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What do I need to connect computer to DAC
I am concerned that transferring your CDs to files will roon the sound......... 
Am I too big of a jerk,even for audiogon?
Post removed. I apologize to veterans and to friends and families of veterans. Yes, it must be a sign of the times that what appeared to be an indirect reference to the Jerk was really a self-directed satire on sometimes acting like a jerk sets me... 
A Couple Little Things I'm Wondering About
If cable risers are snake oil, then why address vibration in you components at all?  Just what is susceptible to the floor-borne vibrations your system is generating?   
I would think that layer of felt would help to reduce rumble and vibration in the table.  What other materials are mats made of?   
furutech antistat 3
Just received a Destat III, am using it exclusively on CDs.  You would not think a CD could hold much of a static charge, and so what if it did? While a record with a charge may attract and hold dust in its grooves, a CD seems to clean off easily ... 
Member Almarg passed away last night
I am very sorry to hear of Al's passing.  He was a great help to many, myself included.  His hobby here seemed to be helping people as much as it was audio.   
Keep texting and typing, Dave.  You're going to reestablish neural pathways with what you are doing in PT and OT.   
Analog or Digital and why?
Still photography has made an accepted transition to digital. Movies still shot on film are not shown on film. Seems the visual cortex can accommodate a digital representation of an analog recording, not to mention a direct digital record from an ... 
Burn In... the Age Old Question, Cables, Components, and Speakers
A lot of us would attest to the new "break in" of even old gear, but "breakthrough" is more like it. The addition of Total Contact and Omega and E+ mats continued to improve seasoned gear over many weeks. The TC on connections and the mats under a... 
Analog or Digital and why?
Admittedly, I am far behind in digital technology.  I am barely aware of music servers--just what are they doing for their cost?   
Analog or Digital and why?
Just that Mike has invested to reach the full potential of both mediums, and for him, analog is the ultimate sound reproduction. Not sure why you would argue that result, but your question raises an interesting exercise.Suppose you, meaning everyo... 
Analog or Digital and why?
Since Mike Lavigne has dedicated so much in developing tape, vinyl and digital in his system, his preference for analog over digital carries authority. One question for Mike, though--in putting in your MSB Select, clock and streamer, did you previ... 
High Performance Audio - The End?
He's also into increasing his Youtube subscriber base, and the majority of his listeners are probably in the $5k-$20K range, so his topics may be tailored to gather the most listeners on the bell curve.  He wants you to relate to his site--I like ... 
Is Break-In essential and potentially dangerous for the Audiophile?
So, you can bake your cables along with your pizza...... 
"Bridge Over Trouble Water" sounds artificial
On the other hand, most of Paul Simon's solo releases sound quite nice on CD.