Best best ballads that refer to a US State

Recently, there was a long discussion focused on the business merits of one US state.  It got me thinking about getting back to music and the ballads that refer to so many great places in the US.  So do you have a list (top 3-5) of favorite ballads that refer to a US state?

My list:
1) California Dreaming,  Mamas & Papas
2) Take Me Home Country Road (Almost heaven, West Virginia), John Denver
3) Sweet Home Alabama, Lynyrd Skynyrd
4) Please come to Boston (man from Tennessee), Dave Loggins
5) Colder Weather (Colorado), Zak Brown Band
Not certain about best, but memorable are 2 written by Neil Young...


New York State of Mind Billy Joel (although Mel Torme did a great cover)
Massachusetts - Gee Gees
The Jersey Stomp - Dave Van Ronk
Jersey Girl - Tom Waits (but made famous by Bruce, of course)
I don’t know if these should be considered “ballads,” and they’re older than those already mentioned:

”California, Here I Come” (which is actually about the state)
”Deep in the Heart of Texas” (ditto)
”Yellow Rose of Texas”

And to really stretch:

”Nothing Could be Finer (than to be in Carolina)” — Al Jolson

I don’t know about any of you, but just to read their titles sets the songs playing in my head. ;-)
@jimcrane  me too; keep playing these tunes in my head.

Two more:
Rocky Mountain High (Colorado), John Denver
Take It Easy (Winslow, Arizona), Eagles plus Jackson Brown version 
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Not many ballads listed in this ballad thread but Rainy Night in Georgia by Brook Benton should qualify.
Kentucky Rain-Elvis
Indiana Wants Me-R Dean Taylor
Louisiana Rain-Tom Petty 

- Asleep At The Wheel: "Miles And Miles Of Texas".

- Dave Edmunds: "Deep In The Heart Of Texas".

Neither the original of each song, but the first ones I heard.

- Lyle Lovett: "That's Right (You're Not From Texas)".
Lyle Lovett  -  North Dakota
John R. Cash  - I've been everywhere
Chris Stapleton  -  Tennessee Whiskey

JJW with the song that got me to ’get outta town.’

Like Randy Newman, I still love LA.

The way you love an old flame that didn’t flame out, but exploded instead....😬

Ended up in Carolina, outta my mind. ;)
Dan Fogelberg, "Run for the Roses"
Neil Young, "Alabama"
Eva Cassidy, "Tall Trees in Georgia"
James Taylor, "In My Mind, I'm Going to Carolina"
Alabama, "Dixieland Delight"
Alabama, "If You're Gonna Play in Texas"
Ohio, Over the Rhine (different from Pretenders song)

Nebraska, Bruce Springsteen

Alabama Pines, Jason Isbell and 400 Unit

Leavin' Texas, Jerry Jeff Walker

Wildfire, Michael Murphey (mentions Nebraska)

Sinaloa Cowboys, Springsteen (it is a state in Mexico; also mentions California)

Oceanfront Property in Arizona, George Strait
Lots of great tracks, and but I think Stephen Stills ‘Colorado’ from the superb Manassas album and band fits the bill.
Ray Charles' rendition of Hoagy Carmichael's Georgia on My Mind is not only his greatest song but one of the greatest by anyone.
Montana by Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention.
Not really my favorite or a best, but a funny one.

All the best
This is a fun thread. Here are some other really good songs that mention states...

Dock of the Bay, Otis Redding
(I left my home in Georgia)

Elton John - ballad of Danny Baily
(Cause Kentucky loved him)

Charlie Daniels - Devil went down to Georgia
And also Charlie D: Willie Jones from Nightrider. Talks about Alabama

“Maine Stein Song” by Rudy Vallee.  Definitely becomes a ballad after six or eight pints.  
Go, Black Bears!
Sweet Home Alabama is a "ballad" ???

Hmm... learn something new every day. 

In that case, my vote is "Montana" by F. Zappa...  

Here are a few from Carmen Gomes Inc' s Masterpiece;

  1. Tunica; the town where Robert's wife and infant child dies during childbirth

  2.          Hellhound On My Trail; ‘“blues fallin' down like hail, and the days keeps on worryin' me, there's a hellhound on my trail.”

  3. Rosedale, the town where RJ was en route to Tunica when she died.

  4.           Up Jumped the Devil;  “the blues fell mama's child, tore me all upside down.”

  5. Dark Corner Cemetery, where his wife and infant child got buried.

  6.                 Come On In My Kitchen;  “it's goin' to be rainin' outdoors.”

  7. Penton, the town where they got married

  8.                         When You Got A Good Friend;  “that will stay right by your side, give her all of your spare time, love and treat her right.”

  9. Robinsonville, the location of the juke Joint where Son House, who had a big influence on Robert, played.

  10.                  Ease The Pain; “love is best left alone.”

  11. Hazlehurst where R.J. went to look for his father but instead found the mysterious virtuoso guitarist Robert Zimmerman who learned R.J. to really play.

  12.           Love in Vain ; “I felt so lonesome and I could not help but cry.”

  13.  Clarksdale 61/49, the train leaves the station and later at the crossroads Robert sells his soul to the Devil, in order to gain complete mastery.

  14.              Stop Breaking Down;  “The stuff I got'll bust your brains out, it'll make you lose your mind.”

  15.  Martinsville, Robert falls in love again but the girlfriend, despite being pregnant, does not want to live with him, he goes back on the road. Never to settle anywhere again.

Glen Campbell- By The Time I Get to Phoenix.

Tom Jones - Green Green Grass of Home

Eagles - Take it Easy

Linda Ronstadt - Adios. Look this ballad up if you aren’t familiar with it.  Linda was at her peak vocally(which she stayed at for a long time)

Ran away from home when I was seventeen 

To be with you, on the California coast…


Perry Como easily wins this contest with "Delaware"...


Oh, what did Delaware boy what did Delaware?

What did Delaware boy, what did Delaware?
She wore a brand New Jersey, she wore a brand New Jersey
She wore a brand New Jersey, that's what she did wear

Oh, why did California, why did Californ?
Why did California, was she all alone?
She called to say Hawaii, she called to say How are ya
She called to say how are ya, that's why she did phone

Oh, what did Mississip boy, what did Missi sip?
What did Missi sip boy, through her pretty lips
She sipped a Minnesota, she sipped a mini soda
She sipped a mini soda, that's what she did sip

Oh, where has Oregon boy, where as Ora gone?
If you want Alaska, I'll ask her where she's gone
She went to pay her Texas, she went to pay her taxes
She went to pay her Taxes, that's where she has gone

Oh, how did Wisconsin boy, she stole a NeBras-ky
Too bad that Arkan-sas boy, and so did Tenne-see
It made poor Flora-di, it made poor Flora-di you see
She died in Missouri boy, she died in Misery

Oh, what did Delaware, boy what did Delaware
What did Delaware boy, what did Delaware

@notlistening - yeah, I remember that 'Della wear' song very well; I just never realized that the hit version of it was by Perry Como!