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Modest cost DC power supply
Thx, Rodman 
Modest cost DC power supply
Fuzztone- very mind, I got it.  Thx. 
Modest cost DC power supply
Should have been more specific; looking for a variable PS.Can you be more specific, fuzztone? 
Manual for Black Ice Wireless DAC
No worries, I found one. BT W there is a newer version that has WiFi.  
Tube Rolling the Jolida/Black Ice dsd Dac
I misplaced the manual.  Can someone help me get a copy of the wireless set-up directions? 
Lots of Background noise on my new-used TT
You should not be running a high output MC cart into a typical MC phono input.  You have excessive gain in the system and may even be overloading the phono stage.  If you do a search on anti-skate, you will find it is a controversial subject, but ... 
Manley snapper vs Atma-sphere M60
You will never get better service than from Ralph Karsten at Atma-sphere, whether you purchase a used pair or buy them new.   
What do you guys think? Love it or hate it? Weird? Cool?
OK, headphone amp is a bucket list item.   
JRiver 18, should I upgrade
I just went upgraded to the latest from MC 19 and I believe there was a noticeable improvment in SQ.   
Your last concert was to see who and when?
@reubent-+1 to everything you said. esp. "any Lyle I can get".  In the acoustic shows I've seen, you get a more "personal" experience,. but his Large Band is just a stunning exhibition of musical virtuosity.  Most incredible to me was how each ind... 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
Continuing in the sci-fi vein:"Now the Klingons they came last nightand they repossessed by van.My Cerrilian brandy's all used up; this is my very last can!But I ain't givin' upcause I still have a plan!Beam me up, Scotty, beam me aboard!I'm just ... 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
@reubent- I hope you enjoyed the show.  We caught them at the Garde Theater in New London, CT a couple of weeks ago.  I'm not a huge Shawn Colvin fan but Lyle is amazing!  Saw him with the Large Band last summer and a couple of times in an acousti... 
Minimum recommended amplification requirements and amplifier matching
It most likely will sound "loud enough", but, with respect to the referenced speaker and amp, 3 important questions:1.  Was it designed/voiced for a solid state or tube amp and particularly what does the impedance curve look like at the frequency... 
Is Agon becoming the eBay of audio?
Well said, tooblue.   
First Tube Amp
@recluse- Not sure why you need to shy away from the used market based on local availability. This site’s classified ads are a global market for high end, mostly very gently used goods. If you stick with long time members with lots of positive fee...