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OCD mickey website and negativity.
texbychoice ... his deceitful actions for nothing more than self promotion disqualify him as an honest broker ... I think that's a good summary. There are certainly many audio dealers who are willing to work and earn your trust and business.  
USB to Dual Coax Bridge for Qutest DAC
drlou77 if you know of another vendor that will let me borrow, audition and return cables, please suggest them Your local dealer will likely be happy to loan you some cables.  
The Emperor Has No Clothes!!
mdalton ... stuff like this that make all of us the deserving objects of ridicule from our non- audiophile friends ... Once you grow up you’ll find it doesn’t matter what other people think. If your friends ridicule you, perhaps you’ve made a... 
Cerwin Vega owner
ellajeanelle   The point is that you said that a signal is necessary to hear THD ... No, I never said that at all. You seem to be confused.  
Cerwin Vega owner
ellajeanelle ... an amp with lower THD will have less hiss with NO SIGNAL ... I'm not sure what your point is. Any amp is likely to have less his with no signal.  
Cerwin Vega owner
ellajeanelle As far as THD, it will be most noticeable whenever your volume is turned up and the source is muted. It will be a hiss. Huh? You need a signal to measure THD. While all THD is noise by definition, not all noise is THD. Hiss is not... 
Is it even possible to get a factory authorized dealer to give a discount?
bigtwin The "S" in MSRP stands for "suggested". There are no fixed rules in sales ... That is completely mistaken. In the US, it is common practice for a manufacturer to establish fixed pricing that dealers are obligated to respect. This i... 
for Technics SU-R1000 owners....unit already discontinued? where to service?
Your dealer should help you in getting this serviced.  
OCD mickey website and negativity.
hilde45 You’ll definitely want to watch the recent one where he "baits" people on this forum, calling them out by their handle, and claiming that they post so often on the forum that they have no life, are liars, or are professional shills for t... 
OCD mickey website and negativity.
Many of these wannabe YT influencers manufacture drama and anger to create a sense of excitement and urgency and, they hope, a loyal following. It just all seems so silly to me.  
Klaudio CLN LP 200 ultrasonic record cleaner leaking
jayctoy Buyer for new  Klaudio ultrasonic cleaner should ask where the technical support is ... The product is sold through a dealer network and there is excellent factory support in Washington state.  
Dual purpose amp
I don't understand why you'd want to connect an AVR to an amplifier. What are you trying to do?  
Vinyl rips - still worth it?
Typically, the LPs I rip are favorites that are either not available on Qobuz, or are so sonically superior on LP that the digital copy is unlistenable. It's a tedious process if you want a quality result so I don't do it often. After all, it's no... 
Klaudio CLN LP 200 ultrasonic record cleaner leaking
Why not ask Klaudio? I've always found them to be responsive.  
Amazon Music Question
ellajeanelle I don't have a problem with the audio quality.  I have a problem with the error message That's rather like saying, "But the tire is only flat on the bottom."