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adapter plate jelco sa-370h tone arm technics sl 1200mkIII install
I would call Peter at PBN Audio he might be able to help you. Best of Luck 
Something just isn't there
+1 Mapman I would also recheck your turntable setup if possible, I would lower your crossover point at the subwoofer, bass may be coming into the midrange a very common problem. Best of Luck and enjoy the Holidays 
Considering Bricasti and Lampizator
Couple of years ago I had the Meitner MA 1 a very good dac, but sold it because it was truly outclass by my vinyl setup. Recently purchased the Gustard X20 with Ric Schultz latest mods and upgraded USB Regen and LPS 1 power supply. To make a long ... 
Resale value
Do not consider resale value only consider the sound. All the Best 
5 most recognizable voices in American music?
Jimmy Durante 
Superb Service
Peter, with PBN Audio, customer service is unbelievable he will take that extra step to make sure you our completely satisfied.  
Jumper Cables - use the stock or should they be upgraded ?
Everything matters 
Last CD player?
Gustard X20 modded by Ric Schultz not a lot of money but a lot of dac. Best of Luck 
Favorite guitar players not named......
Earl Klugh Gary MooreTab Benoit 
Who is Most Beautiful female singer ever
Who could ever forget Marilyn Monroe singing happy birthday to JFK 
Joule Electra preamps and amps. What is your impression?
 Crystal clear with lightning speed and hot hot hot.  Never heard a better sounding amp, have not heard the preamp.    
What is the single best pre amp you have ever hear
It rarely gets mentioned but the messenger preamp is a contender. 
I asking for suggestions in choosing a pre-amp [that won't "break the bank".
Use to own the primaluna prologue three preamp, just ask Kevin at Upscale audio about the sound your after and he will point you to the correct tubes. Could not believe the difference it made when I dropped in some mullard nos tubes. Can find them... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Ray Brown Trio Soular EnergyKenny Burrell Midnight Blue 
recommendation on new brush
Love my hunt brush !!!