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This will cause most of us to laugh. Advertiser states:
"Put some nice speakers on this thing and will beat any high price modern day system."
And the minimum bid is a low, low $200!!!
If you guys were to look at this as only $25.00 per track for the 8 track, the amp and turntable are FREE !

I am scrambling to bid on this for my Soundlab Ultimates. Just need to clear with the factory that this "ultimate" rig won't overdrive my speakers.
albert: i'm nearly certain the all-in-one won't over-drive your sound labs. 'course, the tt section will quite clearly best your walker proscenium, plus you get an 8-track "thrown in"! i hope you won't be too disturbed if i bid against you on this rare and highly-desirable unit.
Can you believe that no one has bid on this definitive system yet? Maybe I'll click on "watch this item" link and try to win with a vulture bid at the last second. Won't you guys be jealous then?
... Albertporter: If you hook the output from the 8 track up to an Audio Note Dac 5 or DCS Elgar/Purcell, you can upsample the 8 track to 16 track. Then search eBay for another Fisher integrated receiver so that you can biamp your Soundlab Ultimates. And don't forget to Rollerblock the whole setup for maximumn resolution:)
I had something like that when I was a kid. Soundesign, I think. Now I feel like such a fool, selling it for only $20. It did not have an 8-track, though. Maybe that's the $180 difference.
I am reminded of a guy that I used to work for who had previously been the Director of Sales at Magnovox (Div of Phillips). He once told me that, when CD players were first being mass-marketed, he hooked up a Magnovox CD player to a Sears receiver & speakers and it blew away any high-end system he had ever heard. Perhaps I should let him know of this one- he and Cornfedboy (and maybe Albert) can fight over it!

As for me, I'm too strapped right now to get into this kind of exotic gear. Remember, after spending $200+, one STILL needs a dime to tape on to the headshell. Do the expenses never stop?

With that particular model turntable, a dime won't work, you must use a quarter.

No.......... the expense never stops, once you step into this level of high end audio.

By the way, does anyone have any tricks for removing the Scotch tape residue from the head shell during those times of monetary crisis?

albert: the stuff to use is called "goof-off." i've used it on 3 headshells so far this weekend. realized 60ยข. hey, it's a start. -kelly
Thanks Kelly.

I will borrow some "Goof Off" to remove the evidence. I hate it when it's obvious to my guests that the turntable has been compromised for the sake of cold cash.