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I'm at the pearly gates and they tell me I can only bring in one jazz cd
Bitches Brew  
REVIEW: Silversmith Fidelium Speaker Cables
Could not agree more. Great review.    
in search of audio nirvana .....
When I add something new to the rack I know it’s going to take many hours before that item starts to break in. ICs,PCs tubes or a cartridge you might start noticing some improvement after 10 or 20 hours. Components much longer. I put on my so so r... 
Speaker shootout question -- do you position the same or differently, depending?
The easiest and least expensive way is to walk through your room talking, where your voice sounds the most pleasing to you is a starting place. Front to back and side to side.   
Audio Friends Don't Let Audio Friends ...
Chorus how you doing looks like spring has finally come to the valley, shorts and a tee shirt today. If Its my opinion that he’s done the wrong thing I prefer to keep my mouth shut after all he’s the one who laid out hard cash and he’s the one who... 
Upscale Audio and Primaluna
Who did you talk to? I buy a lot of stuff from them if you were calling about amps or speakers  you need to talk with Joel. He is a very knowledgeable salesman. Don’t waste your time with the guy answering the phone. BTW PL is a good brand.  
Listening right now to my Evo 300 with my Dialogue preamp, for the money they are competitive with anything out there. Lots of choices, buy what sounds best to you in your system. where’s the robot?  
Viking Acoustic L'Instrument Grande Voix First Impressions
I had a chance to hear Will’s system today in his beautiful home in Gold Canyon including a great lunch. His system is first class but those speakers stole the show. Really, they look like a piece of art and produce a great sound.  I am not a revi... 
Cowboy Bebop Remake - The best Jazz on TV?
Erik,  jazz and tv, Bosch. Not only is the show great but his system is put on display  with his great view of LA. Mac amp, Linn tt and the speakers I think are Walsh, My only criticism is he needs acoustic treatment for the glass.   
How Are You Listening?
Lord Melton sire I humbly listen to my digital recordings on CDs, I know that sounds passé but I don’t have to remember all those abbreviations and instead of trying to decide what I am going to listen to next I actually listen to music. Give it ... 
Rega Planar 3 : Heavily upgraded yet produces a sound that I don't like
I had one of those, I think it cost $900 back in the late 70’s. In thirty years I never got a soundstage out of it, but it was durable. The biggest improvement I got was to box it up and use it for a trade in. The vintage folks buy them.  I think... 
What are your favorite recordings that sound best to you?
Lots and lots of good answers, on my system one stands out. Fleetwood Mac.   Rumors   
TT Recommendation
I have a modded Rega p6 and a Feickert Volare with a Kuzma arm, I’ve had a Sumiko Blackbird and Soundsmith Othello on both, the Rega is less expensive the Volare sounds better. Both were played using a Herron VTPH2. Hope this helps.  
What say you?
I agree with Andy Singer, expensive cables in a entry level system is like putting racing fuel in a Pinto, you won’t get your money’s worth out of it. The opposite is true with upscale components, cheap cables will not maximize the system, if you ... 
Need help on phono stage
Have a P6, replaced platter and sub platter with Grovetracer but the best cart I’ve heard on my Rega is the Denon 103 paired with a Herron VTPH2.