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Vinyl cleaning - Ultrasonic vs. Walker products
I second on the Ultrasonic. I had a VPI 16.5 And use day the Walker 4 Step system for a few years and then bought the Audio Desk System. The Walker did do a good job, but what a time consuming process and I think the UD does a better job.  
Need adjustable shelving TV stand for large Revel C208 center channel speaker
Looks like either Salamander Archetype or Quadraspire. Either is adjustable, I use the Salamander Synergy which offers a lot of flexibility. 
Wood cutting services in South California?
Contact a cabinet making shop. Take them the drawings and tell the wood species you want to use. Or got to a woodworking supply store e.g. woodcraft or rockier and ask the staff if they know of someone and they can sell you the material as well. 
Replacement for Marantz AV8801: another prepro or receiver?
I went from an Anthem D2v to the AV8805 and find it much easier to navigate as well in 2 Channel much less sterile than the anthem. I am only using it for 5.1 but maybe sometime I may try Atmos but not in the budget anytime soon. 
Has anyone compared the Ayre KX-5 and the Moon 740-P
I realize that there is a price to be paid in the transition to SS from Tubes. But so far I am gleaning that Ayre will be the choice between the 2 I inquired about. The one thought that led me to the Moon was that I could add a power supply at a l... 
Has anyone compared the Ayre KX-5 and the Moon 740-P
Verdantaudio, thank you for your response. I will not argue that I will miss the quality of sound that I have grown to love with the Ref5. But I have weighed these losses vs the other benefits I feel I will gain by eliminating the Tubes. I have ac... 
Distilled water rinse after ultrasonic cleaning
I have had my ADS about 3 yrs now and what I have been doing is changing fluid mix about every 50 albums. I figure it is cheap and keeps the solution at a premium level and cleaner. I have not seen any signs of residue and feel confident they are ... 
after market 3-point 2mm spacer for rega planar 3
You might contact Ortofon and see if they will respond. I use a alyra Kleos and Jonathan Carr designer of Lyra told ,e the ideal thickness was 3.4mm so with the Acoustic Signature I have been able to achieve 3.5 which is close enough. Another opti... 
after market 3-point 2mm spacer for rega planar 3
I just wish Rega would add VTA capability to their tonearm. But I am sure the lack of it,sells way more cartridges for them. So flashcider, what cartridge are you using? 
after market 3-point 2mm spacer for rega planar 3
I am using Acoustic Signature on my table but I think I like the ones that  imahifiman suggested.If interested audioadvice.com sells the type I am using. They may offer more thickness choices from what I see. 
How about compressed air, if you have an air compressor available. Canned air wouldn’t be enough, in my opinion. 
No one nicer than Cardas
I agree, I have always had a positive interaction with them. Bryon is always willing to answer questions and make suggestions. Darla is very pleasant and their warranty service and turnaround is impeccable. 
Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson And The Band
Just watched it a few weeks ago on Blu-ray and very well done. Another one to watch if you haven’t seen it, is Muscle Shoals. 
Wall mounting on studs
You don’t mention how far off the stud location is vs desired mounting location. And as Feldman brought up, is this an interior or exterior wall? An exterior wall will be much more solid as an interior wall can still transfer foot fall. Another co... 
Focal kanta 2 vs Sonus faber olympica 2..which to buy?
Vidya46, yes to me the original Olympicas were bright and I think that was one of the areas that SF went after with the new tweeter. They bring a warmth without dulling the highs as some can. In comparison the Kanta can get in your grill a bit, bu...