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Decide between ARC Ref 6SE and Aesthetix Calypso Eclipse
If you're looking for clarity, precision, and detail and, perhaps, enhanced dynamics, go for the Calypso.Just so happened I listened to a Calypso (signature or eclipse, can't remember) driving ARC monoblocks and compared it to the resident Ref6 SE... 
Proac K6 Signature, Sonus Faber Amati Tradition,Verity Audio Amadis, Kharma DB-9
If british sound, etc, you might consider ATC 100s or even 200s. More bite than big Spendors (I had those). Subjectively speaking, Jimi Hendrix on big Proacs or big ATCs will sound like Jimi Hendrix, on (say) a Harbeth it will sound like the LSO i... 
Proac K6 Signature, Sonus Faber Amati Tradition,Verity Audio Amadis, Kharma DB-9
@garebear IIRC: if I remember correctlySo you’re looking for a Lagavulin 25 years in a speaker... or similar!Single malt wise, the Proac would be on the smooth side, but as they have lots of dynamics, they can bite. The Kharma are dryer and very e... 
Proac K6 Signature, Sonus Faber Amati Tradition,Verity Audio Amadis, Kharma DB-9
@garebear I understand your concern about S Tyler’s sad passing, but the speaker design is already completed and PROAC, the company, seems here to stay. More importantly, and no disrespect to Proac design, the K6 are not rocket science and you sho... 
Atma-Sphere MA-1 tube rolling
What George above said and / or try asking Ralph at Atmasphere himself. He writes here from time to time. 
Best DAC you've ever heard?
My subjective take on the matter is: *Ideon Audio Absolute "epsilon"*MSB SelectI listened to a large number of excellent devices (including your DA1000) before reaching my conclusion . Details: I listen mostly to, and judge by, classical; runners ... 
Proac K6 Signature, Sonus Faber Amati Tradition,Verity Audio Amadis, Kharma DB-9
IMO it's a toss between the Proacs (as mentioned above) and the Kharma.The Kharma look much nicer, but in my book the Proacs will rock better. They are also slightly more sensitive -- an important consideration as you only have 60W on tap.Good luck! 
testing a crossover
Sorry to state the obvious but, why not just take the xovers along with the schematic to your local eletrician who will solve the issue in a jiffy for a few quid -- if that:) There's a short somewhere in the tweet xover and that's tricky to identi... 
Integrated/Power Amp for Vienna Acoustics Mahler
Interesting revival of an old thread! As a precurse to your quest and looking at your shortlists, here are some subjective comments. I would prefer the Vitus to the Gryphon 120, but I might prefer the 300 to the Vitus. The Vitus is very controlled... 
Is usb reclocking necessary?
I find it is very helpful & useful, so much so that I daisy-chained two reclockers and enjoy much better clarity and dynamics. 
New Speakers $10K -$20K
Taking into account room size and WAF, the undisputable choice seems to be the Sonus Faber Amati.The Legacy might be small for your room. Great speakers though.  
Does using XLR cables (double voltage output) mean I can use lower powered amplifiers?
To your question: no you cannot use a lower powered amplifier.The amplifier’s maximum power rating is fixed, regardless of the interconnects used. Regards 
Old Amps that can still Kick Butt
Krell KSA-50  
Genelec 8351b with 2x 7370 vs Sopra No2 vs Atc 50 ASL
I can only offer my *subjective* opinion :) and add some considerations (you probably already know):First off, do try to listen to these speakers if you haven’t already, even if it’s not in your own space. You will get an experiental idea of each ... 
Any audiophiles in Israel or Europe here?
@lou_setriodes I live in the EU and I can assure you that electronics (amps, dacs, etc), TTs, etc, are reasonably priced here by hi-end standards -- surprisingly so. Better still, dealers & manufacturers can be very accommodating when it comes...