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What is your favourite Coltrane album ?
Advice on using a laser for speaker positioning
Lasers make it easy to set up rake angles and toe in. I use a tape measure for distances. Best of luck 
Whats wrong
Dear Lewm, perhaps I should clarify better when I checked the speed of my turntable, it was after the warm up period. Sorry if I misled you. Still waiting on the belts and will post up when I get them. Want to thank you for your input and enjoyed ... 
Whats wrong
Zd542 after the intial warm up of the entire system around 30 minutes, I start to play my turntable and it requires another 10 - 15 minutes before it sounds right. Never had a problem in the past with the turntable requiring more time. it always s... 
Whats wrong
Yes Zd452 they do sound considerably better after 30 minutes of warm up, but turntable still needs additional time to perform at its best. I'll post results when I receive the belts and greased the flywheel and platter bearing. Appreciate your com... 
Whats wrong
Thank you Peter, + 1 Bill K, Peter has always provided excellent service myself included. Will post the results when belts arrive. 
The missing piece
Audio Research Ref 3, let me know I had to upgrade all my components. 
Cleaning, polishing Speaker Cabinets ?
+1 Tls49 I also used Howard Feed-N-Wax wouldn't think of using anything else. Best of Luck 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
Joe Pass and Albert King 
Getting phantom image perfectly centered
You have made a lot of measurements but I didn't see the following. Measure from the front of each speaker to the listening position, they should be the exact same length. Make sure if speakers are toed in they have the exact same angle. Good Luck 
favorite phono cartridge
+1 Peter with PBN Audio the Lyra Etna 
What's your latest album purchase?
Charles Mingus Ah Um - This record is very addictive. Good Listening 
Maggie Disappointment
Buy Used. Good Luck 
Which feet for VPI Scout
Bearpaws by Edensound 
Jazz for aficionados
Rod2kid thanks for the music!!!