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How do you know when a stereo sounds good?
I don't like to whine, and Adele is a great singer and extremely listenable. Good thing people can have different opinions without one having to be wrong.   
High Fidelity Sound Speaker
@ozzy62 + 1  
Does Anyone Know What is Up with High Fidelity Cables?
No excuse for going weeks or months without returning calls or emails from customers - that is just disrespecting the customer.   
What, in your opinion, should the rules be for YouTube Reviews?
I enjoy YouTube videos about audio gear, and I've learned quite a lot from them. Some I like more than others, but if it's something I'm interested in, I'll look at as many as I can.  I don't much care about reviews in Stereophile and such, but I ... 
What, in your opinion, should the rules be for YouTube Reviews?
@nonoise + 1 - I always seem to find myself in agreement with you!!   
Quicksilver (Non-Remote) Linestage & Croft Micro 25 Basic Preamps
I had a Quicksilver Headphone Amp and the quality was superb....  
Upgrading your system three options DAC, Cartridge or speaker cables???
I should think that would depend on which you're more interested in improving, your digital or your vinyl? DAC for Digital and Cartridge for vinyl, though phono preamp is also VERY important, maybe more so than the cartridge.  
Headphones vs full range speakers
I have a great headphones setup and a great 2-channel setup, with a Holo May DAC used for both of them. I split listening time about 50/50. I've got a pair of Susvaras and a pair of Utopias,  with Audeze LCD5 showing up this week.... Should be get... 
What is PRaT
There are acronyms just about anywhere you look. If any are mysterious and you want to know what they mean, there's this Google thing that makes it very easy and you can find out in seconds; what's wrong with looking up the meaning of something? D... 
So much music that we never hear!
Another reason there's so much music you never hear is because there is so much music out there, even in any particular genre, that you'd need several lifetimes just to make a dent in hearing everything. But with Qobuz, Tidal, Roon, etc, there's n... 
So much music that we never hear!
@tablejockey + 1 I think since the 21st century, anyway, the influence of 'radio' has declined somewhat dramatically - there are just so many more ways to check out and listen to music, like this new-fangled 'streaming' stuff... 😆  
Where the heck are all these manufacturers coming from!
A lot of wonderful, relatively new manufacturers are coming out of Eastern European countries - Serbia, Slovenia, Poland, etc etc... I've got an Auris Nirvana tube headphone amp from Serbia...  
How do you know when a stereo sounds good?
Personally, I don't care at all about measurements - I'm the one doing the listening, not a device of some kind. I guess what I listen for when comparing systems to see which I prefer, I probably listen for the bass first, to see if it sounds tigh... 
Beatles Get Back documentary
There was a great review of it in the San Francisco Chronicle this morning; I'll take that one with a bit of a grain of salt, as the reviewer considers 'Long and Winding Road' a 'masterpiece', while I regard it as maudlin schlock I'd be happy to n... 
Is participating in this Forum infringing on and spoiling some of your listening time?
Interesting question. While I can walk and chew gum at the same time (if I chewed gum), I've never been one for reading and listening to music at the same time. I read A LOT. I listen to music A LOT. I watch movies, telly, vids A LOT. A time for e...