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Would you buy from a firm that has a policy about not accepting phone calls
I don't believe its a good way to do business, not accepting phone calls, but I'm after the sound not the communication although both would be nice. Happy Holidays 
Merry Christmas Eve everyone!
Happy Holidays 
New favorite VINYL Album?
Lynn Stanley - Interludes 
Audio Research Ref. 3, Ref. 5, or the Ref. 5se.
+ 1 wlutke I have the ref 3 with pass xa 160.5 they work together beautifully with my Marten speakers you shouldn't have any problems with your Vandys. The ref 3 with nos 6h30dr's  is a vast improvement over the stock 6h30's more clarity and very ... 
Where did you sink the most cash into?
Proac response One SC or Proac response D15??
I owned the 1sc and my room was 12 x 13, had a Rel sub at the time, and they worked beautifully together. The 1sc  with the right amp, I had a Cary 300sei, was magical. Best of luck  
New Forum Format Sucks
Need more time to make a judgement, changes are always tough to deal with initially, but I would like to see larger print.  
Jazz for late night relaxation
Gene Ammons Nice and CoolJacintha A tribute to Ben WebsterKenny Burrell Freedom 
What vintage speaker might you use today
57 quads 
MC Cartridges Under $1,000
Denon 103 very hard to beat at that price range. Check the many reviews. Best of Luck 
Best Cartridge for Raidho D3 - Atlas, GFS, PC1-S
I'm in agreement with Albert and Peter about the Etna cartridge but you might also consider the ZYX Diamond Gold Cartridge which is a little leaner than the Etna at 60 to 80 hz. Best of Luck 
Upgrade from Proac Response 1SC?
I also had a pair of the ProAc 1SC and mated them with a cary 300sei it was a match made in heaven. If you listen to a lot of vocals, I don't believe you can surpass that reach out and touch you feeling they give you, perhaps as others have mentio... 
Whats wrong
Lewm initially the table played slow, and than it was fine after warmup. Problem was that the table got steadily worse until it played slow at all times. Once the table was re-greased and new belts installed the problem was solved. Special thanks ... 
Whats wrong
Wanted to give an update on my turntable, had my son take it down to Peters at PBN Audio, as I am out of town during the week, he was nice enough to go thru all the parts of the table thoroughly, regreased the spindle and flywheel, check the sds a... 
What is your favourite Coltrane album ?