.  
Large speaker recommendation
Another vote for Vandersteen Quatro Ct. Also Legacy Audio Aeris will provide a big, open, sound.  
Advice from Audiogon family - best speaker $3k-$4k
Don't forget about Vandersteen. The new model 2 Ce Sig. III is right in the middle of your price range. If you dont mind the looks of the model 2, it would be a good choice. Not bright and very detailed but not overly analytical.   
Ohm Acoustic Corp., Brooklyn NY
Klipsch and Ohm. Can't think of any two speakers that are more different than those two.  
Turntable sub $4k buy decisions too many.
Personally, I would go with the first recommendation. The refurbished Sota Sapphire. I have one and I believe you would be hard pressed to find something better in the Sota's price range. Best tt I ever owned.  
All New Yamaha NS-2000A Loudspeakers Are On The Market
I owned a pair if Yamaha NS1000M's back in the late 70's. Ok sound but nothing spectacular.  Speakers like these come and go continuously from companies like Yamaha. I would stick with Vandersteen.  IMO.  
How best to eliminate LP warps
$1900 for a LP flattener from Music Direct? Ya got to be kidding...  
Can a DAC sort out a flat\cold amp?
Good luck on your audio journey! Don't  worry, you will get it right in the near future. To me, the pic of your system shows problems of speaker positioning and it also looks like your room has too many hard surfaces. If you can address these issu... 
Need some Cart recommendations, $300 - $700 (New/Used) range…warm, full, yet great def.
Nagaoka MP-500  
Need Recommendations for a pair of Speakers around $1,000
The Wharfedale Diamond series would be in your price range. The 12.3 or 12.4 towers are nice.