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What do you no longer have that you would enjoy a night to listen to again?
Probably my Nakamichi CD headunit in my car when I was teenager with the top model boston acoustics speakers at the time. It was great.   
Speaker Positioning
I found a tape measure easiest to measure against room boundaries while making REW measurements at 4" intervals. When I was done with REW, I used a laser against a paper target at the listening position to mirror the speakers' distance to the list... 
Phonostage, preamp or amp?
The tube experience, as a generality, is the amplifier in my opinion.  
Rare magnetism found in the world's strongest material
Cool. Thanks for sharing.  
Anyone with experience with Spendor D9's?
I have heard the originals, which I thought could be argued to be a little bright, at least in that system. They are a step back from the clinical/"hifi" when compared to Paradigm, the KEF reference line or the Sopra line in my opinion. They could... 
Versatile, non-fatiguing speakers for a small room under $1500 used or new: advice needed!
That price point is within a broad range where there is an obvious trade off between bass extension and refinement of the midrange and treble when deciding between a two-way versus multi-way floorstanding speakers. I believe that it is enough mone... 
Devore Fidelity vs Devore Fidelity
The Gibbon X replaced the Silverback.   
I have made three recent MD purchases and was charged my local tax. I am out of state, though. 
Update on Audiogon Member Almarg
I am sad to hear this. Al is one the great, magnanimous audiogon posters, taking time to research answers to a lot technical questions. I certainly appreciate him helping me avoid a mistake.   
Replacing driver screws with brass screws
Tash Goka of Reference 3A thoughtfully uses brass screws. I believe for resonance "control" and do not see reason to doubt his findings for his speakers. For me that is just more evidence the certain quest for the neutral, perfect stereo is a bit ... 
TMR has a pair of Hales T3s for $1300. IME, I am not sure one can get a better sounding "full-range" for the money. 
Crutchfield's Speaker Compare
That is fun. Too bad I can not listen to 707s on my 707s; maybe later. 
Manufacturers with Excellent customer service
Lamm has been great to me. Sent my preamp to them for a check up and another trip for a repair. Both times experienced professional process with great communication from Elina Lamm. Preamp shipped back promptly, working perfectly.  
Cheap/expensive or expensive/cheap?
 My basic question was can a lower priced system with good quality accessories potentially sound better than a higher priced system with just the stock cords/ICs. Thanks.My experience is yes but would use the term "enjoy" over "better". I would ra... 
JBL 4367 shoutiness remedies?
Just based my on experience with a different 4 x KT88 amp, I believe quicksilver monoblocks will likely not help. I wanted to enjoy the VAC but the woofers were badly controlled in comparison to the compression driver, no matter the tap used. The ...