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which speaker to buy
These should work guaranteed to be deaf within a year. 
Analogue only preamp ideas? - no need for internal DAC!
Why do you need a preamp? The TT2 has volume control.  
Oldest Recordings that sound “audiophile”
Miles Davis - Kinda Blue Dave Brubeck -  Jazz at Oberlin 1953 , the Finney Chapel as well as Brubeck makes that album.  
What rock song sounds the best on your system...
Pretty much all of them. Special mention,Religion- 10 Years AfterCome Together - BeatlesLocomotive Breath - Jethro Tull 
You can Vote for Most Valuable Lead Vocals (Rock Groups)
which speaker to buy
Since you didn't specify a price JBL 4367. 
SQ! - avr vs high end stereo preamp, who wins SQ challenge? And why
If you're using a seperate DAC and amplifier I wouldn't worry. If you decide to try a preamp make sure you can return it. 
Have you changed your mind about a brand? Was it you, or them?
I've tried 4 dedicated streamers that cost up to $2100,  using them as roon endpoints and I've yet to find one that sounds any better than using a raspberry pi4.  I guess that's a type I'm about to give up on.  
Have speakers really improved within the last 20 years??
way we will know whether speakers are a hoax. There is no "we" , from what I can tell it's only you.  
Have speakers really improved within the last 20 years??
do not recall seeing any graphs of FR from speakers over the years showing that it has become more flatYou're not looking at the right speakers. I'm not giving the answer,  your quest for the holy grail of speakers is for you to solve.  
Have speakers really improved within the last 20 years??
You asked for one measurement to prove if speakers have gotten better, in speakers that one would be the FR. You’ll have to do the testing to prove it, or find enough measurements from older speakers to compare with newer ones. When you’re finishe... 
Have speakers really improved within the last 20 years??
If there is one measurement that would prove that speakers have indeed got better over the last 20 years, what would it be? FR 
Can a dac really be future proof?
It was true then and it is now. You may prefer vinyl but digital is more exact at storage and playback. At any rate this thread is about DACs and digital.  
Can a dac really be future proof?
At the moment digital is as close to perfect as it gets. It is miles...years..ahead of vinyl. DACs will get better numbers as engineers are always trying to go one more step, they will get more features but as far as the DAC chip they have been fu... 
Can a dac really be future proof?
DACs are already future proof. The numbers will improve but the physiology of human hearing won't and as there are DACs today that are transparent as far as we are concerned...