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Streamer vs. CD Transport
HDD and SSD are hard drives the SSD is solid state HDD is the older type . NVME and SATA are the way they interface non volitale memory and serial data. You can look them up if you need more info.  SSD connected  by NVME is faster 
Network Switches
From what I can gather from the links to the 3 switches mentioned in the OP the sotm switch is not a managed switch but a basic level 2 switch so I can’t see anyone being able to manage changing packet rates. I haven’t found as much on the other 2... 
Rumors of iTunes Demise
It was announced today at the WWDC iTunes will be replaced with 3 apps, Apple Music, Apple Podcast and Apple TV. Synching  will be incorporated  into  the new iOS Catalina  
Rumors of iTunes Demise
Ive been reading about the demise of iTunes as well which has nothing to do with apple selling or bringing out new ipods  They will bust iTunes into 3 apps, music, tv, podcast which ipods as well as iphones will access media through. Physical sale... 
New Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene 2
Since they  are upgraded  to  the  standard  of the new version why would  they  sound better  than the new version?  
New Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene 2
I have the upgraded Perspectives and they leave me pretty twinkly as well. I know the crossovers were either replaced or modified in some way and Jeff said they would be indistinguishable in sonics from the new ones. I am not good with the hyperbo... 
McIntosh MA252 Hybrid Integrated Amp
I am using a MA252 with Joseph Audio Perspective upgraded to the graphene 2 and it handles them with ease 
speakers for ma252
I haven't  heard the Sonus Faber but I have my MA252 paired with Joseph  Audio  Perspective's that I upgraded to the graphene  2 version  and I  am very pleased with the amp. I have akso heard the amp paired with Paradigm 3f.  
Sorry to ask this SACD question, but
SACD players will play the disc through the internal dac  what they will not do is output the signal through the digital out to an external dac. Those that do have paid a fee in order to do it.  
New Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene 2
Not sure what is meant by the subjective impression other than if a speaker has a more detailed sound you will hear the music better which gives the impression the speaker is louder? I know it wasn't  the most cost effective  way of going about it... 
New Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene 2
From my correspondence  he said the sensitivity  was slightly higher but the subjective  impression  is greater than the measured  difference.  They had a fuller, richer more detailed sound.  
New Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene 2
OK JA speakers are way over priced and cheaper ones are a huge step up but after all its  MY money I have  wasted so get over it and move on.  
New Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene 2
Yes, he said to send them , for the Perspectives it's $3500. 
New Joseph Audio Pulsar Graphene 2
Nice to see this thread back on track. I bought a pair of used Perspectives and sent them to JA for the upgrade which he assured me would make them indistinguishable in sonics from the new version 2. I have been reading about these speakers on var... 
Help choosing/confirguring NAS
What router are you using ? I connect an external hard drive to my Netgear router which runs a DLNA  server it's  on the network  no need to even have a computer running.