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Warning for Revel lovers
Samsung makes good TV's. I have a 50' plasma screen that hasn't missed a beat in over 14 and a half years. Still going strong.   
Amir and Blind Testing
@rixthetrick  +1000 Man, you nailed it. Couldn't have said it better...  
Where did he go?
All kidding aside, this is indeed a sad situation for humanity.   
Toilet Paper to Vacuum Tubes
It's  amazing how many people hoarded toilet paper. Some people would hoard up to 5 years worth. When the supply came back to normal, many hoarders tried to return the toilet paper for a refund. Most were told if you hoarded 5 years of toilet pape... 
Where did he go?
Yes, DJ for the military. Think he played the Pink Floyd song "Wish You Were Here" ;-)))  
Warning for Revel lovers
So you are finally getting a refund on a speaker system that was discontinued 2 years ago from Revel which has been sketchy at best, and now you're going to buy an euber expensive highend speaker system from a company that hasn't made highend spea... 
Most beautiful turntable under $5k
Well-Tempered Labs Veralex. It's not so much glitzy as it is beautifully mechanical, not to  mention how good it sounds.  
Where did he go?
Thanks guys. I had no idea. He has knowledge,  but a little bit of the MC mentality. IMO  
DENAFRIPS DAC ---- Owner Impressions, Feedback, General Discussion, Questions and more....
Pontus II  all day!  
How to choose an upgraded tonearm.
Mike,  Remember that "gut" feeling I talked about.  Regards, Tim  
Hana Umami Red or Lyra Kleos?
Mike. Hope this isn't perceived as sage advice  but maybe you should go with your "gut" feelings. Mount the Kleos to the unipivot and enjoy for now. These "experts" are trying to give you good advice but are only adding anxiety to your learning cu... 
MM vs MC Cartridges
I have listened to a Ortofon 2m Black and I can tell you you don't  need anywhere near $3K+  to better it. IMO  
Time for a new MM cartridge
I have a Nagaoka MP-200. Superb cartridge in it's price range.  
Hana Umami Red or Lyra Kleos?
Would using a Soundsmith Counter Intuitive device put on the counter weight of a VPI Unipivot help? I know this device is used mainly to correct azmuth issues, but wonder if it would improve the stability of the unipivot.  
Hana Umami Red or Lyra Kleos?
@mijostyn    Not sure what your beef is about Hana cartridges, other than the fact that you don't  like them. I've said this before. I had a Soundsmith Boheme and the competing Hana cartridge I now have sounds WAY better than that Soundsmith. Th...