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R.I.P Alan White
So sad to learn of his passing. I hadn’t heard, so somewhat shocked here. But a great drummer and wonderful contribution to the band. I have seen Yes many times with both Alan and Bill and both played at a level that never left you wishing the oth... 
Sunday dreaming about preamps...
I went from a Ls-26 to a Ref5se and now have the LS28SE and am very pleased. I really feel that the LS28SE runs in the very same lane at the Ref5se. It also runs much cooler. I have a Mcintosh MC402 between it and my speakers. If you have been hap... 
Heard the Margo Timmons solo release?
Thank you, steverrino. I found it on Deezer and listening now. Great to hear her voice again. 
Stereophile AXPONA 2022 Audio Show Live Report
Probably over enthusiastic on the excitement of finally getting to report on an actual show.   
Who has more Rock, Tidal or Qobuz?
Just curious if Tidal is available on android phones without additional fee. I do use Deezer quite a bit in the car, and hate to lose that option.  
Who has more Rock, Tidal or Qobuz?
I have tried Amazon, but really didn't care for their setup on finding titles and setting up playlists. But they were just out of the box and have maybe made improvements.  fuzztone, forgive my ignorance but what is LMS? And how do I determine if... 
Selling gear with TMR
I have sold a number of pieces to TMR and they are great to work with. As far as getting the best price, no they have to turn around and make something to justify their existence. But the price you don’t get is the trade off for not selling it you... 
Another MC402 Question
Good luck fundsgon, the rabbits in my yard won’t even bring me a Cadbury Egg very selfish critters  
Another MC402 Question
Fundsgon, (love the moniker) I had wanted to transition back to solid state or I would have kept the REF5se. But when I decided to go back I couldn’t afford a REF6, and although I am sure that the REF6 is far superior to The LS28SE, I am very happ... 
Another MC402 Question
I have had my 402 since 2008 and have been very happy with it. I am driving SF Olympica Nova III’s as well. I have used this amp with Audio Research LS26, REF 5se, Ayre KX5 twenty (very short time) and now LS28SE. I would like to step up to mono b... 
It has been a while since I had changed them on a MC352 and MC7205. But I downloaded a service manual to see how you can get to the bulb rail. I am assuming you are talking about meter lights? But once you have the rails or light strips out you mu... 
Power Supply for AudioDesk Vinyl Cleaner Pro
THe Cable Company distributes them, I am sure they would have some available.   
Is there a solid fuse-like item that I can use in place of a fuse, to bypass it?
Why? By removing the fuse, your equipment becomes vulnerable to being destroyed should a surge take place. The fuse is a sacrificial part of the electrical circuit rather than a circuit board, capacitor, resister, etc.    
Roger Miller anyone?
Sonus faber choices - help me decide
Although I have not heard the Futuras, I would imagine at their price point they would sound better than the Nova. I myself could not afford the Amati, so I never took the time to audition. But after 3 years of auditioning speakers, I settled on t...