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What would you say is THE MOST important factor to good imaging?
Obviously everything matters but number one on my list would be speaker placement. 
Grant Fidelity in Alberta
Yes I did try emailing but no success I've been at this for the last 6 weeks not sure what's wrong I hope somebody's got their number thanks for responding 
Advice on Music
Genre Traditional Pop or Jazz Vocal┬áDream with Dean by Dean MartinGood Luck 
Your experience with great Jazz guitar CD/SACD discs.
Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue 
Audio Furniture has its own sound!
You might want to consider Acoustic Symposium roller blocks and if you have enough money upgrade to the Superballs their a substantial Improvement. All the best 
What are the must-see shops in SoCal?
Acoustic image in Studio CityOptimal enchantment in Santa MonicaAudio element in PasadenaHappy Hunting 
PROAC D48R Bass Booming
Check all speaker screws and make sure all are tightened properly be careful not to over tighten. All the best 
Accounting for slight hearing loss
Something wrong with hearing aids. It will correct your hearing loss and fix your balance. I would Think that correcting your hearing loss would be a number one priority. All the best. 
Adjusting speaker positioning. What, if anything, to expect?
This message is for Rego. The recommended distance for magico is from the back of the speaker. Not the front of the speaker. Warmest regards Joe 
Adjusting speaker positioning. What, if anything, to expect?
I looked up the recommended distance from the back of the speaker to the wall behind it and magico has it at 20 in. Yours are at nine inches this could cause bass issues and also affect your mid-range. I would also put a level to the top of your s... 
To integrate or not...
It is hard for any amplifier to compete with the line magnetic 805 Integrated amplifier. Best of luck and happy Hunting 
Mood Music
A lot of good music so far maybe tomorrow we'll get a few more people to contribute. Would like to take this time to thank everybody whose posted, I really appreciate your time. All the best and good listening. 
Mood Music
Haven't listened to that song by Louie and Ella before but it's easy to see why a foggy day is your favorite. The Gershwins really wrote some beautiful music another favorite of mine by Louie is It's a Wonderful World. I want to thank you for part... 
The proac D20r are excellent speakers but I'm not sure how they would pair with your McIntosh solid-state amplifier. They are a easy load to drive with a amplifier problem is they do like tubes. They have plenty of bass if their positions correctl... 
Room Treatment
Why not call gik they will give you good advice over the phone if you ask. All the best