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I knew room treatments were in my future.
 ASC tube traps are super expensive and in my experience, not very effective.Panels are much more effective. 
Purchase breaks well within 30 days
It is a real bummer when this happens (breaks soon after receiving it). I think you are lucky that it will be repaired, no charge.If I were the seller, completely unaware of any problems, sold it. I would not accept a return. Simply because it wor... 
Monoblock setup inquiry
Are there any audiophile friends in your area? Might be best to have them take a look and offer options. It's not difficult, but better to have someone with experience to help you out as you set things up.  
1st Album you Ever Owned?
The DoorsCreamBought both albums that day.  
Best 40 to 50k used speakers
Ascendos, or MBLs. Since you're in Europe, go hear them.Best I've heard. 
Audiophiles must be careful with their remotes, vs. items on ebay.
A good thief finds the remote first , then the component. Another good quality is definitely spelling. Get the right remote! The Sony goes with the Sony component, not the Sonny, or Sunny... etc. 
Am I too big of a jerk,even for audiogon?
No. You're not a jerk.A working class hero, is something to be... 
A Couple Little Things I'm Wondering About
Cable elevators?Pretty dang obvious...they elevate the sound, man. Plus, they look cool.  
I blew up my receiver. Now what?
Ok. I can see clearly that you need some good advise, no one has done so, so I’ll jump in...Before you remove the cover to see what fried, UNplug the receiver from the wall socket.  
Dedicated Vinyl system next upgrade?
If I remember correctly (I’m too lazy to scroll to the top) I read the word “love” at least twice. You said, I love my system, I love the sound...something like that.  Very powerful words! Any old school audiophile will tell you that. We fell in l... 
I live in Oregon ( duh!). I bought a pair of speakers through Audiogon from a dealer in California.  In order to avoid shipping costs and damage, I proposed that I drive down and pick them up.  The dealer warned me: if I picked them up he’d charge... 
Think fast: What would you take?
A quick update: we’ve had sunshine since Friday. A bit of rain and wind came along and cleared the skies above Portland.  As most people know, there are still fires throughout Oregon and California.  My audio friend down in Gold Hill- stay safe an... 
Think fast: What would you take?
there is no METHodto this madness...especially as we appreciate the lack of wind ( high winds caused the fire to rage last week) but what is needed to blow the smoke out.  Typical humanoids, we want it all! 
Think fast: What would you take?
Threat of fire in Portland is manageable. We are safe. It is extremely smoky, making an eerie scene in Portland where any sunny day would bring families out of their homes to enjoy the nice weather. But, the streets are empty. Reports of “worse ai... 
It was 20 years ago today...
It was 19 year ago today!I, too, was on that fateful trip to *Mike's place with Jim Howard, RIP.World class* stereo, indeed and gracious host.