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I keep a notebook and write down the date and the elapsed time of listening to discs as well as to vinyl. This pretty well tells me how much time I have on my cartridge and also tells me how many hours I have on which tubes. 
Buddy can you spare a dime for a $12,000 Ethernet cable?
Their marketing department reminds them that they only have to sell about half a dozen of them to make an astronomical profit. 
$3000 stand mounted speakers?
+1 for Watkins Gen 4. 
Usless but interesting many of you old timers started with original Large Advents?
First "decent" speakers I had were Infinity Qe, small bookshelf size and at the time thought they were great. Ignorance is bliss. 
Any Difference Between Gold and Silver RCA/XLR Connector Plugs?
I agree that sticking with whatever material is dictated on the input jacks should be maintained on your interconnects as far as the issue of dissimilar materials are concerned. I'm sure there is a differential in resistance when using different m... 
Help me stay with Vinyl.
I get  most of my vinyl from Acoustic Sounds; never had a complaint. All the digital guys talk about how digital has gotten "better" recently. Fine, but it will never be a real time linear reproducer like vinyl is; it will always be little chops o... 
Any Difference Between Gold and Silver RCA/XLR Connector Plugs?
Well, silver is the best conductor of electricity; gold isn't even as good a conductor as copper. Gold plated is a marketing gimmick. The only advantage gold might possibly have is that it will not tarnish or oxidize as readily as silver or copper... 
Try listening to Vanessa Fernandez "When the Levee Breaks." It's a 45rpm set of three records of her covers of Led Zeppelin songs. You're even able to hear the lyrics clearly, and she's a fine singer. Lots of the old standards on there. Highly rec... 
Do not underestimate the importance of custom tuning to your ears
When Mike Tyson bit off part of Evander Holyfield's ear, Evander had to get ONE of his speakers tuned for that out of tune ear.  
My guess is that since the Led Zeppelin record is slam full of overdriven electric guitar and voice tracks and the jazz record is not so afflicted, you are getting what the producers of the record intended. All you can do is turn the Led Zeppelin ... 
So what's the better deal (honestly)?
That's why you're one of only four people that have them; they don't have to sell very many of those things as long as you're around. Good luck 
Battle of the unknowns... (cable companies)
I've seen cables for sale on ebay that are listed as silver cables and they have no name and come from somewhere in Asia. They appear to be quite thin and have questionable "insulation" but claim to be "pure silver" and the best available. Probabl... 
I've Just Learned What Amplfier Bias Is...
Well, that about covers it. 
12 tubes total in my system; about $2100 in the lot. All of them are at least forty years old and have been in operation in their current service since 2012; replaced one EL34 in that time and it was over fifty years old.  
Your amplifier uses a similar tube complement as mine other than the AU7s. As for having all your tubes by the same manufacturer, no, it's not necessary, or even recommended. My 4 EL34's are Holland dual D getter dated 1957, 1960(2) and 1961. The ...