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Your favourite music movie?
To Live and Die in LAThe Last of The MohicansRemember The Titans 
Home theater receiver
As long as your pre amp has HT pass thru aka unity gain, then any receiver with pre out(s) can be used in this situation. 
What is the forum code word for "listen to this stoned". I'd like to use it on these two:
 Recreationally enhanced 
What's playing in your head today?
“Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar” when I really crave a Reese’s  
Colorado-Based Manufacturers
Audio Magic cables and YG Acoustics are all I can think of. But jetter nailed the biggest seller👍And oldest company and probably the Best audio tweek. Of course it goes with other enhancements available In Colorado  
Review: Running Springs Audio Dmitri AC filter
Samuel, or Grant if prefer. As mentioned I have  RSA Jaco and Haley and am wanting to get into something in a smaller size that will perform at the same level or exceed. I have looked at the Denali 2000 and thought of using a power strip for distr... 
Threaded footers for my DIY audio rack
Look at Woodcraft.com or Rockler.com, they have a nice variety of feet, casters, etc. 
Kimber D60 vs Wireworld Gold Starlight 7
Yes, the tweaks along the way can add or detract. But like a chain, each link is a contributing source to the overal strength of the chain. 
Kimber D60 vs Wireworld Gold Starlight 7
I had not considered the Shunyata product for the digital cable. I probably should try one but I just ordered the D60. I have been looking at the Denali power conditioners and will probably go that way, but as with all things audio, budget is the ... 
Kimber D60 vs Wireworld Gold Starlight 7
I have just removed the D60 from my system and will be sending it along with the Black Cat back to the lending library tomorrow. After trying a number of cables, I will order the D60. The only cable that would be a preference was the Synergistic R... 
Song (or music) you want played at your funeral.
Yes, Annie Haslam-Going Home and Ray Thomas-The last Dream.And if I decide to get some people in a better mood Ted Nugent-StrangleholdJust too bad I won’t be able to hear it 😕 
Does your mood reflect your media choice?
Agreed, I love my vinyl and crave it, but am “lazy” at the e end of the workday and settle for streaming. As much as I enjoy the spontaneous selection of streaming, I find the vinyl more rewarding. But as you mentioned the “ritual” of vinyl playba... 
Kimber D60 vs Wireworld Gold Starlight 7
I have a D60 on the way right now from the Lending Library at the Cable Co. but that won’t help in your comparison. I can tell you my thoughts on the Kimber in about 10days.i have been trying different cables between my Bluesound Node 2 and Chord ... 
How many audiophiles do you need to change a lightbulb?
First not, are you suggesting it “Lumage a trois”? 
How many audiophiles do you need to change a lightbulb?
I think the real concern here is, would the light bulb still be burning had we left it on continuously rather than turning it on and off? Also before we change the bulb, don’t we owe it to ourselves to do so in home demos before we buy. I think Ho...