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'' Okay let me ask my digital question in another way ''........
Garebear,  go to the "What's Best In Audio" site, where there is an Esoteric owners forum and also a digital forum with clock discussions among guys who spend a lot of money on their systems.  You will find your answers there.  
RGPC 1200 custom vs. Furman Elite 15 pfi
bajaed, it is best to use the RGPC 1200C for front-end components only.  I have two of them, each in different systems but for low-powered components such as DVD, TV, pre-amp, CDP, DAC.  Amp into of luck.  
Best best ballads that refer to a US State's Texas history behind this one, "Jacksboro Highway"  
Best best ballads that refer to a US State
"North To Alaska" by Johnny Horton 
Can Magnepan survive Wendell Diller?
OP, that Wendell would dismiss the need for better cables reminds me of another audio manufacturer here in MN who's niche was always SOTA amps and preamps that won't break the bank.  He has also had a disdain for better cables---patch cords were j... 
Tube Amp Repair/Service - Minneapolis/St. Paul - ?
T/C Tubes is a great place to start.   
Just how many outlets do you need for your stereo?
"A 15 amp standard house outlet will supply about 1800 watts. To be conservative, say 1500 watts."  CakyolShould say a 15A circuit will supply 1800W.  As most circuits have a few outlets, other devices plugged in must be added into the burden on t... 
Perfect Path "Solutions" (PPS) eMat
For tolerance, inclusiveness and conviviality that consistently elevates the basest of discourse,  I hereby nominate Mahgister for the first Audiogon Peace Prize.   
wadia 781i
The place is George Myer AV in California.  See their website.  
DACs and Transports--do they still go together?
Thanks all, have had questions answered on connections to transport--plenty of options, including custom orders from Lampizator.   
DACs and Transports--do they still go together?
Thanks all, MSB is out of my reach, have inquired with Lampizator America.  Who likes a tubed output?  I have ARC REF210 mono blocks with KT 150's.     
DACs and Transports--do they still go together?
@jjss49 , yes, they still go together, or yes, I need a dope slap? 🤪@facten, I see that MSB does offer a disc transport for their DACs in the same way Esoteric does.  How about Lampizator, then--inputs for transport, and what would be a worthy mat... 
What do I need to connect computer to DAC
I am concerned that transferring your CDs to files will roon the sound......... 
Am I too big of a jerk,even for audiogon?
Post removed. I apologize to veterans and to friends and families of veterans. Yes, it must be a sign of the times that what appeared to be an indirect reference to the Jerk was really a self-directed satire on sometimes acting like a jerk sets me... 
A Couple Little Things I'm Wondering About
If cable risers are snake oil, then why address vibration in you components at all?  Just what is susceptible to the floor-borne vibrations your system is generating?