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How long do good speakers last?
 Congrats on the 5’s I have 3’s,1’s and center on the way.my current Revel F32’s are 18 yrs old and no sign of physical wear.i am sure climate plays a big part 
Drummers Talking About Drumming
Yes enjoyed it very much. Also check out Echo in the Canyon. 
Pimp my speakers: Sonus Faber vs. Focal
I listened to both and am waiting for the Olympica III’s to ship in. Although the Kantas offered more bass, I found the highs to be a little aggressive and the Olympicas more musical, natural and relaxing. 
Need a high-WAF stand solution
You do need to provide space for tubes to breathe. I had a ARC REF5se with 6” above and 2 cooling fans and that kept the temp in range. I am not familiar with the heat that the LS100 produces, but if you space it right, it shouldn’t be an issue. 
Need a high-WAF stand solution
#2 on Salamander synergy. Very easy to individualize to your needs. 
Mcintosh 462 stereo amp, good choice for b&w? Others
I have heard that combination at a local dealer and found them work very together. 
Ric Ocasek dead at 75
Sbank, great memory, SNL has never been the same. 
HDMI vs 7.1-channel analogue outputs
Yes, usually the newer model the better. 
HDMI vs 7.1-channel analogue outputs
I can’t attest to 7.1, but I recently was faced with possibly selling my Marantz AV8805 and going with a Anthem that doesn’t have 5.1/7.1 analog inputs. I like the analog inputs for my Oppo 105 for SACD/DVD-Audio surround Music. So I tried 5.1 vs ... 
Best record shops in Denver?
Good to hear, those are the two I frequent the most. 
Best record shops in Denver?
Twist and Shout. Colfax and Josephineif you have time Wax Trax is about 10 blocks west is at 6th and 13thColfax is 15th so a few blocks south and west about 18 blockshave fun 
Stand for Focal Sopra Center
Looking to their website, even though they don’t show a stand, it is mentioned in the spec sheet under weight. See if another dealer can order you one. 
Well beyond the extra mile. I have spoken with Mr. Duddleston a few times at RMAF and as woodworker myself I found him to be as down to earth as they come. A true gentleman. 
why do some cassette decks eat tape out of cassettes over 90 min?
Although it has been a while since I used my cassette deck, I do recall that if the capstan, pinch rollers and heads are not kept clean the tape can sometimes stick and cause mis feed. 
What Does Ayre Sound Like?
And another vote for neutral. I just bought a KX-5 Twenty Pre-amp and it is breaking in nicely. I will add to the neutral that it does offer a warmth not usually associated with solid state. I have had a C5xe-mp CD player for years and I found it ...