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Phono cable advice.
I bought a Pangea phono cable with ground from Audio Advisor—$90. I think it’s really good and well made.  
For those of us over 60..
Dylanthen Beatles and Stonesi am 65 and female 
The High End for Under a Grand?
I tried for the best sound I could get in the smallest package and ended up with Silverline Minuet Supremes, PSAudio Sprout 100, and a teeny REL sub — the T7. Cables were whatever I had in my stash box, Kimber PBJ and the like. My source is my Opp... 
What is this odd little box I've been storing for years?
Glupson, wrong. The second he throws it out he will discover it’s an indispensable part of something. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that with various seemingly unmatched Tupperware.  
Looking for a warm sweet speaker
I love my Proac D15s and also loved Vandersteens when I had them. I share your taste for the British sound. I currently have Audio Physic Avantera with BAT tube mono blocks. Resolving, layered, but still plummy sound to my ears, in my room.  
Oppo exploring additional production of UDP 205
That Atlanta store must wonder what the H happened with all these out of state phone orders this weekend. I told a friend about this stash too. Probably gone by tomorrow. Then we’ll see some of them flipped here or on eBay for $2400+! 
Oppo exploring additional production of UDP 205
Just placed an order with them as well; press for a Sales Rep and you can order from whoever picks up that line. Right now they have 40 left! He said something about the unit will arrive in their store by Thursday then ship to me in VA after that. 
Brands that have the least depreciation
Ayre and ARC are easy to resell if you ever move on. But expect 50% price cut when you list used gear, no matter what brand.  
Where were your audio components designed/engineered?
Big system:Amps/preamp (BAT) --  USA Speakers (Audio Physic) -- GermanyDAC/Streamer (Ayre) -- USAMusic Server (Small Green Computer) -- USAMusic Server (Squeezebox) -- USAMusic Player (Roon) -- USASACD player (Marantz) -- JapanTT (Linn LP12/Keel/L... 
Wine, audio, and music. How many of us Aphiles enjoy wine when listening to music?
Like Cedargrover, I find that more than a glass of wine affects my hearing. I end up turning the volume up more and more as I imbibe until I'm deep into a Party of One and not really listening to the music anymore! So I limit myself to one glass u... 
Can anyone please recommend warm sounding transport/DAC to replace tubed cdp ?
Ayre QB-9. I had the DSD version but both are fantastic. Or the Ayre Codex for les $$.  
2017 ‘Keeper’ speakers under - $25K
Audio Physic Avantera+ this year, keepers. Also love the Vandersteen Quattro Wood.  
Airplay devices will only group with other Airplay. Your Mac mini is not streaming with Airplay. My MacBook Pro won’t group with my Apple TV devices either. But it will group with all my other networked devices i.e. all the other DACs I have on my... 
Inherited my dad's stereo - need to sell some of it
Hi Dave, I'm local to you, in the DC area, and can try to help with advice at least. There's a guy in Falls Church who repairs, buys and sells vintage hifi but your stuff may not be old enough for him! Contact Brett at HiFi Heaven. Downstairs in t... 
XLR/RCA dilemma
Can't you use a REL sub that has the Neutrik connector with speaker-level connectors to your amp? That is what I have always used when I have had Ayre + sub in my system.