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What is Your Opinion of Atmos Music?
brianlucey, If one is listening thru headphones, I would imagine this new technology may be something to be interested in. Since you're in the business of "creating the illusion" I "get" the ongoing push to expand the boundaries and possibilitie... 
QSA Power Jitter Power Conditioner, anyone tried it?
thespeakerdude nails the 3 pointer with seconds on the shot clock! Everyone can spend their money the way they want to...and hear what they want to hear. nuff said        
QSA Power Jitter Power Conditioner, anyone tried it?
Just looking at the site is embarrassing and makes me ashamed to be an audio enthusiast. The guy who "engineered/designed" those fancy cheater plugs made in China is a genius. OH I forgot-YMMV    
MC cartridge upgrade for a Schiit Sol (Denon dl-103r) help!
For the level of gear  you have,  consider spending $400 for a Soundsmith  Otello moving iron cart. It will be compatible with your existing phonostage and give you a taste of what nicer cartridges can do- MM or MC. I wouldn't spend much on a ca... 
Why do my rolling stones albums sound bad?
Nothing has changed in the 10 years this thread started or since  a particular album mentioned was released. Rolling Stones and most R&R LP's are meant to enjoyed for the musical content, certainly not "audiophile" SQ standards. Only require... 
Found some new music, just sharing
this an audio internet forum... just a lame attempt at being lighthearted. No harm-no foul. Carry on.  
Found some new music, just sharing
 "but I really posted this because it is a very good recording. Clean, very detailed. Soundstage is decent, bass is tight and abundant." Oh dear, I didn't respond precisely as you desired...sigh (560) Well, excuse me.mpg - YouTube    
Found some new music, just sharing
I read about Todd in a guitar mag awhile back. Unique for sure. Like putting Michael Hedges, John McLaughlin(as he mentioned one of his inpirations) and Pat Matheny in a blender and you get...Todd Mosby.  
Instrumentalists you can recognize after 6 bars..?
How the heck did you arrive on 6 bars? 6 bars? That's and odd marker. Some guitar players are distinguishable in less than 10 notes? All in the tone/phrasing. Jazz--Wes Montgomery, Grant Green, Barney Kessel Blues-The 3 Kings, T-Bone Walker, Bu... 
TechDAS Reliability vs SME
What a wonderful quandary to be in. I'm stuck with hamburger.    
KT 150 failure
" Almost went with HP, but being retired, the cost of 8 tubes steered me to the Dialogue Premium" I'm rounding 3rd base towards retiring. PL seems to fit retirement lifestyle-just turn it on and enjoy.  Excellent "base" to use better than averag... 
KT 150 failure
A microphonic or futzy  tube is part of tube ownership. I've been pretty fortunate with my PL't tube consumption. NOS  US power tubes held up with 6 years of heavy use and had 2 PL branded Chinese EL34's go after couple years of moderate use. I ... 
Andy Kim - Needle Clinic
I've yet to see any mention of using Andy's own NC-1? He had a batch made and was offering them couple years ago? I passed when he offered one when I got the news a cart wasn't repairable. Limited Production: The Needle Clinic NC-1 is limited to... 
Is it worth to get 2 m Nodorst vs 1m
'you hit on the audiophile neurotic FOMO thing." bossa-at least you have self awarness of the affliction! I have had the mighty Odin II & Valhall II in place of Heimdall II in my setup... My setup isn't at the level their intended for(or ma... 
Is it worth to get 2 m Nodorst vs 1m
The reasons for yes or no should be a good read. I have read "facts" on both short/long. Nordost user here.