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Fake Nordost on eBay, has any1 tried them?
They will be an excellent buy with fake money/credit card..fake money/fake cable=win-win!Now back to listening to my system with real Nordost cable. 
1K sleeper MC cart?
sbrownnw-The AT33PTG caught my attention a few years ago, but I passed because of extra expense of a step up/cables. I have also read the 33 may present itself as warm compared to the 9. Not my preference.As mentioned, if I bothered with that, the... 
1K sleeper MC cart?
Agreed, a crashed cart just isn't the same with a replaced cantileverThe ART 9 really is a great all around package.Coming from Benz Glider and Sumiko Blackbird, those two, to my ears were opposite each other. The 9 is somewhere in the middle.Taki... 
Most accurate way to adjust for correct vta on vpi classic 1
I've had my Classic 1 for nearly 8 years.Eyeball the cart level, call it a day. Maybe bump it up/down if you can actually hear improvement...but what about that thinner used copy you picked up?Use the best phono stage /cart you can afford, then yo... 
Stones "On Air"
I had no knowledge of this. Did a quick read of the RS review.Gettin' this one! My London mono's are always on rotation on the rekkid machine. I also enjoy their latest "Blue and Lonesome" cover album. 
Help with integrated amp choice
jwfitzdo-just poking fun. The question seems impractical. My lame attempt at humor was ignored. Never mind. 
Help with integrated amp choice
"First question with no input and the amp maxed out should there be any noise (hum/buzz)"Hmm...Is that a "critical listening" mag reviewer thing? 
Chinese products
dlcockrum-The Denafrips equimpment looks interesting. Do you have one of these units? I've never been opposed to  Chinese gear, and this stuff is impressive.Their lineup appears to have a decent build quality. A nice complinment for my amazing,Chi... 
Why does the power cord on my new Samsung Samart TV detach? 13 year old plasma has an IEC  female connector for a power cord. Doesn't seem unusual. i always thought it was standard for most flat screens.I even discovered using an aftermarket power cord can improve the picture quality.YMMV 
Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner Share
There has been a thread or two started on the idea of a "timeshare" AD.I dont think a workable solution was met? 
Brand new to vinyl: Help!
ThynameLooks like plenty of info and suggestions to confuse, and possibly waste money.A favorite album and cartridge in your budget should give you an idea if records are for you.All the reviews are favorable for the humble Project, when kept in c... 
Brand new to vinyl: Help!
thyname-perhaps someone will chime in with a suggestion for a  value cart.  I imagine you want minimal investment moving forward. I'm not sure that would be the solution, since the stock cart is supposed to be decent,relative to the table.You boug... 
Brand new to vinyl: Help!
"I made the first foray to vinyl by purchasing an entry level turntable - Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Esprit.""While I am happy I have it up and running, I don’t think it sounds as good as my digital setup (Directstream DAC)."You may have  your expec... 
Pioneer Plasma Monitor
My 2006  Panasonic Plasma(480p) still looks quite nice with over the air broadcasts(never bothered with cable) Convincing black/colors and detail. Just don't watch it one foot away from the screen.I probably couldn't give it away-everyone would as... 
"RUSH" Vinyl remasters vs CD --Sound differences...OPINIONS?
As a fan since 1977, I find it highly offensive listening to Rush albums through any means other than an original press LP.Nickleback CD  on repeat as punishment!!!!The used bins reward those with patience/persistence, IMHO.