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Ac power bick wall filter?
In the U.S., utilities regulate line frequency within a very tight tolerance - it's necessary to keep the electrical grid stable. Voltage is maintained to a much looser tolerance. 
Brand new Technics SL-1210GR platter wobble ... disappointed!
mijostyn... Just poor quality control.Yup, it should never have left the factory. They should be grateful for the OP to return it.  
What is the Silliest Accessory You Have Ever Seen.
mijostyn @cleeds , yes, I am a physician and have to deal with human lunacy on a daily basis. But right now I do not have my physician’s coat on and none of you are my patients so I can let it fly. I apologize if that upsets you ...You haven’t ups... 
Funny how streaming/digital still chases that analog benchmark.
golfmd21 I find it remarkable that records sound as good as they do given the obsolete technology.Perhaps the analog LP technology is not nearly as obsolete as you think. Obsolescence probably applies more rightfully to CDs, although I think the... 
What do you use for streaming Classical?
What's your issue with Qobuz, @mrbobm? It is working well for me. 
help with clearance between sme 3009 arm's tube and arms lifter assembly
lsfarzo... by my photos you should see the armboard...Yes, I do see that now, @lsfarzo.. Wouldn’t a thicker armboard be your solution? It would raise the arm height, which would allow you to lower the arm pillar. 
What is the Silliest Accessory You Have Ever Seen.
mijostyn No mahgister and millercarbon. It is not a joke and I am not the blind one.Fairy tales are for children. What are you guys scared of? The truth?The truth is that you men are extraordinarily suggestible ... It is you that are the joke an... 
XLR or RCA for my new DAC
audioman58... for if it’s not true balanced that extra ground on the xlr just connects  into the 2 wire outputs ,True Balanced will have transformers for inputs and outputs which is very rare ...Not necessarily. Differential circuits are what ... 
help with clearance between sme 3009 arm's tube and arms lifter assembly
mijostyn@cleeds, I'm afraid that will not make any difference cleeds. Once you adjust for the right SRA it will put the arm in the exact relative position to the lift. The post will just be down lower in the base.It doesn't look that way from ... 
help with clearance between sme 3009 arm's tube and arms lifter assembly
It seems to me that the best solution here is to use an armboard between the turntable plinth and the arm mount. That will allow you to lower the arm pillar itself and yet still maintain a range of proper VTA adjustment.  
Which VTF Scale are you using?
I have an old Bib mechanical gauge and an unbranded electronic gauge. Both work quite well. 
rule of thumb: how long do you leave a tube preamp on versus turning it off then back on?
sewolla... When I am done with my listening session, I turn it off, pre amp first, then the power amp.  When starting it up, I reverse that sequence and first turn on the amp. Then the pre amp ... and am careful to make sure the same start-up an... 
Wally Tools to Offer a New Service.
pindacThe Terminology is not off importance, the need to investigate and carry out the additional alignments are the practices that have importance.Actually the terminology matters very much, as it does in any pursuit. Only by mutual agreement... 
Wally Tools to Offer a New Service.
mijostyn ... the definition I learned for zenith is the point in the sky directly over your head. I have no idea how that relates to horizontal tracking angle. Lateral tracking angle would probably be a better term but "twist"is short and swee... 
Wally Tools to Offer a New Service.
mijostyn A "new" parameter is discussed which they are calling "zenith." I have always called it "twist" ...It’s not a new term at all. Zenith = Horizontal Tracking Angle. It's an often overlooked alignment factor and one reason I prefer mirrored...