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The music’s the thing but....
I suppose it all started with the knowledge of good and evil and has been going at good speed ever since. I like what I hear on my system, know what it is supposed to sound like, and am generally satisfied. At the same time, I salivate over what I... 
Who uses power conditioning?
Panamax MR5100. Unknown if the unit has any effect on sound. 
Ribbon midrange pros and cons
Wikipedia describes the Infinity emit and emim units as "quasi ribbon" units so it would seem I was quasi correct.  
Ribbon midrange pros and cons
my mistake then; mea culpa 
Nordost fans
tablejockey, you didn't say if the $20K power cord sounded like one, whatever that might be. just curious. That cable is more than twice what I've got in my total system as well 
Ribbon midrange pros and cons
Infinity had the EMIT tweeter and EMIM mid back in the day; both ribbon diaphragm design. Innovative at the time but not a big hit. 
Nordost fans
sounds like you've nearly spent enough on the journey to buy the holy grail to start with; save time 
Is it common for tubes to outweigh the cost of the amp or preamp?
I always wondered if Uncle Fester on the Aadams Family could light up a tube like he could with a light bulb by putting it in his mouth. I expect he could but the visual effect would not be as apparent. sigh 
Is it common for tubes to outweigh the cost of the amp or preamp?
you can't go wrong with vintage tubes from the US or from Europe; even 80's era East European tubes are far superior to what is coming from China and Russia, which is what you find typically in even high end gear. Maybe the best way to describe vi... 
Death of Rock 'n' Roll
Not only that, but Huey Lewis says the heart of rock and roll is still beating. 
Death of Rock 'n' Roll
The Stones have done nightclub gigs in the past just for a lark, selling tickets for ten bucks at venues with less than 150 capacity. Seeing the Stones at a place like that is what rock and roll is all about. 
Watkins Audio Generation Four Bookshelf Speakers ?
I use a REL T-5 but only because I had it before the Gen 4's. You are right; you don't need a sub with the Watkins but I typically use mine anyway with volume and crossover dials at 9 o clock position. 
Celebrating The 50th Anniversary of The Allman Brothers Band
I consider the Fillmore East album the best live rock recording ever made. I once saw the Allman Brothers (both of them) in Johnson City TN. They were second billed to Goose Creek Symphony. This was about 1970 or 71 
This is a brilliant interview of Keith
Thanks. Keith is a legend and has been doing what he does longer than just about anyone else alive. And he's not a legend "in his own mind" but apparently he's a ghoul in somebody else's mind. Tragic 
An Excellent New Read: "A Brief History Of Why Artists Are No Longer Making A Living..."
Let me guess: corporate greed and malfeasance that's been perfected over several decades.