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The sonic rightness of a mono system.
Sorry, didn't mean to cause a rise in blood pressure. Just a little friendly banter.Your reply invites a similar vibe, but I'll simply move on. Carry on with heady, serious conversations. 
The sonic rightness of a mono system.
Not directly related, but this tread touched on "being single", no one was interested. It did look a little odd having one speaker in the middle of the room! 
Fosgate FAP V1
I've followed the Foz' since the introduction of "The Punch" car amps in the early 80'sNo doubt you have a unique, cool looking piece. Without ever hearing one, I'm certain it performs great.I have the 10 year old Foz signature phono V2. IMO a uni... 
Solution Pretend pay,/get paid $1 per post you read. Waste of time get paid. worth it pay
Can we add an additional surcharge for the following?(Brand name) is a RIP off Blatant dealer plugsPosters with a zero sense of humor, or failure to realize a post is a goofAnalog vs digital Posters complaining about the cost of everything  
Phonocut...Dear Santa
I envy agon members that have time and way more disposable income than myself.Who has desire/time for this stuff? 
Classical, Rock, Jazz etc. are your tastes evolving with time?
"Billy Gibbons..."Well, Billy can groove some Bluesy Jazz;_ylt=Awr9D25gPqJdVgUAY6u5mWRH;_ylu=X3oDMTByZ2N0cmxpBHNlYwN...The REAL test of a musician...sit with Les Or B.B.Stevie can play too. 
Dealer Discount
If you're concerned how much you have to open your wallet-most of us, it's all about how YOU interact with a dealer. Your own skills at selling yourself as a person who deserves the better price.That said, I've had some exposure to what actual cos... 
Classical, Rock, Jazz etc. are your tastes evolving with time?
"Smooth Jazz..."whatjd- I redeemed myself being a long time guitar playing hack during that period. I was saved by Charlie Christian thru Wes Montgomery-AMEN!Straight ahead for Jazz for me. Not much in my collection past the 70's.Im actually spinn... 
Mag Lev Turntable. Your Thoughts?
Seems like more of a conversational piece, when you're  entertaining  non audio friends- especially those who like to listen to their phones.Lets see this concept on a SERIOUS platform, by one of the established manufacturers. Not holding my breath. 
Classical, Rock, Jazz etc. are your tastes evolving with time?
The most concerning thing to me is my tolerance for SOME 80's pop/alternative, which I dismissed.SOME is surprisingly listenable,comparing the last 2-3 decades.Still think performers like...Madonna are not happening.That period forced my listening... 
Amp for focal 1038be?
You listed the Prima luna’s being considered.If you’re thinking the amps AND the pre with the 1038’s, I’ve heard that combination many times. Very nice and you could have many choices of tubes to fine tune to your ears. I’ve heard the Mac also, wh... 
Which Stands for Magnepan LRS (and other models): Mye, Magnariser, Sound Anchor, etc
Hmm...A manufacturer openly promoting his products here, that's new.They appear to be good products, but really?MODERATOR???!!! 
Things that make you go, "Hmmmmm...."
If it's just a transport, I've suggested this for the price on other threads., it's a winner. Plug in a nice DAC, temporary escape from record madness. I have an older ... 
And yet another of our heroes passes into the night, RIP Ginger Baker!
He's now doing the great  gig in the sky.Hanging out with Moon, Bonham and all the rest. No having to deal with trying  to cancel your cable TV subscription or traffic. 
The beat goes on...Too young to understand/experience The Cream, or catch Ginger in any of his later accomplishments. I did however get turned on to Cream from a hand me down "Goodbye" a couple of years after its release.  Thank goodness for DVD's...