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Any tricks to keep cats away from speaker grills?
my 100lb. sheepdog keeps cats away from anything. 
An idea that has arrived
There are certainly copyright issues here -- genearlly, the DVD's that you and I buy or use are not licensed for anything else other than home (not for profit) use. Other, special cases, may exist (such as Blockbuster's license to rent) but this i... 
Question For AudioPrism Power Foundation Owners
I think what you are talking about is a 20amp cord, as my Audioprism has. I was able to upgrade to a BMI EEL, but Brian no longer makes those cords. Anyway search for a 20amp cord and that should work. --Lorne 
The Canadians that visit the site
Angela, perhaps it would be better if we only included 60%-70% of our monikers and 60%-70% of our opinions in order to reflect the real value of our dollar. That would mean we would call you either Angel or Ange, depending on the commodities marke... 
Anything exciting at CES?
Justacoder: the pair of Capellas I heard (all be it briefly) were at a well-respected dealer here in TO. The speakers were being driven by top of the line Audio Research amps and preamp. Source was vinyl (an Oracle). The system sounded quite good ... 
Anything exciting at CES?
I wish I could have been .... sounds liked lots of new friends and a chance to meet those behind the monikers on A'gon.Heard those Capellas at a dealer up here in TO last week; I wasn't too impressed, although the speakers were smooth in presentat... 
Audiophiles - Your Favorite Food??
.... Ok Sonrisa, I admit it ... I do prefer Wendy's.And then there's this little Thai restuarant a few miles from where I live. The lemongrass shrimp soup and the Pad Thai with red curry, well they're to thai for --Lorne 
Audiophiles - Your Favorite Food??
McDonald's -- about all I can afford after spending way to much on cables last month --Lorne 
Audio tip for aging male audiophiles
1) I have installed a pair of NOS ears to replace my original stock. After biasing myself, I now enjoy better frequency response and my midriff bloom is much less noticeable. 2) My 4 Ohm children have twice the impedance of my 8 Ohm children, as i... 
They're Here
Posts over on the hi-rez section of Audio Asylum have indicated many problems with the Apex player. (problems reading disks, poor sound, etc.) I would steer clear of this player. --Lorne 
Anyone heard the new Sony SACD player?
I have the XA777 and it is excellent, especially with respect to multichannel or 2-channel SACD.The big surprise is wjen playing Redbook, as previous SACD players have been so-so in that department when compared to best one-box Redbook players (EM... 
Words From the Wise
1. There is no cure or vacination for upgrade fever -- but we know it does strike especially hard after VISA statement date. There is always something for a little more money that sounds a wee bit better -- or so we all think.2. Your girlfriend wi... 
Hall of Shame
Tenor Audio (those $22K OTLs) use Pipedreams as their reference systems. Contrary to what others have said on this thread -- the Tenor/Pipedreams room was the best room at the Toronto show -- unbelievable when set up correctly. 
Best CD Player under 4000 to replace Linn Genki
Sony's new flagship XA777ES with full audiomod.com blackgates + superclock + Richard Kern output stage. $3,600 all-in ($2K for the player and $1,600 for the mod). Well, it's not ready yet .... but when it is .... I think it will challange or surpa... 
New format players the future?
Ben, this is not an easy question to answer.I have done a lot of research, listening to music, and to others knowledgeable (and open-minded) with respect to the new formats. Let me start by saying that I have both DVD-A and Multichannel SACD integ...