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Mod my Rega P5 OR...time to move on ??
I chose VPI, and have no regret. I equate the Classic as the Rega P5 within the line,regarding value. Currently, it may be the Prime. I see them listed at great prices, and it's a step up from the Classic. Mine is 5 years old and going strong.The ... 
Mod my Rega P5 OR...time to move on ??
Former P5 owner and long time record freak here. If you're simply into  hearing your records at reasonable/affordable level you're  fine.Upping your game in step with the rest of your system will make you aware what the P5 lacks, and would never h... 
Tube upgrades for Prima Luna Prologue 1
The search function is your friend✓&query=prima+luna+tube+rolling+ 
No Output from left channel on Primaluna Dialogue HP
whacky-the amp warms up normally, and my left channel was dead. There is a relay that switches "on" after warmup.Presumably connecting to speaker taps.Unless your tech savvy, it's something left to an expert.Mine fortunately was warrantied, I purc... 
Has anyone changed any capacitors on a Primaluna Dialogue Premium Integrated?
"But depending on how the type of termination, axial, radial, etc., it could be easy to short the existing and alligator/jump in another set of coupling caps just to see."My understanding, those 2 big Nichicon caps are the coupling caps. I can ima... 
Has anyone changed any capacitors on a Primaluna Dialogue Premium Integrated?
Jbhiller-I recall here or AA have threads regarding cap replacement albeit, older PL models.Have you exhausted 2 free tweaks-speaker placement and room setup?The resale value may be affected with such a mod? 
No Output from left channel on Primaluna Dialogue HP
PL HP owner here.Couple of years ago, similar problem. Its a relay not functioning. Time to strain your back lugging it to the shop. 
Are tuners still popular
my original post didn't include -"composed while listening to my Mac MR 71."Growing up in a household with the radio constantly on, I haven't stopped.Sometimes I don't even turn it off on the weekends!Unfortunatley, in my area, anything beyond NPR... 
Are tuners still popular
Is this some kind of statement or a rhetorical question? 
I need help, please? Listening to my system through music!
I like listening to high performance audio, enjoy reading about it,admiriring all the uber gear and the hobby aspect. If Ihad the financial means, I would own a rack of simply over the top, ridicoulsy expensive gear, along with giant speakers.I do... 
Magico S5 Speaker - SET UP ADVICE PLEASE - Tow-In - Etc.
Have you tried the Cardas speaker positioning? speakers look like they should be pulled out, from the front wall more?You've got a coffee table in front of the listening sofa along with the TV/rack be... 
currently own a vpi scout, looking to upgrade
tzh21y-your updated and current post is timely and meaningful. I have a 5 year old VPI Classic.My battle with AN(audio nervosa) to replace it started about 3 years ago. What has helped to combat it is finding a cart within my means$  and optimizin... 
Via Jazz FM 91 - The Devaluation of Music
I think many of us were well aware of this writers epiphany back in the 80-90's. 
How could 100 Watt class a has more head room than a 300 Watt amp Class AB
Not having any credentials such as a manufacturer or scientist, I always refer to the basics.For me it adds even more confusion, because we're talking about a music signal heard ultimately, by ears. 
Latest bin find.....Elton John
"I actually purchased my EAR 834P from him. When I received it, to my surprise, he had enclosed a used Amperex Bugle Boy at an extra $50.00 charge. When I inquired about it he did not make any apologies. I accepted it and never did business with h...