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Best DACs under $7,000.00
@gregjacob Hi, as you already have about 30 recommendations for a new DAC and you like detailed sound, resolution and musicaltiy (and dynamics?), let me add to the confusion and recommend the Ideon Audio Ayazi (raving reviews here as well). I have... 
Kharma equisite series (any experiences?)
@smodtactical In a (very subjective😉) nutshell, I find the Classique a notch above the KEF, Bowers & Wilkins, etc. of this world, more on th elevel of the Focal Utopias, top W-Benesch, FinkTeam, Wilson, etc. The classique are capable of ren... 
Audio Science Review = "The better the measurement, the better the sound" philosophy
😂@nonoise Μay I add that CAT has led many an audiophile to CATS (constant audio-tinkering syndrome). The effects are measurable in hard currency and there is no known cure -- yet.  
Power cords or power conditioner
@wheelndeal1099 "I have an 80" TV in the middle of my sound stage so I tossed a thick blanket over it and it helped. " - I suggest you try diffusion instead (you could try any similarly sized uneven surface) - Absorb first reflections on the si... 
That sounds good 😉, enjoy!  
Kharma equisite series (any experiences?)
Hi - I listened to the Midi recently & the Classic in the past. They are beautifully made and sound good. What do you want to know?  
What is the added value of a streamer over a networked dedicated Computer
What @ghdprentice said above.  Also had a mac running audirvana, etc, etc. Identical results. Good luck!    
Questionable Tweak
D-K 😁 Whatever the auditory case may be, it doesn't hurt to clean the air every now & then!    
Help in deciding which tube preamp to replace my old SFL-2
I second the EAR recommendation and will also recommend the CAT Ultimate or whatever it’s called nowadays. Both have exceptionally good line AND phono stages -- both. FWIW, I have compared the 912 with AR ref 6 and, excellent though the AR may b... 
Vintage Stanton cartridge — extreme lean to one side normal?
To me this does not look normal at all! And the cantilever is bent, probably to compensate, as you suggested.  
Hyperacusis. Looking for recommendations
Dynamics are a salient characteristic of horn-loaded speakers. Accordingly, electrostats are probably your best bet - as aptly mentioned above. More importantly, I hope your condition improves and that meanwhile, you enjoy a few happy tunes!  
Audio Exotics high end show live from Hong kong
@himiguel Thank you for posting this  
looking for a more efficient speaker.....
Ok, let me second (third?) the advice above: please give more info, as above. The Alon 4 are very good speakers and, arguably, hold their own today.  
What's better, one conductor or two conductors for an RCA interconnect?
@jumia  Is it better to connect the ground to each side of the RCA cable? I think you mean the SHIELD, i.e. if there is one, is it better to connect it on both sides. No, it's best connected (to ground) on one side only.    
For those that have separate Streamers & DACS
The best I have auditioned are the following two: *Ideon Audio Absolute Streamer (using its own player, preferred over Roon) *Taiko Extreme To be clear I am not bashing the Innous, and others mentioned above, just my subjective top two. And no,...