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Ditch your USB cable for Toslink? Might surprise you!
OP, I have used the Wireworld Super Nova 7 glass optical, and it sounds great. I use it on my cd player used as a transport. I use a AQ. Coaxial on my streamer. To me, the coax has a tiny bit more sparkle on the treble frequencies, and the glass... 
Denafrips Ares II - Why did you sell?
@ozziegurkan  You should have tried a Denafrips Venus II.  
Why do hipsters prefer analog?
What happened to the  OP?  
Bluesound and BluOS
Radio Paradise is excellent for their music content!  
Best turntable for the buck
@nferre66, I have owned nearly all those tables you mentioned, like you, I have set up tt's since the late sixties so I think I qualify for set up. Your analogy for not liking the Sota makes no sense to me, but to each his own. I've owned Technic... 
The new LSA Signature 50 Monitor "Disruptive Product"
Maybe Steve Guttenberg was just being brutally honest. Terry London also claims cheap Tekton Double Impacts could beat stratospherically priced super speakers.  Just say'in...  
Best turntable for the buck
@nferre66, If you "hated" the Sota, then I believe your set up of it was suspect...  
Hana Cartridge for MMF-7 ?
The SL is a good cartridge. If you could swing for the ML, even better. It requires a 100 ohm load.  
Speakers known for great midrange.
Well, you said a stand mount!  
Speakers known for great midrange.
Bose 901's...  
Old guy needs recommendation request for old CD players / DAC
@larryro2  Definitely keep that Cal Icon II. Great old player, very well built!  
Vandersteen Forum
OP. With your last rant, what was your intention? Head off global hunger, promote world peace, further humanity, or what??? You seem to have a severe case of "little man syndrome." Taking haymaker swings at forum members here will get you nowhe... 
Best turntable for the buck
@bkeske , I know Jim somewhat personally, and I don't think you will find a more altruistic gentleman. :-)  
Michael Fremer leaves Analog Planet
@j-wall , I'd bet your response would be entirely different had Mikey Fremer said something like that to you, face-to-face...  
Michael Fremer leaves Analog Planet
@j-wall , How much respect would you have for him if he told you to go f___yourself because you disagreed with him?