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Apology for the bump, but Johnny's mentioned. Ever see the one?Thanks to the internet, I would have never seen this. Johnny OWNED Johnny B Goode in that performance. It's almost as if... 
Anyone who raves about how good their tuner sounds has a decent antennae setup. You can get by with a cheap $3.00 dipole to get reception, but for maximum performance, it's all about the rooftop, or at least get this 
VPI Classic 3 Upgrades or Move On to Something New
Never mind the table....Is it plugged into the best phono stage you can afford? After that, up the food chain with a new SS cart. You will get endless opinion saying the VPI is this or that, but your ears tell you it's fine. Treat yourself to this... 
Really...My favorite power tube is reissue that's not widely popular
soundermn-Your setup looks good.What PL integrated is tube integrated? I thought the preamp was the only model tube rectified."PL HP IntegratedVintage JVC VL8 with AT ART9 cartManley ChinookRevel F228BePair REL T9/i subsEL34b power tubesCifte Inpu... 
My first Turntable... need some suggestions please
Hopefully after 18 years, the OP figured out what to do. 
Now Hear This
"How many versions of the 20th do you have" Reply-13..."I want to hear ALL of them"They had  a nice session. The room is setup how I would do it. NOT look completely like a listening room, great view, no overbearing audio geek treatment ruining th... 
Guilty pleasures? A new version of an old question...Dark Side...
How about Mae West with Somebody's Chyldren-"Way out West"Several Esquivel! albums.....Zip,bop, schoop,boing!!!!Esquivel! albums are perfect for audio geek speaker testing. They were recorded during the "golden years" of RCA Living Stereo.Any Xavi... 
vpi classic
"I don’t think most people on Audiogon are ever "done". sokogear-you may be right. But "done" could mean "for awhile"oleschool-are you gonna throw down on the BAT/ART9 combo?That’s a "done" combo until you’re ready to replace everything else! 
Now Hear This
"As for the gear, the turntable is a Basis table, not Clearaudio."larryi- The scene were a switch is engaged, I figured it was a vacuum pump. It's interesting that most pianist ARE NOT  improvisational as the guest was. A true mark of a magician-s... 
Beware Audiocadabra Cables: High Return Shipping and Won't Get Full Refund!
Must have been the not 100% , but 101% pure copper cable used? WOW!That, or the black corset? 
Could Audiogon create some FAQ pages in each Forum Category?
Idea.....use the internet? 
Eddie Van Halen passes away
May 1978-A group of friends and I camped in front of the ticket window of  Long Beach arena, to get tickets for VH's debut album tour. I believe it was one of their earliest big arena gigs.There was a high school prom going on and kids were asking... 
ASI Liveline Reference IC
The electrons were confused going against the arrows on your cable(if there is any)If you heard a difference, then there is. Never a difference myself. I've read that manufacturers put arrows on their cables "because consumers expect them"  
vpi classic
I would be all over this if I were in shopping mode. Easily a last purchase. If you ever get the urge, it can be upgraded to play with  "the best" 
vpi classic
"I will go VAC , I almost have twice ,but I have a car and motorcycle fetish too oh and guitars"oleschool- I get it.I noodle a LP- 65 Deluxe Reverb and pedal a $6K plastic(Carbon) bike . I haven’t visited the gear page lately, but it’s presently f...