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Second hand components that can still kick butt today
Technics SP 10 MK3       Cary 300SEI     Quad 57’s 
Boy, Oh Boy! Towshend!
Jaguar audio design in Seattle Washington sells Townsend products. 
Best best ballads that refer to a US State
New York New York by Sinatra 
Serious Cable Shopping Fatigue
Anti-Cables and Acoustic Zen make  excellent cables for the money. You can get a hold of the cable company and have them send you out three or four different cables to try out. Best of luck 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
Gary Moore Emil Ernebro Albert King  
Jay Leonhart  Salamander pie 
How far over the limit can I go
I would contact somebody like Upscale Audio or Brent Jesse let them know what type of system you have and the tubes you are currently using and let them recommend some NOS tubes not only will you be replacing your tubes but you will also experienc... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Doug MacLeod  Black Nights  
Equalization for vinyl nirvana
It would be nice to know the equipment that you have in your set up. We would like to know what kind of turntable you have, arm for your turntable and your cartridge. It might be something as simple as setting up your cartridge better. Perhaps jus... 
Opinions wanted: 10-30K Speakers for Jazz/Folk
Cube nenuphar speakers57 quads 
Best audiophile Christmas song
The Christmas song by Nat King Cole 
Underrated Acoustic Zen speaker cables Robert makes excellent cables also underrated is the Rel 812 sub, found it to be an excellent performer.Enjoy the holidays 
Customer service
3ez and Iwin I will keep you posted once I get about 50 hours on these new tubes. They replaced the stock tubes in my line magnetic 845 ia.Warmest regards 
How old are you?
73 next week. Enjoy the holidays and stay safe 
Looking for a speaker for my LM 845 Premium
Please excuse the post I made above as I have Parkinson’s disease and my fingers do not always cooperate. Tried to tell you I own LM 845 and the Proac D20r. Excellent match but if money permits You should roll the tubes as it will bring the amp to...