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FM Tuners
"I'd be more comfortable under $300." If you look at the listings, 2 in your price range. There is a Marantz for $350. Prices are always negotiable. If you're adventurous, a true "vintage" Sherwood for $250. The Sherwood is tubed, so it will pro... 
FM Tuners
You may be able to get a decent amount of stations with a $2.00 dipole. Rooftop is mandatory for optimum performance. Unless you like Classical/Jazz and NPR, everything else is not worth the effort. Perhaps you're in an area with a decent soundin... 
Kal was right!
Writeup is promising.  Nice looking speaker. Their cherry finish or ebony would be my choice. Nearly $20k MSRP but... MIC. Suppose that would be double if made in Wisconsin?  Enjoy them.      
Why I sold my Magnepan .7's
" taken way out of context, especially by tablejockey." rankaudio- my comment is based on your experience "-Magnepans appear to shoot an equal amount of sound from the rear as well." The rear of the room/placement needs to be addressed. You did... 
So much music that we never hear!
Radio station programming is to keep a listener for around 20 minutes. Nothing new. It's been this way for decades. Expand your listening tastes to Classical and Jazz for the PBS stations. They don't do the radio "formula"  
How do you know when a stereo sounds good?
"Do you have a suite of measurements that removes all shadow of a doubt that you are getting good sound, sound that you enjoy? " In the spirit of audio as a hobby, you analyze the frequency response in your room. Being a gear head, kinda like hav... 
Turntables thump when turning off?
"The thump is loud, very loud if it's at the full volume" You know what the Doctor says to patient? It hurts when I do "x" Doctor-then don't do "x"    
Turntables thump when turning off?
You solved the concern with muting. Relax and enjoy the long weekend and listen to your stereo.  
Bought the wrong subwoofer!
"Going to pick up a Rel Britannia b3." That's a 15 year old design when the company was R E L, not "REL." Completely different  company, with different direction.  . Part of the last lineup  when it was still  made in England. I use 2 B3's. The... 
Bought the wrong subwoofer!
I was hoping to enjoy morning coffee and a closer to my post. This thread is ripe for a line that KILLS.    
Bought the wrong subwoofer!
How many Agon members does it take to hook up a subwoofer?  
Silver v Copper wire phono cable
yes/no, bad/good, maybe/definitely audio forums...a place to increase doubt  
Why I sold my Magnepan .7's
'Looks like you didn't do your homework.  "I don't know why others don't mention this, but Magnepans appear to shoot an equal amount of sound from the rear as well. Sometimes I would stand behind them and ask myself if the panels were backwards b... 
New listening room question
Serious room-no fan. What- no central air? The best rooms seem to have to damping/diffusion figured out for ALL walls(ceiling included) Study the websites. Speak with the personnel. The big challenge-make the room aesthetically pleasant and not... 
Rel Does Not Recomment Isolation Stands
"Even though I am NOT electronics engineer I think this is an interesting subjet..." Since we're dealing with what sounds "good"-that alone is debated  endlessly, Engineering white papers docs, graphs, charts etc. only go so far.  Anything after...